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Prevent additional credit card charges on car rental.

First of all, you must understand how the total price you pay is calculated. Everything starts with the daily base rate this is the rate you pay for the daily use of the car excluding all other charges. It doesnt mean that this is the price you pay!

Instead, you may find your total bill is double of that of the base rate. Extra mandatory charges like GST, airport location surcharges, administration fees, vehicle registration fees are all part of the total bill given to you at the rental counter. I cant stress enough the importance of getting a bill at the end of your rental, but this is another story. So, by the time all the extra charges are added onto your bill, you may find yourself paying almost double that seductive base rate.

To give you an example, a friend of mine rented a car in Australia with a base rate around $177 for four days. The final total? Including a vehicle registration fee, admin fee, airport location surcharge, a surcharge for not filling the gas tank, and a GST on top of all those other charges, my friend paid about $358 – more than a 100 percent increase over the base rate.

So how can you avoid nasty surprises? Below you can find a list of standard surcharges you’re most likely to find at most car rental locations in Australia, as well as some tips for your next trip to the car rental counter.

Airport and GST Surcharges

The majority of car rental transactions happen at the airports around the country. Airport surcharge is something that car rental supplier has no control over and it varies considerably from one airport to another. Therefore, when you pick the car up from the airport you should expect to pay between 3 and 18 percent extra on top of other charges. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid paying GST, which can will add 10 percent. However, if your car rental bill amounts to over $300 and you leave the country within 30 days after returning the car, you may claim GST component of your car rental at the airport.

However, you can avoid the airport charges – such as airport location surcharge fees by picking up and dropping off your car at an off-airport location. Be sure to weigh the possible inconvenience and the price of any additional transportation against the concession fees charged by the airport location – which can be between 3 and 18 percent of your total price.

The bottom line? If you don’t want to pay the airport location surcharge, check out your rental options downtown.


Your rental car comes with a standard insurance liability of between $2900 and $3300 depending on a car rental supplier. This liability can be further reduced by paying an extra daily charge of between $25 and $27. However, since the price of insurance is almost half of what you pay for you car, I recommend that you check your credit card/travel/car insurance to make sure it doesnt cover you in a rental car.

Gasoline Charges

For your convenience most car rental companies provide cars with a full tank of fuel, however, be assured that if you dont return the car with a full tank you will pay a higher price for petrol used to fill up the empty tank. However, most car rental companies now offer the option of purchasing a full tank of gas when you first take the car, enabling you to return the car with as much or as little fuel as you wish.

Please note that there is no refund for unused fuel, so its likely youll be paying a little extra for the convenience of skipping the trip to the gas station.

Drop-Off Charges

An extra fee is usually charged if a car is returned to a different location than where it was picked up. This fee varies by location; in some instances there is no charge, while you could pay $300 or more for cross-country drop-offs. However, some companies do not require a charge when dropping off in-state at many Queensland and New South Wales locations.

The 24-Hour Clock

Car rental industry operates on a 24-hour clock rate. However, there is also a 59-minute grace period before hourly charges apply. To give you an example, if you rent a car at 12:00pm on Tuesday and return it by 12:59pm on Wednesday, you will be charged for one day only. However, if you return the car after 27 hours (in this case after 15:00) you’ll then be charged for the full extra day. Hourly charges apply between 25-27 hours.

Early Returns

When you rent a car for a particular number of days, you sign a sale contract for that period. So, just like with any other contracts out there, if you break your contract you must pay cancellation fees. Since, car rental companies set their rates based on the rental period, the longer you keep the car the cheaper the daily base rate. If you managed to reserve a car for 7 days using one of these hot weekly specials and then decide to bring the car two days earlier, you might get charged at a default daily rate and your total car rental charge for 5 days might end up costing you more than if you kept the car for 7 days. Therefore, please dont forget to ask a car rental agent if you pay different daily rate for earlier returns.


Most car rental companies offer unlimited mileage in metropolitan areas, including all major capital cities (with an exception of Northern Territory) and some tourist destinations. I would suggest checking your contract prior to signing it as it clearly displays whether you get unlimited kilometres or not. Keep in mind though that smaller car rental companies usually charge mileage if you exceed a given daily km quota. In addition some “hot” special rates may not include unlimited mileage, so be sure to check before you sign a rental agreement.

Vehicle Registration Fees

Varying Rates and Peak Season Surcharges

Here is a tip that will potentially can save you hundreds of dollars. Book in advance!
Rental car companies’ rates vary a great deal from city to city, and sometimes even within the same city. Make sure to shop around. Be aware that you may pay a specific surcharge for traveling at a “peak” time, e.g. School and Public Holidays, Major events in your city, etc.

