Singapore Food & Beverage Industry 1H13

It also covers the key market trends, service and hygience standards, expansion strategies, F&B manpower trends and market outlook, plus the profile, comparative matrix and SWOT analysis of the industry leading players: Fraser and Neave Limited (F&N), Asia Pacific Breweries Limited (APB), Olam International Limited (OLAM), Petra Foods Limited (Petra Foods), and Food Empire Holdings Limited (FEH).

Executive Summary

Singapore’s food and beverage (F&B) services industry contributed approximately SGD 11.98bn or 3.5% to the country’s total GDP in 2012. On a per capita basis, Singapore has the highest food consumption levels in Southeast Asia, accounting for 3% of GDP. Due to limited domestic agricultural production and rapid urbanisation, the country imports more than 90% of its food products, particularly from other Asian countries. Imports of F&B account for over 8% of GDP in 2012.

Expenditure on F&B has grown steadily in Singapore, with market value expanding from around SGD 9bn in 2007 to SGD 12bn in 2012. The rise in the number of working women, growing middle class population and the surge in disposable income were the main drivers of this growth.

Going forward, the country’s F&B industry is expected to witness robust growth thanks to highly promising per capita consumption growth. Food retail, which currently represents 40% of the total retail spending in Singapore, is expected to increase due to higher incomes and rising visitor arrivals.

Table of content: >

1. Industry profile
1.1 Market overview
1.2 Market size and structure
1.2.1 Expenditure on F&B
1.3 Trade
1.4 Manufacturing
1.5 Consumption
1.6 Prices
1.7 Regulations
2. Market trends and outlook
2.1 Key trends
2.2 Service & hygiene standards
2.3 Expansion strategies
2.4 F&B manpower trends
2.5 Market outlook
3. Leading players and comparative matrix
3.1 Leading players
3.1.1 Fraser and Neave Limited (F&N)
3.1.2 Asia Pacific Breweries Limited (APB)
3.1.3 Olam International Limited (OLAM)
3.1.4 Petra Foods Limited (Petra Foods)
3.1.5 Food Empire Holdings Limited (FEH)
3.2 Comparative matrix
3.3 SWOT analysis

4. Tables and Charts

Table 1: Key indicators of F&B industry
Table 2: Establishments, operating receipts and value added in 2011
Table 3: Main business costs of F&B industry
Table 4: Per capita consumption of food commodities in Singapore (2006-2011)
Table 5: Singapore key economic indicators (2010-2013)
Table 6: F&N five-year financial highlights
Table 7: APB five-year financial highlights
Table 8: OLAM five-year financial highlights
Table 9: Petra Foods five-year financial highlights
Table 10: FEH five-year financial highlights
Table 11: Selected peer comparison of key financial ratios

Chart 1: Food & beverage industry contribution to the national GDP (at current price) (2007-2012)
Chart 2: Singapore’s demographics (2007-2012)
Chart 3: Singapore’s GDP per capita at current market prices (2007-2012)
Chart 4: F&B market value and expenditure per capita (2007-2012)
Chart 5: Expenditure on food, beverages and tobacco (2007-2012)
Chart 6: Imports of F&B products (2007-2012)
Chart 7: Exports of F&B products (2007-2012)
Chart 8: Manufacturing output of food, beverages and tobacco (2006-2011)
Chart 9: Industrial Production Index (2011=100) (2006-2012)
Chart 10: Weights of major expenditure groups in the CPI
Chart 11: Consumer Price Index: Food (2009=100) (2006-2012)
Chart 12: Food & Beverage Services Index (FBSI) at current prices (2010=100) (2006-2012)
Chart 13: F&N revenue breakdown in FY/2012
Chart 14: APB revenue by geographical regions in FY/2012
Chart 15: OLAM net contribution by business segment (FY/2011 vs. FY/2012)
Chart 16: Petra Foods revenue by geographic breakdown in FY/2012
Chart 17: FEH revenue by geographical regions in FY/2012
Chart 18: FEH revenue by product group in FY/2012

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