Lehengas The Mughals Clothes

Lehanga was introduced by the Mughals to Pakistan. As everyone knows how elegant and beautiful their Lehangas were. It is also known as a ghagra, which is a long skirt. Some have sequences on them, while some are with different embroideries which are pleated and it is full of flares too.

Fabric and decorative work on it

Different types of fabric are used to make it. Some of the fabric is silk, net, georgette, satin, brocade and chiffon. The material used on Lehangas to decorate them is zardozi, kundan, diamantes as well. Mirror work, buti work, cut dana work, dori embroidery, zari work and ari work are also done on the Lehangas.

Different styles:

In the past many years, they have become a new fashion and followed by many people. Some of the most famous styles are paneled, a-line, fishtail, circular and straight cut too. One of the most worn is the paneled one and fishtail is the western style of it. Lehanga chili is another style of it which is a great combination of Dupatta (which is of chiffon, silk or brocades) Lehanga and a blouse or it can be a kurti too. It is available at many boutiques designed by different designers. It is available in different and elegant styles in India as well and in Pakistan. Bridal Lehangas are also a type of Lehanga choli. They are called bridal Lehangas because they are stitched only for brides.


It is worn on many occasions all around the world but it is mostly worn in India and in Pakistan. All of the brides in India and Pakistan wear Lehangas on their special day. Mostly they make it in red color but now a-days, brides want their outfit in different colors. This is because there is an increase in the sense of fashion. It is also worn on occasions like mehndi, mayun or valima which are occasions for Muslims. As in India they wear it on occasions like Diwali, navratri, karwa chaud, dusshera and on sangeet or weddings too.

Designers in this field

There are more than 100 designers in Pakistan and even in India who are making Lehengas. They are of different ranges some are starting from 50 thousand and are more than two lakhs. Designers earn a lot in the wedding season because each Lehenga costs more than 50 thousand.

Lehengas wore by celebrities

Many celebrities in Bollywood as well as in Hollywood wear it. In many of the songs and dramas many famous celebrities wear it to promote their culture. In many Indian dramas Rajhistani Lehengas are worn just to promote their culture.

Online shopping for Lehengas

Many people in America, Canada or all across the world who want to wear Lehengas on their wedding day can buy them online too. Sometimes these online Lehengas are cheaper and prettier than the designer Lehengas. Many young girls in this field that dont product on a large scale like designers do it online. On many social networking sites too many people are advertising their work and people contact them and buy their favorite Lehengas and they also have a choice to make some changes. They can choose any fabric, cut or color which they like and place an online order. Their order will be delivered to them anywhere in the world.