Environmental Management System Review-iso 14001 Gap Analysis Protocol Audit Checklist

ISO 14001 really are a generic document also it doesn’t specify “how” to complete, but only states “what” to do. According to the standard, the Environment Management System ought to be documented and become demonstrable in the manner in conjuction with the requirements of ISO 14001 models. The entire demonstration in the Environment Management System includes four tiers of documents.

1.Environment Manual

2.Procedure Manual

3.Work Instruction/Operating Procedure Manual

4.Forms, Records

The amount of documentation should support and efficient Environment assurance system without developing a paper bureaucracy. The details for documenting above four tiers of documents is described in this paper.


Environmental surroundings System includes a number of documents. Some system ought to be provided for safe keeping of complex records. It is important to clearly define regarding where they should be kept and for how long, and who is accountable for them. Each written procedure ought to be checked and signed by a certified person, with issue number and issue date. The management representative should have a summary of all completed procedures, applicable to the individual departmental activities. Against each listed document the amount ought to be shown together with the date of the latest change. It is also called a “Master Copy”. It’s a yardstick against which any other controlled copy can be judged.

Every once in awhile the Committee for Management Review and Corrective Action may put forward strategies for alternation in the procedure. The Management Representative should be accountable for implementing the modification. To make a change, the new page ought to be circulated to the keeper from the controlled copy from the document by having an instruction to insert the new page in order and return the replaced page towards the Management Representative. Thus outdated documents is going to be removed from circulation. The modification, which has been made, ought to be recognized to the staff and everyone should implement the new procedure. When a number of major changes have been made, a complete new manual has to be issued. The retention period for these records can be predefined either contractually or by the policy which is to be mentioned in the Environment Manual.

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Hybrid Cars- A Revolution In The Car Industry

Hybrid cars are one of the excellent fruits of the hard work done in the car industry. These cars utilise more than two distinct power sources. Some of the major power sources include gasoline, or diesel fuels, solar, and hydrogen. This primary power source is coupled with one, or more electric motors.

World is facing a lot ofmany problems due to the increased population. There is a rapid increase in the number of vehicles along the roads. This has given rise to the pollution, and problems related to the increased fuel prices. This problem is addressed by the great minds, by inventing the hybrid cars.

These cars are a revolution in the car industry due to their marvellous features. These cars are environment friendly. They contribute least to the increase in the air pollution. Air pollution is one of the major problems of the present day. Hybrid cars reduce the smog by 90 percent. Thus, the release of the pollutant is greatly reduced.

Hybrid cars are economical with respect to the fuel. World is running out of the natural fuel resources. , Soso the need of the fuel economical vehicles is greatly increased. They are fuel efficient as compare to the traditional cars. They can get up to 60 miles per gallon in the city driving as compare to the typical cars that might travel 15 to 20 miles per gallon. These cars use three times as much fuel for travelling the same distance. The hybrid cars are better than others as a hybrid car battery recharges it as you drive. You do ntnot need to plug in. Moreover, they possess a greater speed as compare to the typical cars.

Hybrid cars possess two engines. One is the electric motor, and the other is the gasoline. When the car stops at the signals, the gasoline engine is automatically shut off and the electric motor is switched on. When more power is required, both engines work simultaneously.

Hybrid cars are based on power split technology. It is based on the gearbox. The electric motor along with the internal combustion engine provides additional power to assist the engine in accelerating, passing, or climbing. In some of the drives, where less power is required, the motor provides the only power source. Thus, the consumption of gasoline is reduced in such cases.

Hybrid cars possess an efficient regenerative braking system. When the brakes are applied, the energy is dissipated. This energy turns on the motor, which functions as the generator. Thus, the otherwise wasted energy is converted into electricity. This energy is stored in the battery, and is available for the electric motor.

Hybrid cars have firm and puffed up tires. They are filled at a higher pressure to smoothen the ride. So due to the texture, they offer a less bumpy, and comfortable ride. The texture of the tires reduce the friction, thus the life of the tire is increased. The other marvellous feature of the car is reduced air drag . For this purpose, these cars utilise the reduced frontal area, and sometimes a stream lined texture. Thus, all the above- mentioned features rank their invention a revolutionary step in the vehicle industry.