Age Penalties

Due to the insurance limitations, if you’re under 25, you may have to pay an additional fee, usually about $25 per day. Those companies who will rent to drivers under 21 often charge much steeper surcharges. Internationally, you’ll not only see penalties for underage drivers but also for older ones — those over 70 may have to pay extra (if they’re able to rent at all).

Additional Drivers

Adding more than one driver to your rental agreement often carries a surcharge, anywhere between $7 and $25 per day. Note that some companies, like Avis and Budget, will allow the renter’s spouse or life partner to drive the vehicle for no extra charge — so if both partners are planning to take the wheel, consider renting from one of these providers.

Frequent Flier Fees

Car rental companies often charge a small fee when you request frequent flier miles for your rental. The fee varies by airline, and can range anywhere from a few cents to $2 a day.


There may also be additional charges for things you had not considered, like infant and child seat rentals, roof racks and other extras. These could run you anywhere from $5 to $25 or more per day, depending on where you rent.

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Selling A Used Car Use Reverse Psychology

Selling your car right away is not impossible. I will buy your Mercedes for $250 but I don’t think you would be happy with that amount. So here are some things to think about.

Yyou may want to sell your car fast for the following reasons.

1) To raise cash for some venture
2) To buy another car that you want right away
3) To pay off existing debts

So the first thing you should do is stop and ponder your situation. Why?

Extreme anxiety to sell your car immediately is the number one reason for getting a lower price than you desire. Desperation is the enemy of your asking price. Sometimes you won’t even be able to give your car away if someone senses you are desperate.

Do this exercise. Go for a jog or long walk. Walk around the block and look at the trees, the birds and a few people. This will help to calm you down.
Then come back and reassess the situation with a clear mind.

Is there another way I can handle the debt, such as getting a part-time job etc.?
Do I really need this other car or whatever right now?
Can I raise funds some other way?

If the answer is no and you definitely still need to sell your car fast, then you have to act as if you are not desperate to sell it, in order to sell it. It’s called reverse psychology.
There is no real way to sell it fast for a great price other than doing the standard actions properly. There is no such thing as a quick fix.
Take a look at your situation honestly and see what it is about it that you are not facing and you will soon see a solution.

I hope this helps. Yes sometimes life is tough. But if you want to sell your car and have all the time in the world, you will usually be able to sell it at a better price.
If in the end you still decide that selling your car is mandatory, then we recommend visiting Jersey Car Cash in New Jersey. Their prices are very fair and they will come to you in New Jersey and New York.

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Eight Excellent Car Maintenance Tips for Road Trips

Here comes the most cherished vacation time. If you want to take your family or your group of friends for a wonderful excursion or sightseeing tour by road then before packing luggage spare some time for your vehicle. It’s most primary work to do before going for any car trip especially with your family. As you will not like to experience with an unexpected grumbling engine in the middle of the adventure and sour the excitement. While you make sure all the things have been packed for the vacation in the same manner make double assurance that your vehicle is in ship shape. There are few car maintenance tips for road trips, these tips will help you in considering certain fundamental aspects of car which should not be ignored at any cost. These tips will not only make your journey fun n frolic by car but ensures safety throughout your entire journey.

1. Check Car Tyres: Check the condition of tyres and replace it with new on if they show too much wearing and tearing. Ask mechanic for tyre rotation if required and make sure tyres are properly inflated. It’s highly recommended to keep a good spare tyre in usable form in case of need.

2. Replacing windshield wiper Blades: Wiper blades get hard and flaky, check their performance, if not in good condition simply get it replaced. Windshield wiper blades come very handy as you don’t know when exactly it starts raining.

3. Check Coolant Level: Coolant plays the vital role in keeping car engine cool and prevents it from overheating. As your vehicle willbe will be driving for long hours. Top up the coolant before leaving for the trip.

4. Fill the Washer Fluid and other essential fluids: Vehicle requires various types of fluids for smooth running if different components. Thus, make sure the fluid levels are up to the optimum mark.

5. Lubes and Oils: It’s very important to get the oil changed and all the lubricating work done before setting off. The thick dirty oil and unconditioned parts it will consume more fuel. Hence to make your trip with efficient mileage get the oil changed.

6. Check Air Filters: Check that air filters are clean if they are clogged get it changed. A dirty air filter results in car idle situation or the car performs roughly.

7. Get the Fuel System checked: The correct fuel system is very important and clean intake valve and combustion chambers should be free from carbon deposits. This helps in good performance and mileage and reduces emissions. This facilitates engine to work smoothly and shows higher consistency during stop – and – go driving conditions.

8. Get the Suspension Inspected: Replace the old and worn out suspensions. The proper suspensions help in overcoming jerks and bumps very easily.

