How to Keep Your Latex Clothes Shining Forever

If you have noticed latex clothes in photoshoots or fetish clubs, they would probably appear you very smooth and shiny. However, a great shock will be in store for you when you first purchase a latex outfit. Its matte finish is quite contrary to the finish you’ve observed before. Like in case of leather, latex clothes also necessitate regular shining and care to keep their sheen for many years to come.

Silicone sprays are sold in the market or online for the specific purpose of polishing and maintaining the gloss of your latex clothes. Anything other than these, such as household polishes, is not suggested for use. You must pay attention to regular polishing and shining of the garment with a soft cloth. The more often you do this, the glossier it can appear.

The process of shining your latex clothes generally goes through three straightforward steps. First, apply the spray only on one side of your garment thoroughly. Give sufficient time to the silicone spray to soak into the material. Stay away from rubbing, patting or wiping it. Second, once the outfit gets dried completely, turn it over and carry on spraying the other side. Here, you need to make sure that you have applied the spray softly into all areas and there are no missed areas. In the end, you must carefully inspect the latex clothing for its complete glossiness once it is dry. Latex clothes need to be kept polishing and maintaining over and over again to preserve the shine forever. So, you have to undertake three to four thorough applications of latex clothes to begin noticing shine.

There are some words of caution regarding the shining of latex clothes. Never ever think about applying makeup or perfume on your garments as these things may discolor or even break down the latex material.

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