Fashion Facts Of Men’s Underwear

It is a general belief that men do not spend much time and hang out especially while selecting apparels for them. Their fashion taste towards selecting dresses for specific occasion such us a vacation, night party wasn’t considerable until recent times. But gone are those days men’s fashion is now a highly recognized market. This has provided guys with a wide range of underwear options. There were boxers and briefs neither came in flattering styles. However today the time has changed. Today men have almost as many underwear choices as women do, each looking stylish with their own little rules.
Major designers like C-IN2, 2xist and puma offer a competitive variety of briefs and boxers. Adding to these styles, you also have low rise underwear which is the latest trendy style to wear with low rise jeans. Men’s underwear is also designed for athletic activities, which gives additional support and flexibility, and enables relaxed breathing more than the normal available one in the market. The boom in the men’s undergarment market started in the early 20th century, when the mass-produced undergarment industry was growing gradually. Severe competition had forced major manufacturers to come out with innovative designs to sustain in the market. This contest resulted in thongs, boxer shorts, briefs, bikinis and so on.
Perhaps the greatest change in the fabrics has remarkably affected the growing market in a positive way. All the fashion can be easily found in cotton, polyester or silk blends. The days of underwear’s produced with wool long johns are long gone. The revolution in men’s underwear industry commenced in 1950, when the companies started printing colored and patterned undergarments. Men were at last presented with varied choices in underwear after years of simple, white underclothing. But underwear’s were used as sex appeal apparel only in 1980s. Men’s swimwear suits comprise shorts, board shorts, jammers, thongs, or cut-off jeans.
Traditional briefs are distinct with an elastic waistband that sits at the waist, a Y-shaped front; about four inches of fabric covering till the upper thighs, and complete coverage of the butt. Mid-rise briefs are similar in design, but they park two inches beneath the waist at the belly button. Low-rise briefs sit about three inches under the waist. Both the latter styles are frequently used with low-rise jeans. These are available in different fabrics and different colors.
For many people boxer shorts are the standard men’s underwear. Boxers are the loosest and the most comfortable of all available styles. They have straight-cut leg openings, having a working front fly and cover part of the thighs and the entire butt.
Tapered boxers are similar to traditional ones, but the leg openings are fit to the thigh, with side vents providing more movement. The front cup panel provides a little support.
Wear the one that looks the best on you, what you sense the most comfortable in.