Open Source CV Management To Progress The Job Opportunities

Resume or CV is the vital tool to represent oneself in the market. CV is the mirror of your qualifications and personality. Hence, it should be created with lot of thought and should reach the right place to get desired opportunities. Today, there are varied means, by which you can create and update your CV.

Few years back, open source CV management system was followed by many corporate companies, due to high price. The software is used to create and update the CV to get appropriate candidate for the job. But now the software is used by all small and big companies, which have made the hiring process very easy and affordable.

The open source resume software is a form of resume management system, which works more advanced than working on optical character recognition. It works beyond OCR system. The advance form of resume parser open source can work in different formats. Hence, it works on different variety of resumes in different formats and contents.

Other then keywords, the software can also take out other information, according to the requirement. This helps to get appropriate candidate for the required job profile.

With the help of CV management, an individual can create CV and even organizations use the software to create the CV, according to the organization’s recruitments. You can buy the software and create your CV and keep on adding the updates or you can also subscribe for the software, which is cheaper than buying. The CV management software can be accessed through web browser via internet. The software is a vital tool in any organization, today.

The CV software is a great boon to HR personnel. It has saved the recruitment department from handling the tedious process of hiring candidates by manual means. The software is very useful in handling many recruitment facilities and keeps track of every resume and filters it out and in according to the requirements.

With the latest technology, the CV management has become more sophisticated and efficient. Now, it is not limited just to the OCR pattern. Now, the software performs the contextual search in the resumes. The software is able to parse the meaning of sentences in the resume and hence is able to select the appropriate candidate for appropriate job requirement.

The profit of any organization depends on the skilled employees. There are numerous candidates applying everyday for the job requirements. It becomes difficult to categorize each and every candidate, according to their skills and then select them for the post. It is time consuming and financially very expensive.

The HR department along with CV management recruiting also performs many important tasks, which is vital for company’s growth. With the advent of open source CV management system, the task of keeping track of CV and hiring has become very convenient.

There are different vendors available in market that can provide you with CV management software systems. Such software helps to create your CV profile according marketing strategies. It is a management software that increases the job opportunities and provides skilled staff to company

Time Management with Eduardo Duluc

Eduardo Duluc often feels as though he is juggling a thousand responsibilities at once. Between running his multiple companies, keeping up with his philanthropic work, maintaining strong business relationships, making time for his fiance and children, and at some point carving out some space for himself, Eduardo Duluc’s schedule is always planned to the minute. Even if he had no need to sleep, he would still find himself with too much to do.

Many other people also often feel stressed about how to manage everything on their plate at once. It can quickly become overwhelming to see tasks and assignments pile up, and often that does not even include events occurring on the personal and social side of life.

Eduardo Duluc understands that feeling all too well. However, since he does not even have time to indulge it, he knows the importance of creating and maintaining successful time management habits in his life. Here are three of those habits that Eduardo Duluc feels have the potential to benefit others who also have busy schedules:
Be firm with your plans. Nothing gets more hectic than setting dates and times for ten events or appointments, and then finding you have to change them all. Make a good habit of sticking to a set date whenever possible (unless it is absolutely necessary to change it). Otherwise, there is no point in relying on your schedule at all. From that same perspective, Eduardo Duluc advises that you do not confirm a date until you are certain it will work for you.
Try to keep a balance. Eduardo Duluc knows that it can be tempting to spend your whole day working on a single project. That is all well and good – if you only have one project to work on. If you are like most of us, that is not the case. Do not devote too much time to one single thing – not only will you neglect other duties, but you will quickly become burned out.
Fun is important, too! Eduardo Duluc always makes certain to commit time to his family. Not only do they deserve equal portions of his time, being around them is a low stress environment, and helps to keep him sane during his professional pursuits. Eduardo Duluc encourages all those with busy schedules to follow these three tips, in addition to seeking out more help on their own. Managing a busy schedule can be very rewarding when done right – but a disaster if done poorly.


Middle School Classroom Management Behavior Action Plan

One of the most difficult skills to master as a teacher is classroom management. Unfortunately, if you can not master this skill you are not going to survive as a teacher, especially as a middle school teacher.

However, when the school year starts, many first-year middle school teachers are pleasantly surprised. All through their teacher training they were told how difficult classroom management at the middle school level can be and how important it is to have effective classroom management skills in order to be a successful teacher.

Yet, during the first days of school there doesn’t seem to be much of a problem’students seem fairly attentive, no one is really talking or passing notes, there certainly hasn’t been anyone talking back or any fights during the first few days’but then things start to change.

You see, those first few days are the honeymoon period’students are nervous and many are a little scared so they sit back and wait. However, by the end of the first week of school, or certainly by the second week of school, middle school students start to feel more comfortable, they start to test the teacher’s limits and classroom management becomes more and more difficult.

It is at this point that many teachers start to panic and immediately resort to various reward/punishment systems, or as Alfie Kohn refers to them'”carrot and stick” systems.

Unfortunately, these elaborate systems are a mistake. They provide only temporary solutions to an ongoing problem. Students who respond to the rewards begin to do their work and behave ONLY if a reward is involved, while at the same time many students who thrive on negative attention actually begin to seek out the punishment.

The better plan is the “proactive approach” to classroom management. The proactive approach is based on the premise that the best classroom management plan is a strong instructional plan’that the key to middle school classroom management is to keep all of your students actively involved in all of your lessons.

Unfortunately, there are times when teachers are still forced to REact. There are times when the teacher has used every proactive trick in the book and still a student does something that requires the teacher to react.

HOWEVER, just because a teacher must react to a situation does mean the teacher must punish the student. The teacher must still save punishment as a last resort only!

