Denim Jeans In European Market

Denim jeans and Europe seem to be made for each other. The relationship goes back a long time. In fact the very word jeans come from a type of material that was named after sailors from Genoa in Italy. The word denim is from another French material serge de nimes.

The end of the Second World War was the time when denim blue jeans gained new status in Europe. Rugged yet relaxing they stood for freedom and a great future. Both men and women wore them. In Europe the surplus Levi’s jeans left behind by American armed forces were now available in limited supplies. They were extremely popular with teens.

The 60’s saw the coming in of slim jeans. They were extremely popular as leisurewear. Teens began to have real fun with them. The 70’s saw the bell-bottoms hitting their peak. Creativity flourished as far as denim jeans go. Customized denim embroidery made an appearance, so too did stud and patched jeans, giving jeans an all new glamorous appeal.

Designer jeans were literally everywhere in Europe and were a symbol of the affluence and status of the society. Leading designer labels flooded the market in the 80’s. Acid wash debuted in 1986 in Europe and took the market by storm. The 90’s heralded the advent of a generation that was more concerned with old-fashioned values, environment and family life.

Jeans has been reinvented from time to time and the new millennium is no different. You can see every major designer coming out with fabulous denim jeans wear. You can find them at catwalks, at chloe, at Versace and at literally every fashion festival. The latest trends like the beaded and the beat-up denim jeans are a rage among youth. So too are torn-knee blue jeans which can be found globally these days, why only Europe.

The coming in of the internet also had its impact on denim jeans in Europe, as in the other part so of the world. You could instantly find and shop for the latest jeans from numerous online resources. This meant that the consumer had a greater choice and need not compromise on quality of the jeans. Freed of all creative restrictions the denim jean is assuming numerous disguises to be worn in and has literally broken every barrier of creativity. From being part of cushions to furniture-coverings to bed spreads, denim has made it presence felt, every where.

Recent surveys indicate the majority of the people in Europe bought at least one pair of jeans in the last year. Recent TGI Europa data indicates the denim jeans have achieved a market penetration of 60% in France and a low of 50% among women in Great Britain. Germans are considered the least spenders, as far buying premium jeans wear goes. Spanish also represent a group which buys denim jeans for their comfort and not for their style. From the teenagers to the adults, every one seems to be buying denim jeans in larger numbers in Europe these days.

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Shop For Clothes To Suit Your Figure

Shopping for clothes that fit properly can be a real problem, especially for those with a plus size figure. Many times clothing manufacturers simply add inches to existing sizes in the hope that they will fit, not taking into account the special needs of the consumer.
More recently, however, clothing companies have begun producing clothing which takes into account the four common body types. These types are apple, pear, hourglass and column (an athletic figure). This system of making clothes for the four different body types works well for women who wear sizes between 10 and 30.
Determining what body type you have is a relatively simple matter. If you have an upper body that is wide and narrow hips then you’re most probably the apple shape. If you notice that you have a smaller upper body and wider hips, then you’re pear-shaped. For those who have a smaller waist, with a curvy upper and lower body (the width of your hips is more or less equivalent to the width of your shoulders), you are an hourglass shape. Lastly, if you have fewer defined curves and the measurements for your waist, hips, and breast are very similar to one another, then you have a column figure.
Naturally, not every clothing style works equally well for people of each body type. When looking for clothes which will flatter your figure, here are some tips to help you find the perfect fit for you.
If you are apple shaped, then the way to go is to de-emphasize the waistline and the shoulders. In order to draw the eye upwards, go for v-neck tops. In order to make the waist appear smaller, you can use nipped or belted waist jackets.
If you have a pear body shape, you want to create the illusion of a more balanced upper and lower body. In general, you should look for clothing that will broaden and add dimension to your shoulders and draw attention away from your hips and thighs. Choose clothes that have wider necklines (like the bateau, squared, or cowl neck) and fabrics that have patterns and textures to draw attention to the upper body. Pair light or brightly coloured tops with bottoms that are a darker colour for a more balanced look.
Those who have the column body shape should work to create the illusion of more curves by wearing scoop or V-neck tops, and look for jackets that have a more defined waist or that flare out from the waist. Look for dresses that break up a columnar silhouette with prints, patterns, and dimensional details like tailored designs.
If you happen to have an hourglass shape, you can choose either to show off those curves or to de-emphasize them to create a longer silhouette. If you decide to flaunt your figure then belted or cinched waists can show off your hips. If you’d rather create a more elongated look, then choose v-necks to draw the eye to your upper body instead. Flared jeans can also help in creating this more balanced look.
With the right choice of clothing, every woman, no matter what her size, can look stunning. With a little careful shopping, either at your local clothing retailer, or online, it is possible to design a wardrobe that will help you look good this summer.

