Varieties of Traditional and Baju Busana Muslim (Muslim Fashion Clothes)

Islam is the second largest religion worldwide with around 1.5 billion devotees. And when it comes to clothing, they have varieties of colors, styles, and design that depend on their personal preferences, ethnicity and culture. However Muslim clothes are all about modesty. There are traditional designs and modern but all those are based on their standard requirements for Islamic dresses.

According to Ingrid Mattson, writer of Islamic Dress and Norms of Modesty, -In many Muslim societies across the world, women’s and men’s dress are similar in design and cut, but different in color, decoration and fabrics used.-

Styles and Colors:

Although Islam defines a code of modesty for their traditional wear, it does not specify a definite color, fabric and style. The collections of apparel reflect the wide diversity of their culture. Majority of them prefer earth-tone shades including brown, green, blue, gray, white and black while others prefer bright and pastel tones of dresses. Nevertheless, there is no particular meaning behind those colors. Some shades of their dresses are popular based on their local tradition and practices in certain parts of the globe.

Their clothing has different name throughout the world. This is the reason why a particular type of clothing has varied names in different places. Here are lines of Islamic clothing that are worn by both male and female Muslims.

Where to Shop:

They can be purchased anywhere in the world and are available in many retail stores and even online shops such as Grosirbersama selling Grosir Busana Muslim (Wholesale clothing Muslim).

1.Hijab. It is known as women’s modest dress. It is a piece of rectangular cloth that is folded and placed over their head. Subjected to locations and styles, it is also called as tarhah and shaylah.
2.Abaya. It is a cloak that is worn by women mostly in Arab Gulf countries. It is manufactured from black synthetic fabric that is accentuated with sequins or colored embroidery. Females wear it from the top of the head until the ground or up to the shoulders.
3.Chador. It is cloak that covers the head up to the ground. It is commonly seen worn by Iran ladies without using a face veil.
4.Khimar. It is the face veil of women. It covers the entire upper half of a women’s body until the waistline.
5.Jilbab. It is an over-garment or cloak that is worn by females in public.
6.Niqab. It is a veil that covers the face that may or may not expose the eyes.
7.Burqa. This covering for the face covers the whole face of the wearer including their eyes. They can be mostly seen worn by Afghanistan women.
8.Thobe. It is the long robe worn by men. Tailored like a shirt it has ankle length size and often loose.
9.Bisht. This is the dress that is worn by religious leaders and high level government officials that is put over the thobe.
10.Ghutra and Egal. These are rectangular head scarf that is worn by men along with a black rope band to hold it in place. The ghutra is commonly white in shade or checkered red/white or black/white combination. In some nations, it is called as kuffiyeh or shemagh.

Today, more and more Baju Busana Muslim (Muslim Fashion Clothes) can be bought online. With little alterations from the standard style, these clothing still reflects modesty and preserve design.

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Car Inspection (puspakom)

Puspakom is a Malaysian body in charge of performing inspection services. Incorporated in 1994, the body is a wholly owned subsidiary of DRB-HICOM, and is Malaysias first and only comprehensive national vehicle inspection company authorized by the Malaysian Government. Their inspection basically serves to determine vehicle compliance with regard to the Construction and Use Rule 1959, and also roadworthiness status of the vehicle prior to registration with the Road Transport Department, or before transfer of ownership for commercial vehicles, such as when a car is sold out or transferred to another person.
Basically, the main sort of service that Puspakom Malaysia provides is a 10-step vehicle inspection process which includes engine and chassis number identification check, above carriage check for defects, particle density check via emission test, brake efficiency test, side-slip test to check for lateral movement, suspension system check, speedometer accuracy test, headlight test for intensity and projection, undercarriage check and tinted glass check.
By regular inspection of your car or vehicle, any mechanical problems that may jeopardize your vehicles roadworthiness will be caught in time and will be able to be nipped in the bud, before it becomes a more serious issue which might endanger you or your family. This regular inspection also will make sure vehicles do not pollute the environment by emitting excessive amounts of emissions and noxious gases, as well as ensure the legality of your vehicle in all aspects under the Road Transport Act 1987. This comprehensive and thorough inspection will put your mind at ease and give you a greater sense of confidence that your vehicle is functioning in optimal condition.
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Mary Kay Consultant Assistance Ready, Set, Sell That Mary Kay Cosmetics Inventory

The party line for party plan consultants and party plan companies has always been book, sell and recruit!

When it comes to sales they tell you to Always Be Closing!

That is all well and good. However what is going to compel someone to choose you over the thousands of other Mary Kay beauty consultants?

Heres How You Do It:

Become A Brand:- You must become your number one fan! When you learn to differentiate yourself from all the mary kay consultants, then people will take notice. Oh No! Here she comes is really just a cry from the public asking you to be different. Statistics show that when people cannot find a discernable difference in products they will always choose the cheaper option. Give your customers a “purple cow!”
Improve your selling skills:- The golden rule of sales is ABC- Always Be Closing. This is an outdated approach. The golden rule of party plan is Always Be Connecting.
Always be contacting: Warm Chattering has its place. That said when you meet someone and all you do is give them a dollar value they know and No will always be the answer. The SLOW method is very effective S- Speak L-listen O-observe W- write.
Customer/Team Retention: It cost 10 times as much to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one happy. Yes recruiting is necessary, however you dont want to spend the rest of your mary kay career chasing after people to buy.
Referral Marketing:- Learn to wow your customers and facial appointments. They may not buy, and we all know that it takes up to 20 contacts for some to make a buying decision. You the pleasure of what you do is in the experience. Give your facial customers and business prospects the best treatment. When you ask for referrals, building a business will be so much fun. Use the Make Me Feel Special And More Principle!
Go back to basics:- What happened to host home parties, getting facial appointments? Stop buying inventory, start selling inventory
The OPK Principle:- Success is largely an issue of leveraging other peoples knowledge. You see the dead sea is dead simply because it takes in water, but never gives. You dont want to be the dead sea of your mary kay cosmetics business. Training and education is an ongoing requirement. Allow yourself to discover real time marketing approaches, you owe it yourself, your spouse, your children, your customers, your team and your God!

Mary Kay Consultant Training Tip:- People always tell you what they want. You must listen to know that it is.

Selling is the art of giving people what they want, not shoving something down their throat!

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