Besides going through the above mentioned car maintenance tips for road trips, the motorist must visit the authorised service stations to get the car mechanical components, electrical system and chassis inspected by the expert mechanics.

Cost plays a pivotal role in car maintenance. The less maintenance cost models will be demanded more for their efficiency and hassle free driving. The information on car maintenance and cost comparison is very essential in choosing a model with fewer tantrums. Soon service and cost comparison data will be available.

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Classic Car Restorations How to Avoid a Money Pit

Working on your own classic car restoration project can be a true joy, but it can also leave a gaping hole in your pocket. Replacing parts gets costly, tools are expensive, and your time is your most valuable asset of all. Even if you do your homework before you buy, you might run into glaring problems you didn’t see before. If you want to avoid a serious money pit, here are a few things you should understand before you get a classic car.

The Costs of your Parts

One of the most important things to consider for a new project is the cost of the parts. If you’re starting with nothing but a frame and some wheels, then you’ll obviously need to find affordable dealers for every single component. It’s not too hard to find your parts online, but you’ll need to factor in high shipping costs for heavy pieces. Furthermore, you may even have to pay customs taxes if your car is European or Asian. There are certainly foreign auto dealers in the United States, but some obscure vintage parts are only available overseas.

Even if you’re starting with a well-put-together automobile, you might have to replace a wide range of parts. This is especially true for cars that were improperly stored, and that have sustained years of high heat, cold temperatures, or excessive humidity. If you see large patches of rust on the chassis or body, you’re looking at tens or even hundreds of hours of repairs.

Finding an Honest Seller

It’s also imperative that you find an honest dealer or independent seller. There are unfortunately some unscrupulous people in the class car restoration business, and it’s all-too-common for hapless buyers to get ripped off. You can find reputable sellers through local car clubs, newspaper listings, and even online forums.

Get an Appraisal

Once you’ve found the perfect project, you’ll want to get an appraisal to make sure everything checks out. Your seller may be honest, but even they might not know all of the potential problems with their cars. It’s easy to overlook rust, peeling paint, and other issues which could cost you a fortune in the long run. You’ll also need someone who understands the taxes, insurance, and depreciating values associated with classic automobiles. Overall, an inspection from a knowledgeable appraiser will probably pay for itself many times over in the future.

Do you Have the Right Tools?

Fixing cars requires a wide range of specialty tools, and you will have to make sure you’ve got what you need before you embark on a new project. Do you have a suspension system for lifting the body? Do you have air blowers and vacuums for rust removal and paint jobs? Is your garage large enough for all of the necessary repairs? These are all questions you should consider before making a final decision.

Help from the Pros

In the end, it might just not be cost effective to do all your repairs on your own. If you need help with tough jobs – or if you want to leave your whole project to experienced professionals – call a professional classic car restorations company now in order to ensure your project is completed flawlessly.

A Look At Seattle Sts Town Car

Seattle STS Town Car is a company that offers great and reliable transportation for any type of trip or occasion. They have an experienced staff and have transportation available 24 hours a day and 365 days per year. They offer many services to choose from that can meet any transportation needs that you may have for business or personal travel. One of the services that is offered is airport and hotel transportation. These services offer transportation to and from the airport or a hotel and can be a great way to arrive at a hotel or a meeting. There are also other services that can be used. Some of these services include weddings, high school proms or ball and even a tour of the city. Any service that is used will be the best choice for any occasion or transportation.

Any Seattle Town Car service would be nothing without a top of the line vehicle fleet. These vehicle options are the best and can make any occasion or transportation comfortable and stylish. The main vehicle that can be used for your service is the town car. The town car is a classic and iconic vehicle in the transportation field for professional business men and women. This can be great for personal travel as well and can get you and anyone with you to your hotel safely and comfortably. The next option that can be picked for use is a suv. These suvs are the top of the line and can offer space as well as comfortably and style. Some of the suv models have a TV and DVD player in them for your enjoyment while you ride in style to your destination.

The most cool and stylish vehicle that can be used would be the stretch limo. The stretch limo is great for special occasions such as weddings or high school proms. They can make and occasion special when you arrive and leave in style. They can have up to 10 people and some of the features available are mood lighting and a TV. A useful choice that can be picked is the 12 passenger van. This van can be exactly what a big group that is traveling together would need. Whether that big group is you and your family or a after school club going on a trip this vehicle is perfect for that. It can get any group to their destination safely and comfortably which is great when traveling with a lot of people.

Any of the services offered by Seattle STS Town Car is the best option for any of your transportation needs. This company has been working in the transportation field for a long time and with that has the experience. They have experienced and well trained drivers that can pick you up 24 hours a day 365 days a year. With the fleet options and any Seattle town car service that you choose they will have something to meet and exceed your needs. So next time you need transportation on your trip go with the best option.

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