Steps To Attract Customers To Your Cosmetics Business By Using The Law Of Attraction

Can you imagine yourself as a customer magnet? What if you radiated such confidence in your products that new customers eagerly sought you out?

You just seem to have that certain “something” that attracts only the best customers for you. They are thrilled with the results they get from your products, and they return again and again. They just can’t wait to hand over large wads of cash to you in exchange for your products!

It sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? But isn’t that what you really wanted when you started your business?

There is a way to attract the customers you want, and the joyous prosperity of your dreams. The Law of Attraction works no matter what the economic climate. By shifting your attention to what you wish to attract, you are “programming” the universe to give you more.

Follow these easy steps and watch your business grow beyond your wildest dreams!

1. Get a 79-cent notebook.

Actually, any spiral notebook will do. Get one with wide-ruled lines to show yourself there is room in your life and business for what you desire.

Use the notebook only for this purpose. Don’t try to use it for other things, like notes to the sitter, or that letter to your congressman.

This notebook is for one purpose only, and that is defining and asking for the life and business that will bring you wealth and joy.

Anything else just muddles your energy and your thoughts. Which means you need to…

2. Get clear.

Decide what you really want. Do you want more customers? Do you want better customers? What about the attitude your favorite customers project?

Do you want lots of customers who are “just looking?” Or do you want fewer customers, but ones who spend lots on your products?

There is a place and time for both. Be clear about your purpose now.

3. Write it down.

Write down your desires in your 79-cent notebook. Write one desire on each line. Then skip a line. Keep your statements simple, specific and literal.

For example, “I have the correct customers for me.” “I have customers who are ready to buy my product.”

Then, “I have customers who will be happy with the results they get.” “Customers come to me easily.”

You see what this means. You define exactly what you want. Make it vivid in your mind’s eye.

4. Get enthusiastic!

Use your emotions, your senses, even your imagination to empower your creativity. The more enthusiastic you are, the better. Act like you just won the customer lottery!

5. Let it go.

That’s right. Just detach from the outcome. Don’t try to make it happen. Release the control to the universe. Let the process work.

This does not mean you stop wanting it, or that you stop working for it. It simply means that you get your emotions out of the way.

The more clear your intent, the faster and better it will work for you. Let go of the need to force it to conform to your expectations. Let yourself be amazed.

Try it! You may just get everything you want and more!

Fashion Jewelry Enhances The Beauty Of The Attire

People are into the fashion jewelry for very long time. The jewelry helps in defining the personality of an individual. It also brings out the best features of the wearer and compliments the outfit in the best way. The jewelry usually varies vastly in prices due to the use of the different materials. It ranges from the expensive and formal to the inexpensive and casual ones. Designers often use different types of material like glass, metal, plastic, fiberglass, rice, paper and wood to create some gorgeous pieces. In fact they use just anything to create these trendy pieces. Even some of the designers often use the recycled garbage to create jewelry. To create the individual fashion identity one must choose the correct piece of jewelry whether made of gold or wood. The material does not matter at all because the craftsmanship makes them look as exotic as the expensive stuff.

When choosing costume jewelry one gets various options. One can even consider a particular theme to base all the jewelry pieces on it. Some like to buy animal jewelry including turtle bracelets, snake earrings and frog pins. These are available in different colors matching perfectly with the outfits. This way a person can create an individual identity. On the other hand one can also select the signature color and can base the whole collection on it. Some people look for variety, for them it is advisable to select the trendy jewelry suite complementing different outfits. So one can choose the best and the most desirable jewelry matching ones taste and style very easily.

Most of the people like to buy the jewelry in a very small budget. They do not want to spend their hard earned money just on one jewelry piece. The low pricing jewelry can also be procured from variety of physical and virtual stores. The pricing is not the only thing the quality also matters. First go for the quality then the price. Best fashion jewelry is the one that is well made and lasts long in the wardrobe. Make sure that one must choose the pieces that remain in fashion for a long time. Otherwise it will be wastage of money. One can find them in numerous places. These are available in popular stores, specialty shops and craft shows. The online stores prove to be a better choice to procure the favorite piece of jewelry because it saves time in going around. It also gives the advantage of matching the outfit with the screened piece of jewelry.