So, what’s a teacher to do?

Well here’s an idea…create a “behavior action plan”. Better yet, have the student create the “behavior action plan”.

The key to changing inappropriate student behavior is to have the *student* take responsibility for his actions. First, the student must identify the inappropriate behavior, and then determine why it is inappropriate, and finally, how he plans to stop the inappropriate behavior.

All the teacher needs to do is have the student complete a “behavior action plan”. The plan calls for the student to complete the following three statements:

1. I am writing this plan because I…

2. This behavior was not appropriate because…

3. To prevent this from happening again, I plan to…

Then, at the bottom of the handout make sure to have the student sign his or her name. By signing their name the student is making a promise to follow through with their plan.

In the end, this classroom management approach is significantly better than simply punishing the student for the misbehavior. This classroom management approach has long-term results.


It has never been easier to learn the proactive approach to classroom management! Adam Waxler, a full-time social studies teacher and adjunct education professor, has developed a FREE 5-part classroom management e-course. For more information about this FREE course visit:

-Breaking into Tour Management

One of the most diverse and multifaceted jobs in the music industry is that of the tour manager. As the person responsible for making sure everything on tour runs smoothly, this position may seem daunting, and it is not for the timid. But, for the right candidate, this can be a very rewarding, unforgettable job. The tasks performed by a tour manager are extremely diverse, and vary from band to band. One tour manager I spoke to described her duties as: “Basically, my job was to manage the band on the road. Anything from babysitting them, making sure they got to their press on time, dealing with managers of clubs, collecting money, handling promotion, driving, finding hotels, and making sure the rooms were ready for us; you do a bit of everything. Also, with smaller bands, I would set up the merchandise, so doing inventory before and after – just taking care of selling their stuff.”

Before we get too far into what the job entails, we should actually discuss getting the gig in the first place. Again, this varies from person to person, but everyone agrees that amazing networking skills are the single greatest asset an aspiring tour manager can have. Speaking from experience: “It all started just with local bands. I went to a show, in my hometown, for a local band that I was friends with. They ended up doing a show with My Chemical Romance, before they were signed, and I had kept in contact with them, so they hooked me up when they were going on tour. Networking is key, though; if you don’t know people in the industry, you can’t be a tour manager.”

Once you’ve landed the job, get ready for the real fun and excitement to begin. Travel is going to be your new middle name, for the next few months. While seeing new cities, meeting new people, and watching amazing shows every night are definitely some of the perks of the job, don’t forget you’re there to work. The band may go out partying after a show, but keep in mind you’re the one who has to be responsible and get them all up and moving, come morning. I asked one tour manager what the most challenging aspect of the job is: “Being on the road for that long of a time, especially, with smaller bands. Being in a cramped van with no privacy, and being away for long periods of time. It’s survivalism, bare necessities, you shower when you can. But on the flip side, that’s my favorite part: seeing different cities and being able to go see good live music every night.”

As far as the economy goes, tour managers need not worry. As long as bands keep on making and performing music, and people keep on listening, then this is one industry that won’t suffer. As one tour manager puts it: “A friend of mine just got into tour managing, and she picked something up pretty fast. Bands are still touring so there’s still a need for it, the same if not more.”

What’s the best advice for all the up and coming tour managers out there?

“Have a passion for it, you can’t do this job without complete passion and hard work. You can always learn along the way. Start as an assistant or merchandise person. With small bands, you’re learning with them, so it’s a nice learning curve you have together. So networking skills are key. Get to know your local bands, go to shows and start talking to people.”

Are You Planning To Take Up Hotel Management Course in India

When it comes to judging the infrastructural development of a country, hotels mainly take into consideration. As this industry is closely connected to the tourism development of any country, the tourism departments of every nation generally wish to make their restaurants the best in such a way that the best service can be offered to the foreign tourists visiting their nation. The revolutionary growth of this sector is further enhanced by the recent liberalization. Furthermore, entrepreneurs belonging to this industry also take steps to make sure that they appoint the best staff for ensuring the good service to their customers. They wish to recruit the talented staff for their management department in such a way that smooth functioning can be assured.

Due to the great demand for hotel management personnel, students belonging to Kolkata and even from other parts of the nation are looking for the best hotel management college in Kolkata. The best college offers courses like Bachelors in Hospitality management, Hotel management and Catering Technology, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Hotel Administration and several other certificate courses as well. For admission of students to these courses, an entrance examination is conducted by some of the colleges. Here, the students are offered with both practical and theoretical knowledge in restaurant management, which will be of great help to them to shine in this booming industry.

The UG degree courses in this branch of student is for students, who have completed higher secondary level education. As mentioned earlier, people who are interested in kick starting their career in this booming field can take up certificate courses in housekeeping, front office, food production, food & beverage service and restaurant operation. The best thing about the best hotel management college in Kolkata is that campus placement opportunities are offered to students for ensuring that they can get jobs in the best restaurants even before they complete their course from the college.

Students completing either certificate or degree courses from these colleges can find employment opportunities in different departments of the hotel like operations, front office, housekeeping, sales, engineering/maintenance, etc.- This is because hotels generally look for candidates with training in effective hotel management for each of their departments. So, candidates with a degree in this branch of study can get good job opportunities in the future. As they gain more and more experience, their salary will also increase since this industry pays well for its employees.

Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management is the Best hotel management school in kolkata under the JIS Group Educational Initiatives. GNIHM has one of the best and biggest infrastructures and is affiliated to National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India, New Delhi. It is also affiliated to West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) and approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The objective of the college is to create future leaders in the Hospitality industry. For more info on Hotel management colleges in kolkata, visit us.

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