Understanding Men’s Fashion

Men are becoming increasingly fashion conscious, worrying about their appearance to a much greater degree than they ever have before. For some men this can be daunting; how can you tell what looks good, it isnt always clear. The shoe department tends to be the area in which men fail with fashion, but never fear, here, we will outline some of the rules for men concerning footwear what looks good and what doesnt.

People choose their shoes for different reasons, some for reasons of practicality, and others for style and fashion. The majority of people, however, fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

One thing seems clear with men regarding shoes, they seem reluctant to vary their style, having one or two pairs of shoes in circulation at any one time, wearing them until they wear out and then replacing them a pair at a time. Look into a womans wardrobe, and you are much more likely to find a dizzying array of shoes very few women have only a few pairs and the majority have at least 10.

Our first piece of advice for men is thus; buy a variety of different styles so that you can rotate your style from day to day. Furthermore never stick primarily with trainers, they are great for casual settings, but for pubs, clubs and bars, a decent pair of dress shoes is what you need.

If it is a lack of confidence that holds you back from varying your style, then do not worry, try wearing different shoes in places where you feel comfortable, or where you know people will not notice. This way, you can learn to feel at ease in a variety if different shoes.

Tips for Choosing Mens Shoes:

Generally, you should wear shoes that are darker than your trousers. If you know that you wear a lot of dark clothing, then you should opt for black, dark brown or dark navy.

When choosing which socks to wear, make sure that they do not contrast too much with your shoes. Unless you want to make a statement by wearing a funky pair of socks (popular with the geek-chic style of clothing), then wear socks that are a similar colour to your shoes.

Your belt should match your shoes in general; the exception to the rule is when wearing a patterned belt, such as with a graphic design. In this instance, the belt is used to make a statement and should thus standout.

When wearing jeans, you can where almost any style of shoes, but avoid shoes that are clearly for formal occasions, as they tend to look a little peculiar with jeans.

With other types of casual trousers combats, chinos, khakis…, you should be wearing mens shoes that are slightly formal brogues or loafers for example.

Mens Fashion Week Leads The Mens Fashion Style

F/W Mens Fashion Week

Have you already noticed the big fashion event in this year? 2012 F/W Mens fashion Week has already passed, including the Milan and Paris mens fashion week, every year, the fashion week could catch the eyes of many people, and we could be aware of the fashion trend and fashion style in that year, a huge number of people are crazy about it, are you one of them? Fashion week is always a showdown of top fashion trends.

F/W Milan Mens Fashion Week

January 14th, the most excellent perfect male models gathered at the fashion city Milan to predict the beginning of 2012 F/W Milan Fashion Week, in comparison with the four top fashion weeks, mens fashion week looks like more low-key, but also wonderful. One of the biggest highlights is the apparition the super stars. Prada invited the Oscar Winner Adrien Brody and the famous British old actor Tim Ross, Gary Oldman and the 80 movie star Jamie Bell, they wear the most up-to-date fashions to the stage one by one. Bottega Veneta featured the simple design to highlight the low-key and elegant style; Salvatore Ferragamo stood out the classic look; Vivienne Westwood featured the cold style etc.

During the four days, there were 38 brands to be hold 39 fashion show activites, Armani, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Zegna, Prada, Burberry and other brands all show the mens clothing of the new season. The special style of different designers completely displayed the various charms of European gentlemen.

By the way, the fashionable bags for men are the great partners of mens clothing, especially suitable for the image of European gentlemen, dont you think so? Bags for men are usually designed with brown, black and beige color, because of the low-key, steady style and easy collocation with mens clothes.

F/W Paris Mens Fashion Week
Following the Milan fashion week, F/W Paris Mens fashion week and The Haute Couture Week came on stage. 20th, January 2012, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci 2012 Mens clothing show, numerous stars worn the clothes of Givenchy Riccardo Tisci to add some attractiveness. There is no greater attractiveness than going back to the Haute Couture Week for Versace.

Paris Mens fashion week lasted for five days, we have found so many shiny moments and shiny pieces, hope you guys have already enjoyed the mens fashion styles,and more special design tote bags for men.

Top Trends For Mens Jackets

If youre like most men, you probably dont buy a new jacket or coat very often. But when you do, its worth investing in a good one. A jacket has to be practical and protective from natural elements. But it also needs to be versatile, able to complement any outfit that its thrown over.