Costume jewelry accentuates an individuals best features and also develops the persons fashion identity. By wearing different types of pieces with the same dress on different occasions one can create a new look every time. Mix and match is the real thing. The other advantage is that one can also check the discounted outlets to get some qualitative pieces of jewelry at very reasonable rates. It is certainly the best way of stretching the wardrobe by adding some valuable jewelry pieces.

Men Fashion Shoes, Men Fashion Basics

Previous experience dictates that, although we have got the clothing nailed and some quality outfits at our disposal, there is still room for the whole thing to be let down by your choice in Men Fashion Shoes. And believe me; I have seen this happen a lot.

The key point I really want to make is that you need to take good care of your men fashion shoes in exactly the same way you do your clothes. That means investing in polish, deodorisers and shoes trees. Shoes trees are especially important because they help the leather the fashion shoes are made from retain their shape after a hard day of being sweated in, particularly in those Summer months. Make sure your shoes arent dirty, stained or marked and dont cling onto them once theyve passed their prime; learn to let go guys. That means those knackered Converse, K-Swiss or Vans that you always wear need to go regardless of how comfortable they are.

What you should be bearing in mind when you are buying men fashion shoes is similar to our approach to clothes and that is how versatile is it?. So when youre about to buy that pair of Nikes that are coloured like the Jamaican flag, think twice because its more than likely theyll either clash or draw attention away from your clothes and will only be in for one season max. Furthermore, keep your footwear tailored, so in this case less really is more and the simpler the shoes the easier it will be to match them with whatever is in your wardrobe.

But what kind of men fashion shoes should you be going after then? Well, there are a lot of options available to guys when it comes to casual men fashion shoe instead of Mens Business Shoes but I find that if your stick to the classics they will never go out of style and will serve you well for long periods of time. So Im talking about loafers, plimsolls, boat shoes, trainers and boots. And when I mention these styles, I mean man styles not the teenager/university styles!

So when it comes to trainers think adult and tailored Adidas Stan Smith/Samba, Converse Leather Jack Purcells, and anything by Lacoste or Fred Perry. K-Swiss, Nikes and Reeboks can get out!

For pumps its best to save these for the summer when you can slip them on and get them as sweaty and grubby as you like. So why spend loads of cash on buying them from Fred Perry or other labels when you can get them from Topman or Burton for about 12-16 Seriously, the simpler the better!

When it comes to Loafers, Boat Shoes and Boots, as long as they are made from good quality leather you wont go wrong. Buy your Loafers and Boots in Black, Brown, Oxblood and Tan and head for Navy, Brown or Red with the Boat shoes for some really great options.

Ways to Wear

Here I would normally give you some ways of wearing your men fashion shows but with the possibilities so endless it would get a little heady to say the least. Instead Ill just suggest some ways of wearing certain style: –

Men’s Leather Shoes – I love wearing mine with my suits when I am out of work. I lose the belt, the tie and the formal lace ups. Then I throw on my pair of white with a dash of green Stan Smiths, loosen my top button and head out to dinner. But as long as the leather shoes are simplistic they are an amazing way of dressing down an otherwise formal outfit so try them with your chinos, your striped shirts and your blazers and see how it looks.

Plimpsolls – As I said before, essential Summer men fashion shoes. A cool thing to do this season is to have them contrast the rest of your outfit. So if youre wearing predomintatly plain solid colours in your outfit why not try a pair or gingham check or plaid pumps to add a bit of detail to it. Or if the clothes youre wearing are all in neutral why not add a shot of colour with some red, purple or green pumps as well?

Boots – this is an easy one, wear them with everything except shorts! I love boots, you SHOULD love boots and FashionBeaners from across the world love them too. Check out the many other articles that have been dedicated to them for more advice.

Boat Shoes – Huge this Summer, Boat Shoes should be your go to with your shorts and tee every time. They also work great with chinos and turned up jeans. But they really help when it comes to those formal events in the Sun, like Weddings and the like. Go with a cotton suit and a plain polo shirt as the perfect complement to your boat shoes at times when youre trying to balance formality and practicality.

Loafers – Guys, really? Wear them everywhere, even in your sleep. But they look especially great with some dark denim jeans, a blue and white striped shirt and a navy blazer.

But the point Im really trying to get across is that if youve put all this effort into stepping up your game in the clothes department why neglect your feet? Too many guys are holding onto childhood dreams of shitty disintegrating men fashion shoes which either let down an excellent outfit or are so loud, busy or garish that they end up detracting or clashing with the look as a whole. Keep it simple and keep them tailored and you will not go wrong.