Control Spending with Travel Expense Management Software

Travel expense management software simplifies the process of tracking and reimbursing travel expenditures. Managing company travel expense is no easy task. For those companies whose key team members need to travel the country or the globe to visit clients, network with coleagues and prospects, or visit work sites, making wise travel spending decisions is vital. As a matter of fact, if your staff travels frequently, this type of expenditure may eat up a large chunk of the company’s outgoing cash.

Travel Expense Management – It is always a balance for traveling executives to procure what they need for successful business trips, while keeping the firm’s expenses within budget. By choosing to implement travel expense management software from, smart business owners are able to manage these expenses with ease.

Company travel expense management software from provides a comprehensive expense reporting tool no business should be without. Thorough tracking of submitted travel expense helps reduce unnecessary spending, curbs careless reimbursement requests and helps in planning future company travel spending plans.

This Internet-based tool offers you complete control of exactly how cash is being spent. Traveling staff members can access the software on any web-connected device to create expense reports and submit them anytime from anywhere. Approvers instantly have access to these submitted travel expense reports, at which point they can decide whether or not to authorize the expense.

The time and hassle that is cut out of the company travel expense management process is valuable to your company in multiple ways. Time-sensitive decisions regarding the way travel funds are distributed throughout the company can be made faster than ever. As well, business travel expense management software facilitates a new level of visibility into your company’s spending habits. Areas of abuse can be examined and addressed with ease.

Invoice Processing – An important element built-into the business travel expense management software is the ability to flag those expenses that fall outside of the company’s travel expense policies in real time as expense requests are entered into the system. Trusting software for travel expense management helps companies gain control over company travel spending.

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Travel Expense Management – delivers spend management products & services for businesses that automate manual, time consuming paper-based processes for company purchases, payable invoices and expense reports, while enabling visibility and control of all company spending.

Features Your Project Management Software Must Have

Managing a project can be a very exhausting task, considering one has to manage different modules of all the projects, read large amounts of files, check each minute detail and bring out the relevant information. This is where project management softwares come to your rescue. However, it is important to know that for efficient management, a software that possesses some key features should be wisely chosen. Here are a few of those:

1. Flexibility

Whenever you start with a project, there are some requirements you enlist. However, these requirements keep changing from time to time and thus you will have to add or subtract a few things from your planned schedule. It is also important that all of these changes are conveyed to your employees, and the project management software you use, should be able to involve the whole team.

2. Easy usability

The software you use should be simple. You would not want your employees to waste their time on first understanding every minor detail of the software and then working on it. It should not require formal training, before the employees can actually start working on it. Anybody who has basic computer and software knowledge should be able to work with it.

3. Multi user login

A project is not handled by one person. It requires the inputs from your employees, clients, vendors etc. Therefore, it is important that the software you buy or develop, has multi-login functionality. However, you should be able to grant them access points, ensuring the security of the project. Each and every one should not be able to access all the modules of the software, and be given accessibility to only those modules, on which they need to work.

4. File sharing:

A lot of people are involved when work is being done on a project. This means each and every person has their work-station, where they complete their designated job. However, it is important that each and every change made by one employee, is reflected in everybody’s copy. This implies that the software should be centralized. A good idea is to have a -check in- and -check out- feature in the software. If a person tries to access a document which is already being used by another user, then the former would be alerted for the same; the document would be given a -checked out- status.

5. Platform Independence/Not Operating system specific:

The software to be developed should be able to work on any simple operating system. This will make it more popular amongst a lot of users, owing to its ease of being able to work on any OS.

6. Internet enabled:

Having an internet-enabled software is extremely important for a well-coordinated project. One should never take the risk of taking an offline project management software. It does not allow one to reflect changes in the entire system and is a complete failure.

These are some of the main features a software should have; apart from the ones listed, a calendar which reminds you of the set deadline, automatic e-mail notification, Gantt charts are other important features.

Investing in a business financial software becomes necessary with the growing needs of the company. For more information on other business softwares, check this website.

Organize Your Life By Following A Good Time Management Plan

Why is time management important? Time management is important and plays a crucial role in the life of every individual. Time management teaches us to be organized and systematic so that our life becomes easy and simple. In addition, we learn to prioritize and schedule our work beforehand. To make things simple, individuals are advised to create a time management plan to help them achieve success in different occupations. Moreover, our productivity increases and we learn to function even under intense pressure.

Following a good time management plan is important to achieve the desired result. Even children can prepare and follow time management plan to help them complete their assignments on time, prepare for their exams, and cope with stress and anxiety. Time management is important for businesses, as they have several deadlines to meet and planning in advance can help them manage and accomplish the tasks on time. Time management plan helps a person know what should be done at what time, thus making use of time as efficiently as possible.

Planning and prioritizing helps an individual work in an organized and systematic manner, which helps them avoid the hassles of doing the work at the last moment. Planning and prioritizing helps you decide which tasks are important and should be done at first. For prioritizing, it is advisable to develop both short-term and long-term time management plan so it becomes useful to manage essential tasks effectively and efficiently.

