Start Collecting Vintage Kramer Costume Jewelry

Perhaps less well known than the more abundant Coro, Trifari or Napier costume jewelry, Kramer costume jewelry often used rare or unique stones in their jewelry.

First, a brief history: Between 1943 and 1980, Kramer Jewelry Creations was a family run business that produced some of the finest high-end costume jewelry. In the 1950s and 60s, Kramer manufactured Christian Dior designs, so finding a piece of Christian Dior by Kramer is a rare but rewarding treat. The Christian Dior pieces often used good quality clear rhinestones with larger blue or green center stones. Christian Dior designs can command higher prices due to the Dior name, but the Kramer quality and designs are just as wonderful as those without the name.

Unfortunately for the collector, much Kramer jewelry from the 50s and 60s was unmarked and had only a paper tag attached to identify it. If you do see a signature, it will most likely be Kramer, Kramer of N.Y. or Kramer of New York. Look for the signature on the clip of an earring, or on the clasp of a necklace or bracelet.

Other marks include the rare Amourelle from 1963, and Kramer Sterling which may or may not date from the WWII years when sterling silver was used in jewelry in place of other metals that were needed for the war effort.

Kramer jewelry is famous for its quality, and for the use of vibrantly colored rhinestones with creative settings. Radiant red and orange, striking dark blue, glowing topaz, and elegant black rhinestones, along with plastic decorations, gave Kramer jewelry great variety and style.

For the collector, I think a great place to look for vintage Kramer jewelry is at estate sales. If you havent tried it, this is a wonderful way to shop for vintage items of any kind. Check your newspaper and Craigslist for weekly listings of estate sales in your area, and sign up for the agents email mailing list for future sales. Often sales in older neighborhoods will have vintage costume jewelry for sale. Tip: On the last day of the estate sale items may be marked 50% off. The selection is best at the beginning of the sale, of course, but the best prices can be found towards the end.

As with any collectible costume jewelry, its important to be prepared: Bring a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe with you to check the condition of the piece. If youre buying for your own collection, and not for investment purposes, you may be more flexible with condition flaws. If its for investment, it must be flawless. Do you like the piece? Will you wear it or display it or just store it away to be admired from time to time? If the piece is signed by the designer that increases its value. Is the original box or tag included? Again, increased value is there.

Whatever your reasons, and just the simple enjoyment of having beautiful vintage jewelry is more than enough, become educated, do research, ask questions, and youll soon be able to spot vintage Kramer, or other designer costume jewelry to add to your collection.

Career Review Going into the Philippine Call Center Industry

The Philippine call center industry has truly grown in the past year. This is because the Philippines offer all that outsourcing offshore businesses need. First and foremost of these is the available competent workforce and relatively lower cost of labor as compared to an onshore operation. The industry has developed well and lead race in the global outsourcing industry. Every since the industry was went full swing in 1999, there was no turning back in development. A significant number of such businesses established in India moved or branched towards the Philippine archipelago when the large potential for the countrys geographic location was realized.

So are you Ready to Work in a Call Center?
Call centers, also called contact centers are great places to work in especially since one does not need any specific degree to get into one. A lot of Filipinos, according to surveys, have college degrees. However, you could have either finished mass media or nursing and it would not matter. All you need are the right skills especially in communicating with people and you could get hired right away. The best part about getting into this kind of career however, is the pay. This industry offers highly competitive salary rates even for the entry level applicants. This is why the call center has so many applicants.

However, it is not all fun and games. There are also a lot of challenges that one must face when getting into a career as a contact center agent. So what exactly are these challenges?

Challenges of Working in a Philippine Call Center
There are many challenges to working the contact center conditions. Filipinos basically love to wake up early in the morning to work (as opposed to say people in Hong Kong where the night is alive and people sleep till almost noon). But this will have to change because the call center industry requires one to work during the night. This is of course because the Philippines is almost at the opposite end of the globe to the U.S. where most of the customer calls will most likely come from. Thus, the time differential is immense. Day time in the United States is Night time in the Philippines. Conversely, night time in the Philippines is day time in the U.S.

There some dangers to working at night that one should first be aware of before considering going into the contact center industry game. Remember that the body has a natural circadian rhythm also commonly called as ones “body clock.” The body biological clocks time was determined by billions of years of evolution. Reversing this can have bad effects to some people with weak constitutions who cannot adjust well enough. Those with bad respiratory problems will exacerbate their problems. But those with heart diseases should not even consider going into such a career.

Other than these, working in a Philippine call center can be fun and comfortable if one can adjust well enough. The pay is good and there are always good medical benefits such as health cards.

Natural Cosmetics How To Choose Concealers

You might be surprised at the ingredients found in your everyday concealer. I was certainly blown away and disappointed because I used concealer every day for years before making the switch to natural mineral powder. I felt betrayed that Ive spent thousands of dollars that have gone to companies that care nothing about the health and wellness of their consumers. Ive only chosen four chemicals randomly from the list of ingredients found in concealer. Check it out.

1. Colorants
2. Parabens
3. Urea (Imidazolidinyl) and Diazolidinyl Urea
4. Propylene Glycol

Colorants are obviously used to change the products natural color to the desired color. Of course colorants are not naturally derived from berries or fruits but are made from a variety of chemicals. Artificial colorants are cheaper, brighter and more uniform and have a longer shelf life. One example of a group of makeup colorants approved by the FDA is aluminum colorants. It is difficult to imagine that any use of aluminum colorants can be deemed safe.
These colorants contribute to infertility, cancer in reproductive organs, cognitive delays, birth defects and organ toxicity in the stomach or respiratory system. This is one example of a colorant and there are many others like it, not to mention the ones used that do not require approval from the FDA.

