Trends In Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetics are all about good looks. And that goes for their packaging too. The packagings of cosmetic products are of utmost significance as it is one of the factors that influences a customers decision to buy a product. Of course, it not only keeps the product protected, but also plays a major role in marketing the product to the customer. In the cosmetics industry, it is essential to keep up with current trends to maintain a competitive edge in the cosmetic industry. Many cosmetic product packaging trends are straying from the high-tech, futuristic look of past years and moving more toward a simple, natural and approachable sensibility.

As packaging trends usually evolve with consumers wants and needs, they can become a fundamental aspect in deciding whether or not your packaging will succeed. Its hard to assess the importance of each individual aspect, but it is critical to manage them for your overall packaging success.

a)Scrutiny from Regulatory Agencies – Increased scrutiny from regulatory agencies like the FDA and others will specify what can or cannot be mentioned on the packages, what materials it should be made of, etc. If the packages dont comply with the set standards, there can be fines or stern warnings imposed.

b)Green Packaging Options – Many companies are seeking a greener packaging alternative, and new products and new ideas are surfacing everyday. Manufacturers have now embraced the idea of providing eco friendly options and using eco friendly products like paper, bamboo, wood, plastic composite,airless pump bottles and more for packaging.

c)Opting for Recyclable Plastic Containers Consumers have become environmentally conscious, thus making it crucial for manufacturers to always provide customization and options for their customers. As an alternative to non-degradable plastic containers, manufacturers have started using recyclable products to reduce environmental waste. It is simpler to design a concept around eco-friendly products when the packaging can all be made of bio-degradable material.

d)Intelligent Packaging – With so much competition, companies are looking for unique ways to engage customers. This revolves around interactive packaging and social media that engages consumers through secondary actions. Smart and intelligent packages help them make an informed decision and generally point them in the right direction. The mobile consumer is the target of much of these packaging innovations. Statistics show that this type of package marketing is the wave of the future and is limited only by the marketers imaginations.

It is extremely important to understand the external influences that keep a customer from buying in this fiercely competitive environment and why every element of product packing counts. Cosmetic packaging plays a decisive role in the products finding their way from the shelves of a store to the customer.

Women’s Casual Clothing How To Create Glamorous Style

There are few women in the world who have no interest in looking glamorous, even for just one night. When we hear the term glamor we likely think of the celebrities walking down the red carpet in floor length gowns that take our breath away. But have you ever considered that you can look glamorous any day of the week if you want to? Glamor is not about waiting for a special occasion and wearing evening gowns, there is a lot more to it than that. Womens casual clothing today has been referred to as glamorous on more than one occasion and it is easy to assemble! Glamorous styles and trends are part timeless and part up and coming trends that you dont want to miss out on this year.

Dresses for women in particular have been designed to create an appearance of glamour while maintaining a casual wear look at the same time. This is a unique balance delicately created by Elan International. The maxi dress in particular is one dress for women that can be worn as evening attire or casual clothing to the beach. It also doubles as a great swimwear cover-up; all in all this is a very versatile piece of womens clothing. If youre thinking that you are not tall enough to wear a floor length dress like this, consider this solution. Not everyone has long legs and we understand this! A great solution to this problem is to either have your maxi dress hemmed to match your height or choose a great pair of wedges or heels to make up for the height youre lacking. Now you can wear the maxi dress and create your own version of glamor every day of the week.

Next on our glamor wish list are skirts for women. You may already own a traditional pencil skirt or tulip skirt and either of these can be utilized to create a different type of glamor within your style. Dont be fooled to think that pencil skirts are just boring office wear. These skirts for women can be worn out on the town or a first date and you will be sporting a very glamorous and sexy look. When paired with a unique fashion top like an asymmetrical top or off the shoulder top, you instantly transform an office look to an evening look.

Elan International has created a very affordable line of womens clothing that you can buy online through many different online retailers. Here, wed like to mention plus size clothing for women. Full figured women can create glamorous looks as well quite easily. Choose neutral bottoms and match them with a bold and unique fashion top and youve instantly created a casual wear and potentially glamorous style. By adding fashion accessories for women you can take any outfit you currently have and turn it into something more utilizing unique materials and beads.

Add some glamor into your fashion style and enjoy this upcoming spring season.

What Are the Popular Styles for Baby Clothes

When new parents, or friends and family of parents (for a baby shower) are shopping, there are many things they need to consider buying, including burp cloths, towels, diapers, and baby clothes. These are a few of the things often found in infant gift sets that retailers purchase on wholesale. For new parents, all of the different styles and options of these items can get confusing. This article will cover the four most popular styles of baby clothes that are often found in infant gift sets, and that are given by friends and families: body suits, one pieces, baby gowns, and baby clothing sets.

Baby Body Suits

Infant body suits are probably the most preferred by parents because they are so easy to use. These pieces are often described as a long t-shirt held together by snap buttons. The snap buttons make them super easy to change the infant’s clothes and change their diaper because there are separate bottom snaps. For the parents who are on a budget, there are the generic styles of body suits called snapsuits, babygrow, babygro, mameluco, diaper shirts, and creepers.