Preparing a time management plan is important and following them in the right manner is more. To make your time management plan effective and useful, it is advisable to learn to say no. Whenever you achieve effective result for following time management plan, then it is good to encourage yourself with a reward. It is a good idea to get inspired and motivated from people who have achieved success by following effective time management plan. However, it is good to avoid procrastination and try to accomplish your tasks and assignments with a positive attitude. Following effective time management plan can help you plan your day in a systematic manner. The steps discussed below can help you learn ways to create a time management plan:

Know the Time Wasters:

Knowing the various ways your time is wasted every day can help you create a time management plan. Avoid including time stealers in your time management plan rather include important tasks and activities you can do during that time. Make sure your time management plan is free of time wasters.

Create a Strategy for Time Management:

Preparing clearly-defined strategies is the key to successful time management. Establishing a strategy can help you create a good time management plan, as well as help you break your work into smaller chunks.

Understand Your Priorities:

Not understanding your priorities and creating a to-do list will not be fruitful. Not setting your priorities right will not help you achieve what you want and you may end your day doing unimportant work and feel bad.

Evaluate Time Management Plan:

Evaluate your time management plan regularly to make sure it has been designed as per your requirements.

A time management plan is created to do the important tasks and assignments in a systematic manner. Make sure the time management plan you have created is effective and useful.

The Philippines Institute For Supply Management

Founded in 1968, the Philippine Institute for Supply Management (PISM) has evolved to become the country’s premier professional association of supply management practitioners. It currently has more than 300 member companies, ranging from conglomerates belonging to the Fortune 500 to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from various industries. Aside from its Metro Manila headquarters, the Institute has three provincial chapters, namely: Cebu, Davao and Negros Occidental.

Our MissionTo be the key contributor to our member companies’ success and to the country’s global competitiveness by championing the upliftment of the supply management profession and the continuous development of its practitioners to the highest ethical and world-class standards.

Our VisionTo be an acclaimed world-class prime mover and resource center of supply chain management and leadership excellence in Asia.
Over the past four decades, PISM has instituted new programs to develop the competency of the country’s supply management professionals. It is continuously strengthening alliances with international supply management organizations. It is a supporting organization of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) based in Tempe, Arizona, USA, an affiliate of the International Federation of the Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) based in Switzerland and the International Trade Center UNCTAD/WTO.

On the local front, PISM undertakes various initiatives together with the academic community to train and develop competent supply management professionals. Among these are the Executive Development Program on Supply Chain Management at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business – Center for Continuing Education, Diploma Program in Supply Chain Management (DPSCM) at the De La Salle College of St. Benilde School of Professional and Continuing Education, Diploma Program in Supply Chain Management (DPSCM) at the Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP), Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Supply Management at the university of Makati, Bachelor of Commercial Science Major in Supply Management at the Jose Rizal University, and the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), Tempe, Arizona, USA.

M-Files QMS A Tool for Quality Management of Your Organisation

Today, we have got some of the best tools that can be really helpful for the best management of the company. These systems take the load off from the people and from the managers. If we wisely implement them in our structure or company then we can make a huge difference to our production and economy. And one of the very popular and admired management systems is known as M-Files QMS or Quality Management System. It’s basically a practical tool that will help a person or an organisation in the daily quality management. Here, all the quality related documents and data are connected together inside a single system.

With the arrival of these management systems we have seen a new future that heavily depends on internet and its resources that consists of various features at very low risk factors. One of the best things about today is that there is very less use of paper and making the organisation a paperless office. You can make the difference by using these technologies in your company. Clients should always go through the features to make them comfortable and satisfied with the technology. This is one of the best things that will help them and their organisation.

Some of the best and most discussed features of the M-Files QMS are:

Employee training & qualification records

Quality manual template

Audit trial tracking documents & records

SOP management

CAPA & NCR management

Digital & electronic signing

Employee training & records

Calendar view

Reporting for analysis & intelligence

These are some of the most admired features of the daily quality management system. There are various other products available in the market because there are many developers and each and everyone has different prospect and point of view. With them your work will become much easier, smoother, simpler, productive, secure and easy to access. This software can be termed as an out of box product specially made for any type of organisation and its proper functioning. There are many things you should know about the M-Files QMS and some of the important features that will help you in understanding about the application are:

1.The modules of this product provide support for templates, training and qualification support, SOP management, audit trails and much more.

2.This is an award winning Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). This system is best used for the storage and organisation of all the quality related scanned paper documents, electronic documents, email messages and many other important data and information.

3.This application includes pre-configured templates for the quality processes and workflows which covers frequent quality needs and policies.

4.It consists of a reporting engine a calendar which will notify us immediately about the ongoing, near future, and overdue quality works.

5.You can get the critical quality information from any place, it supports for browser only and from mobile devices too you can make necessary changes and it is completely location independent.

These are some of the features that make this application important and an organisation a paperless office.

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Jeremy Hancock emphasises the need to manage and protect the data of any organisation effectively. He has reviewed M-Files QMS and found many robust features in it. is the leading provider of M-Files and FormStorm systems for a paperless office and saves your time and money.