Trends Of Mobile Advertising In India!

From planning to execution of the media plan, advertisers follow a step by step procedure to
launch a promotion campaign for a brand. Amongst the various promotional strategies, media
planning is considered the most important stratagem by advertisers. You need to launch your
campaign through a best suited media, which will drive sales of your product. Today, mobile
ads & internet ads are quite popular in India. Considered as personalized modes of brand
promotion, advertising through mobile & internet media provides immediate effect on customers.
Through this article, the importance of mobile advertising (in particular) along with the trends
of this mode of advertising are briefly discussed.

SMS or Short Messaging Service through mobile phone devices has resulted in an increased
practice of brand promotion amongst a wide range of advertisers and brand owners. Offering
customised and personalised options of promoting a brand, mobile advertising is quite in
vogue in India. Unlike emails which reach customers through internet media, mobile ads are
considered more reachable and accessible to customers because of the portable feature of mobile
phones. The upsurge of pocket internet is yet another innovation in mobile advertising. However,
SMS ads offer end to end brand promotion solutions immediately and effectively.

Mobile advertisers are expert who are responsible for launching a brand promotion campaign
through mobile media. A mobile advertiser is not necessarily the brand owner; he is the one who
advertises the brand to the target customers (through a mobile device) on behalf of the brand
owner. Mobile advertisers are the latest pundits in contemporary brand advertising. Ensuring
quick and effective result for any brand promotion, mobile advertising opens a new pool of
advertising opportunity for small and large scale advertisers.

Advertising through mobile media is less expensive than advertising through other media such
as television, radio, print etc. BULK SMS is one common practice of SMS campaign. With
facilities such as 1 paisa per sms offers and embedded technique of launching a mobile sms
campaign through internet (by using particular softwares), advertisers find mobile advertising an
easier and hassle-free mode of brand promotion. BULK SMS campaigns are launched through
internet media to gain favour from the public. Through BULK SMS campaign, advertisers send
one sms to different customers simultaneously.

The importance of mobile advertising is likely to increase in the coming years especially

when brand new products will be launched in the market. Moreover, the hectic lifestyles of the
customers also demand the need to reach them through more personalised means amongst which
mobile advertising is one.

Commercializing Trend Of Digital Advertising In India

Digital Advertising i.e. launching promotion campaigns through digital (online) media through a digital advertising agency has become one of the latest trends of advertising in India. From big cities to small towns, digital advertising practices are mushrooming amongst the various brand owners. Many brand owners and business organizations have created on online presence so that clients or prospective customers can access the business details through web-world. Creating a global presence of a brand is also possible through digital media as anyone who accesses internet can visit the website of the brand and go through the details. Following are some considerations why digital advertising media is poised to grow further in the near future-

More advertising solutions will be required for upcoming brands

Brands that are upcoming or going to be launched in the market require advertising solutions. The role of a digital advertising agency will increase especially when brand owners will look for a particular medium of brand communication that will create a strong presence of his product in the market. Digital media is the best platform for a brand to get familiarized amongst its target groups. Banner ad campaigns, email campaigns, viral marketing, EDMs etc. are some forms of digital advertising implemented by a digital agency.

Exceptionality while accessing any brand message

Customers have an exclusive option when they access any brand message through digital media. A banner ad that runs on a particular website gets directed to the homepage of the advertised brand. Besides the advertising message, customers can go through the complete details of the brand. One can spend as much time as he can- going through the details of the brand. The manner of accessing brand information is also discreet. One switches on his computer device, visits a website and finds the brand message then and there. Most of the online ads also provide striking deals and benefits which customers can easily avail of. Hassle-free and appropriate for every brand owner, digital advertising is ruling the roost amongst the various modes of promotion.

What is further advantageous about mobile & internet advertising is that advertisers can trace and track their campaign results. They can also start or stop their campaigns anytime they want to. Every penny invested for the promotion campaign is well spent as the message is targeted in nature. Evaluating all the benefits of these two advertising mediums, launching your brand promotion campaigns through internet and mobile media will yield fruitful results.

Internet Advertising In Russia, Internet Promotion Site In Russia, Social Networking In Russia

Internet Advertising in Russia
It is a known fact that the number of internet users is growing very fast and if you need to market your products in Russia, you cannot afford to neglect Russian websites. Advertising your products on Russian websites is as much important as advertising on television or radio. As more and more people search for products and services online, internet advertising in Russia has become significant. There are various ways through which internet advertising is possible, each of them is briefed below:-
Internet Promotion Site in Russia
To promote a product or service in Russia, a creative and animated banner is designed and placed on popular and relevant Russian websites, so that the internet users view it and are attracted to buy your product or service.
Website Promotion in Russian Search Engines
If you really want to beat your competitors and establish your reputation in Russian market, then it becomes necessary to promote your website in Russian search engines. Promoting your website in can prove to be quite beneficial for you as it is the leader amongst all search engines used by Russian internet users. To get your website to rank on top position in Russian search engines, you need to avail SEO services in Russia.
Social Networking in Russia
Making your products popular in social networking websites in Russia can grab the attention of many internet users as the use of Russian social networking websites has increased a lot these days. There is no doubt about it that social networking is one of the greatest internet marketing tool in Russia as there is something for everyone, age, religion, profession etc., doesnt matter.

