An Automated WordPress Plugin To Build Local Business Directories

With changing times people want information to be readily available with the click of a mouse. The usage of Internet has made communication and business processes easier and far more efficient. Google, Bing, Yahoo are some of the most used search engines for business, products and general purposes.

Most of the search engines return dynamic content for business searches. There is no categorization of the search results. A better way to access local businesses is to use Local Business Directories. It does most of the work to simplify the search by classifying search results in categories based on the topic. The customers can then choose the appropriate business listing by navigating to the appropriate Local Business Directory.

What are local directories?

Local directory is a all-inclusive business directory for cities complete with ratings, reviews and maps. It is through Local Directories one can get all the information needed at one place instantly as well as compare the businesses.
One can find local businesses in a specific city for a specific category (e.g. Restaurants). To find a restaurant, spa, saloon near you in minutes with all the required details about that place like Reviews, Rating and much more a local business directory can be used.
If the local business directory gives accurate and relevant information along with full Google map integration with directions, It would be a great help to customers to connect with the business being listed.

So how does local business directories work?

Business Owners submit their business information to Local Directories like Google, Yahoo Local, Microsoft Live Local etc, so that people can search and find the relevant business information.
To promote the business, business owners just need to fill a form contain all the fields to fill their business details which describe their business throughly which in turns get displayed in search results.

-Free and Quick way to advertise business .
-Eliminated the old time-consuming way of finding business like Yellow Pages.

How to create a Local Business Directory on your website?
There are tools available to generate Local Business Directories in WordPress using Plugins.

There is one such plugin (WPLocalPlus) available which can help in getting all the business listings on the website just by pasting a small shortcode in the wordpress blog which not only generates a directory listing, but also helps to create all dynamic content instantly.

So,What is WPLocalPlus Plugin?
It’s an awesome automated Plugin to generate automatically updated Local Business Directory Websites with Real User Reviews, Maps and Offline Coupons with the functionality of putting ads on your website.
WPlocalPlus fetches the rich and most relevant local business listings/Content which dynamically enhance the functionality of your WordPress Blog which in-turns gives you an ability to quickly create new local business directory websites .