Parabens are chemicals used as preservatives. They are estrogenic, have been linked to breast cancer and can disrupt the endocrine system. Deodorant contains parabens and studies have found a link between parabens and breast cancer.

Urea (Imidazolidinyl) and Diazolidinyl Urea are preservatives. Remember when you were young and you had to dissect a frog in your biology class? Can you recall that lovely smell when they placed the frog on your desk? That was formaldehyde, the chemical used to preserve bodies. Urea produces formaldehyde.

Urea may cause heart palpitations as the result of respiratory irritation. It can also cause the following: depression, insomnia, headache, joint pain, chest pain, chronic fatigue, immune system depression and possibly cancer (According to the Mayo Clinic).

The use of propylene glycol (solvent) just baffles me because it can be found in our makeup as well as in any other cosmetic product we use on our hair, skin and nails. It can also be found in many essentials like deodorant, soap, toothpaste and food. This ingredient makes your makeup slippery just as it does with antifreeze. This nasty chemical is toxic but is still considered safe in small doses according to the FDA. Perhaps the small doses just kill us more slowly and make the source of any resulting complication less apparent.

Your skin absorbs propylene glycol quickly and easily. This chemical solvent causes kidney and liver damage, gastro-intestinal complications and brain abnormalities. The EPA requires workers handing the material to wear protective goggles and keep their skin covered with rubber gloves but they are allowed to wear it on their face when they put on their makeup in the morning. Your average deodorant contains an unusually high amount of this chemical.

To everyone like me who cannot leave the house without makeup, lets make a change for the better and seek out natural alternatives! Companies who sell these products will be forced to change their ingredients to stay in business and we will be happier and healthier once weve made the right choice! You may think that you alone cannot make a difference, but just like everything else, it has to start somewhere!

By: Francis David

Lee Jeans

In 1889, Henry David Lee launched the Lee mercantile company on the world. Lee was provoked by the conflicting quality and feature of foreign work wear and decided to produce quality US garments. H.D Lee designed Lee Overall, in the year 1911. The initial brand model was named the Lee Bib Overall, made in 7.5-ounce denim containing an all-functional chest pocket and a button fly. In 1913, Lee conceived the Union-All and become an imperative part in its industry. Lee was also producing jackets and dungarees but in 1913, Union-All work jumpsuit was produced trailed by the first- ever “Overall” in 1920 – setting the establishment for Lee’s early development.

Buddy Lee was the Lee Jeans advertising mascot. This promotional item worked for the company from 1920 to 1962, was brought back as the idol of TV advertising for the company’s Lee Dungarees collection from 1998 until the mid-2000. Zipper fly was on of the best selling creations by Lee. Lee launched many new creations to manufactured denim throughout the 20s.

In the 30s and 40s Lee become the Americas number 1 manufacturer of work clothes. Lee continued to build on their brand and in 1950, Lee as the company endeavored into casual wear.

Lee stretched out its intense growth and development throughout the 60s, branched out to 51 countries and merging with VF Corporation in 1969. The company continued to inflate its fashion ranges all through the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, introduction Lee National Denim Day in 1996.

Today’s Lee is all about bringing more fashion, finishes, grace, texture, fits and choices than ever before to market.

Our range of Lee Jeans are unrestrained and varied to suit every individual’s personal taste. You are sure to find your preferred fit with Lee men’s casual clothing. Shop our range of tough and comfy men’s jackets, pants and blue jeans. You will find our Lee Jeans in either prewashed comfortable fit, boot cut, and in many other styles.

If you need more information on Lee Jeans, feel free to get in touch with Substance Designer Clothing. With Substances rare and exclusive mix of brands we hope to provide our clients with a sense of individuality and class!

Natural Cosmetics Naturkosmetik Switch over Now

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, this is a quote which has been heard by us and several generations preceding us. However old it may be, this quote has always remained popular. There is no doubt that beauty and good health relate to each other very strongly.

All members of our society like to present a good side of themselves and spare no efforts to improve on this front. And why not? After all the image one projects often carries over to every section of their life.

The usage of cosmetics in order to enhance a persons beauty, appearance and personality is one of the most preferred methods all across the world.

Even in cosmetics, the market share held by Natural Cosmetics (Naturokosmetik) has been registering very strong growths in the past few years.

Sticking to Naturokosmetik products has allowed users to get rid of the artificial and chemicals found in synthetic cosmetics. The irreversible damage of these synthetic additives over a long period of usage are disastrous. Many of the side effects due to the synthetics in cosmetics throw our normal lives out of gear and require time and efforts to correct.

Nature on the other hand has already provided us with hidden solutions to all our problems, even cosmetics related. Naturokosmetik products are a result of hard work and keen interest in helping everyone overcome this problem. They allow safe use of cosmetics and help get rid of the havoc that harmful chemical ingredients in synthetic cosmetics have wrecked in many lives.

With the growing awareness and education about Naturokosmetik products, persons from all walks of life and almost every country are fast switching over to the natural counterparts of synthetic cosmetics.

Ask anyone from withing your family, or group of friends and you will be amazed at the popularity and wide spread use of Naturokosmetik products in society today.

However, with all things going for it, I must also alert the consumers of Naturokosmetik products to always check and look for proper certifications on the products you choose. Do not just go by flashy packaging, and take time to read the small prints to find if the products have a certification. Major manufacturers also provide more details like the source or natural origin of contents, and details of product testing and certification.

While nature continues to serve its purpose, we as the responsible inhabitants of earth also have to salute nature and help preserve it. So while you switch over to Naturokosmetik products, also make sure you spread the message of conserving nature along the way.

Go Green, switch over to Naturokosmetik today!

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