So, now you know that how important is advertising on Russian internet. You products and services get popularity all over Russia, no matter whether it is Moscow or Vladivostok. If you are opting for mass transit advertising in Moscow, only the people in Moscow will be able to view your advertisement. But, if you are advertising on a Russian website, people all over Russia can view your advertisement and can opt to be your customer. Thus, internet advertising in Russia is very cost-effective and quick way of advertising products and services in Russia. For more information on internet advertising in Russia, visit

In text ads the newer version of contextual advertising

The conventional way of pay per click advertising has become pass as no more is the idea of an advertisement appearing on the side of search engine an option that works as expected and there is always a desire for something more that will draw instant attention. This is where contextual advertising comes into prospect and acts like a breath of fresh air for the ad publishers.

Contextual advertising

Actually contextual advertising is basically a form of pay per click advertising where the ads get displayed like banner ads or pop-ups on other websites that share the same keyword as the keywords used in your advertisement. Contextual advertising is supposedly a favorable way of advertising as it is considered a source of targeted audience and the click rate as well as conversion rate too is supposedly higher here. With contextual advertising whenever people type a keyword on the search engine, they get to view your advertisement as well as the content of the website. With this mode of advertising there are dual benefits, not only the publisher gains clicks but also the website publishing the ad gets traffic.

In text ads

Where we are discussing contextual advertising, we cannot miss on in text ads. Now these ads are supposedly an advanced form of contextual advertising and are most preferred by webmasters across the globe. In text ads appear to be less pushy and more targeted than any other form of pay per click advertising. Actually what happens here is that the keyword used by you and the publishing website is same and therefore the keyword becomes the source of advertisement. The keyword in the content of the website where you are publishing your contextual ad has double underline as well as a bubble .So whenever anybody moves the cursor on the keyword, the bubble gets display where there is precise information regarding the publisher as well as advertisement. If the viewers get impressed and interested by the information then they can click on the bubble and o through your contextual advertisement and if they are not interested then they can ignore it.

Learn More About Performance Advertising

Performance advertising offered by performance ad network can make use of display advertising to cater to a customer’s need. There are different kinds of performance advertising available for you. You may opt to make use of display advertising for your products or services.

Advertising these days has already taken many forms, shapes and sizes. Traditional advertising appear on TV, radio and in print such as newspapers and magazines. Giant billboards on busy streets also serve as advertising space for products and services. And with the popularity of the World Wide Web also comes internet marketing.

Internet marketing

Advertising over the internet has become very popular as more and more people all over the world are connected to the web. Advertisers find that this is a less expensive way of marketing to their customers. It also allows companies to reach more of their target audience. Customers also find it convenient to shop from home over the internet.

Performance advertising

Internet marketing results can be measured easily. This is where performance advertising comes in. In performance advertising, the advertisers only pay for the results that were measured as opposed to traditional advertising where the customer will pay for the full services.

There are different methods of performance advertising. These are cost per impression, cost per click, cost per lead, and cost per action. For these kinds of advertising, you only pay for certain actions specified for the form of advertising you have chosen.

In cost per impression, the number of times an advertisement is viewed is measured. That’s what the advertiser will pay for. In cost per click, the advertiser pays when a customer clicks on the ad.

In cost per lead, only when an advertiser gets an interested lead like a contact information from a potential customer, then the advertiser will pay. Cost per action will have the desired result of actually selling a product or service at that moment.

Display Advertising

Performance advertising makes use of display advertising to catch the viewer’s attention and eventually buy the product or service being featured on the ad.

This can come in different forms. Many advertisers use web banners. There are also posters and fliers available as forms of advertising online. Others prefer transit cards, tents, scale models and other forms of display advertising.

They can be a simple picture or even animated images. You may hear some audio, watch videos and other form of media that lets the viewer interact with the ad. Advertisers can be as creative as they can in these ads.

Display advertising can be used to create a brand name for certain products and services. Ads can contain the brand name, a logo, slogan or anything that can be associated with the product.

Display advertising uses many ways to target the right audience for banner ads. They can base it on demography, geography, site or they may even use behavioral retargeting.