One Piece

A one piece is often referred to as “sleep n’ plays,” sleepers, or footsies, depending on the type of one piece the customer is searching for. They are similar to body suits in that they use snap buttons and are one piece of material, hence the name. They differ from infant suits mostly in their look. While baby suits look more like a leotard with or without sleeves, the one piece looks more like adult clothing with pants and sleeves. Some styles also come with “footies” attached or detached, but sold with the product. These pieces of clothing are great because there are many different patterns that can be used for daytime or nighttime.


The description of this item should be obvious; they are one piece of material that has an opening at the bottom with elastic to provide warmth for the infant’s feet while he or she sleeps. While this piece of clothing may seem like it is geared more towards female children, there are designs that make it gender neutral. Parents love this piece because there are no snaps or zippers to get in the way of a quick diaper change.

Outfit or Clothing Sets

This set of clothing is more for the fashion conscious parent that’s more concerned how their child looks than having something quick and convenient. This is because this set will come with many different options, including a combination of baby suits, pants, shirts, and footies. All pieces come in matching styles suited for boys or girls.

There are so many style options and resources for baby clothes sold at retail. Hopefully, this article has eased some of the stress or worries of parents, as well as families and friends who are buying baby clothing for their expecting friends, or retailers purchasing infant gift sets at wholesale.

Finding the best short hairstyle for round face

The best short hairstyle for round face is swept back hair. This particular hairstyle would make a round face look narrower and also it would give you a flattening look. If you are blessed with a perfectly round face then you should consider short haircuts. A good volume of hair on either side of the face could make your face look chubby but short haircuts would distract the attention from your broad cheeks.

The problem with round face is that it makes the neck look shorter. With full volume hair, this type of face would look chubby. Also wearing full volume hairstyle would make round faced women look pale and dull. If you have round face then there is nothing to worry. This discussion should encourage you to find right haircuts and not do discourage you from treating your hair. Take the discussion positively and find right short haircut for your perfectly round face.

When you have a round face, you should serious consider wearing a matching short hairstyle for round face. In addition to short hair with swept back style, you could consider a decent haircut close to your face. If your hair volume is not so good then it is good news for you as you don’t need to clip your hair. A good volume of hair on either side of your face could make you look chubby and fatty.

Ask your hairdresser about some popular short haircuts and choose a cut that suit to your face and body type. You should know that every face is different. On search, you would find your round face different from other round looking faces. There are many round face hairstyles but you can’t wear every haircut as not all the haircuts would suit to your round face.

Look at your round face closely. If possible, measure it across cheeks and determine its type. You know it is round but you need to know the perfect shape. For instance you might have double chin. Or your cheeks might have extra fat. Finding a perfect short hairstyle for round face is not that easy as it looks. You need to a little research on hairstyles for round faces.

Round faced women with double chin would find bob haircut just perfect. The specialty is this haircut is that it is convenient to make and maintenance free. Try this short hairstyle for round face, if you have double chin on face.

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How to Make Lolita Hairstyle in Lolita Fashion

People always said that different hairstyle fit for different face shapes. So does the Lolita fashion. Different Lolita fashion may fit for different hair style. -Lolita hairstyles ” used to be a bit of a concern, but now everyone just seems to put their hair as they like – in fact, lots of girls wear their hair very short and it looks fine.

Find your perfect hairstyle for Lolita fashion you should aware the following two tips:

1 Your face shapes It’s hard to recommend hair styles because it really depends on the shape of your face, plus, practically every hair style has been done with Lolita. But you should find you own type before you want make it into Lolita style. For square shapes, stylist for a cut that incorporates graduated layers is perfect for them. A general idea to keep in mind is that not every face is the same, and not everyone can wear the same look. If you have a round face, you will apply your blush differently from someone with high cheekbones. For Oval Square, a cropped cut to a blunt bob to longer, layered styles, virtually anything goes well. For round shape, Very short cuts and cuts with a lot of volume on the sides only emphasize fullness.

2 Lolita hair style A Lolita hairstyle is made with either platinum blond or rich black, and is generally cropped off the shoulder with heavy curls. Create a Lolita hairstyle with tips from a hairstylist and the Lolita hairstyle should go with the Lolita clothing. Here are some advices on the Lolita hairstyle. Gothic Lolita: Smoky eyes with straight hair (a Headdress could be better) Sweet Lolita: Teased out pigtails and bouncy curls are commonly worn by Sweet Lolita. Causal Lolita: modest and elegant makeup with causal hair style Hime Lolita: Princess-like hair style, any natural-looking make-up will look lovely with this style. Just remember that the key is looking classy. Pearls, roses and bows suit this style perfectly. Shiro Lolita and Kuro Lolita: the former is totally white while the latter is black. Their hairstyle goes as the casual Lolita.

Remember, Lolita is a kind interest and the most important thing is have fun and save money. So choosing the right type of Lolita dresses from the best wholesale Lolita company and Go with those two Lolita hair style tips you could make your Lolita trips more Fantastic than ever.