So when the time does come to buy a new jacket, its important not to be too won over by the latest trend especially if that trend is nowhere to be seen in two years, when you might still be wearing your coat. Heres a quick guide to prominent jacket styles for 2013 that offer a great blend of contemporary fashion know-how and timeless elegance.

Military and Magical Styles

One of the most enduring jacket styles for 2013 is the military coat. Military coats have been slowly emerging from the shadows over the last few years and their current prominence on the catwalks proves they have come of age. Look for long military-style coats with wide lapels and strong button details. For a military-influenced style that wont date, stick to serious colours like black, grey or navy one of this years on-trend colours and avoid the bright red variations that have occasionally cropped up over the last decade.

One daring trend that will please Harry Potter fans is cape-style jackets. Capes have been a strong feature of womenswear in the 21st century but are only just turning up in mens fashion boutiques. Some men might be deterred by the strong statement created by capes. But if youre looking for a jacket-style thats different and is likely to remain in fashion for another few years, capes are a good bet. Wear a heavy black cape over a suit to a winter wedding, or simply throw it on over smart trousers for stylish daily protection from cold weather.

Inviting Fabrics

Choosing a new jacket isnt just about style its also about colour and fabric. Mens leather jackets are a strong trend for 2013 and, given that they have lingered blissfully in the fashion background for over half a century, they will certainly be a good fashion investment if you dont already own one. For a double-retro vibe, look for a leather aviator jacket with a sheepskin lining. This 1940s style coat still packs a visual punch. Wear over blue jeans, a white jumper and brown boots for a casual but elegant look.

If youre dissatisfied with the jackets on offer on the high street, mens tailored jackets might be the ideal solution and its one thats always in style. Ask for a style thats versatile, so you can wear it over jeans or tailored trousers. This way, youre making the most of your investment, and ensuring it remains a key feature of your wardrobe for years to come.

Men’fashion wear

Abercrombie jackets are a must in your winter wardrobe. They are comfortable and warm. There are a wide range of Abercrombie jackets to choose from. The Wakely jacket, for example, comes in sturdy military looking fabric which is extremely popular with young men. They are made of 100% rugged cotton and soft warm interior for comfort. They have high collar and ribbed cuff. Button and zipper are made of antiquated hardware. They have vintage abercrombie wash and classic fit.

Another popular men’s Abercrombie jacket is Sentinel jackets. These are made of 100% suede cotton. These have antiqued metal rivets, shoulder tabs, flap buttoned pockets, and both buttons and zip in front for extra protection. With vintage Abercrombie wash and classic fit they are a must in your winter wardrobe.

The fur Abercrombie jackets are worn for extra warmth. These jackets have fur collar and hood which are detachable. Adirondack jackets, track jackets, sawtooth jackets, wolfjaw jackets, mountain division jackets, and military jackets are a few examples from the range of Abercrombie jackets. A new range of Abercrombie jackets are Wilcox jackets which come in brown and navy.

Fashion Men, Go Ahead

To be attractive and fashionable is a thing no one would deny. A lot of fashion men and women update their clothes wardrobe according to what’s in and out in recent years. Never take it a waste of time, what one wears presents her/his personality, especially when you first meet someone, like the first date, the outfits and mental outlook may leave the other one a forever impression.

To be fashionable is not a difficult task. Sometimes, a unique, or proper accessory would lighten you up. Thus, men and women would like to spend time and money to search fashion items on internet, such as clothes, shoes, skirts and other accessories, like belts, ties and necklaces, etc.. On the contrary, to be fashionable is not an easy task as well. People always feel puzzled about the saying that wearing properly at the proper occasions, especially when facing so many fashion items.

When it comes to fashion items for men, there seem to be less to say, comparing with those for women. But the fact is that more and more men are aware that they want to be fashionable and trendy as well. A man’s personality is also largely reflected through what he wears. Therefore, it is better for a man to pick up the right clothes with discretion. Clothes actually can talk as well. For a man, when to wear casual coats and when to wear formal coats is significant. In business occasions, men should wear formal suits with proper ties and leather shoes. Suits tell others that I am a rigorous person, so if cooperating with me, your tasks will be wonderfully finished. Out of business occasions, casual coats, like sports wears and jeans, are great choices. They can be of many colors as well. In a sunny day, wearing a red and yellow sports coat, jean pants and a pair of white sports shoes can be rather attractive. What’s more, don’t forget the jackets. They are super versatile, because with proper accessories, they are ok in any occasions. Fashion clothes, nowadays, can not meet men’s need. Fashion should be of the whole style. The hair style should be a part of it.