Ethipian Clothes, Clothing (or Habesha Kemis)

An Ethiopian coffee dress is the traditional attire of Ethiopian women. In Ethiopia, this dress is called habesha qemis. Rastafarian women in the African diaspora also wear these dresses. The ankle length dress is made of white cotton. Most dresses are decorated with Ethiopian motifs. The dress is worn during the Ethiopian coffee ceremony.

The coffee dress is an informal style. For formal events, women wear Ethiopian dresses made of chiffon (fabric), which is a sheer silk or rayon cloth. Many women wrap a shawl called a netela around the formal dress, see Culture of Ethiopia.

Netela or netsela is a handmade cloth many Eritrean and Ethiopian women use to cover their head and shoulders when they wear clothing made out of chiffon, especially when attending church. It is made up of two layers of fabric, unlike gabi which is made out of four. Kuta is the male version.

Gabi is name short of Gabrael , the original is Aramaic ,and it means , in Aramaic ( or assyrian laguge) Gabi : Man , and Gabrael : Man of God . also Gabi is short name for Gabraela , used for women name .

The English footballer Gabriel Agbonlahor, currently of Aston Villa, is often referred to by fans as “Gabi” or “Gabby”. This is often the case in the club’s fanzine Heroes and Villains.

There are many ways to spell a given name.

Gabi Gabby Gaby Gabbi and more.

The material chiffon comes in many different designs and colors such as flowers. Many Eritrean women go to dress makers with their chosen chiffon. Most are of ankle length and the dresses have different stitching and accent.

Can Your Clothes Be The Answer To Your Posture Problems

Research tells us that in an average persons lifetime, they will spend a total of 36 years sitting. Basic anatomy shows that humans did not evolve to be sitting creatures; as a result our bodies arent equipped for this kind of sedentary lifestyle. This is why eighty percent of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.

The U.S. Department of Health says one way to minimize the health problems of sitting for too long is to correct poor posture. Easier said than done, especially when our lives require us to; drive, sit at a desk, and spend many hours on a computer. In order to sit in the correct way, you would be sitting at a 110-degree angle between your legs and spine, with your bottom pushed well into the back of the seat and your back, legs and bottom in contact with the chair. Can you say Awkward?

Another option is a concept known as Evidence Based Apparel. Created by top orthopedic surgeons and made by a company called Alignmed, Evidence Based Apparel are under garments designed to instantly improve posture, performance and appearance.

Alignmeds Evidence Based Apparel are orthopedic garments with bio-feedback to stimulate your brain to optimize natural muscle balance, improving strength, range of motion, and endurance. In short, Evidence Based Apparel senses when your posture is poor and sends a message to your brain that sends a message to your body, prompting you to straighten up, instantly!

Over time and with consistent wear, Evidence Based Apparel with naturally retrain your body and improve posture. Research tells us improved posture equates to improved physical appearance and performance.

Can You Make Money From Selling Wholesale Clothes

The simple answer is yes! There are many ways to sell clothing. You can sell them at a clothing store, gift shop or even a second hand store. One exceptionally popular and surefire way of selling clothing is online especially when one is trying to move boxes of wholesale clothes. It is actually a good way to earn money, given how a large number of people nowadays are increasingly using online resources to shop for a variety of things including clothing.

Why clothes?

As just about everyone knows, there is a huge market for clothing. And while it is a given that we all have our own styles and preferences when it comes to clothing, it cannot be denied that most of us would grab the chance to score great discounts on fashion apparel.

Some of the more popular clothing lines are manufactured by large companies. Many of these big name companies produce very attractive clothing that prompts people to splurge and not worry about the costs. For these large companies, making a profit is not a problem however, for a startup company or even a mid-sized one, there might be some challenges. In this case, the not-so large clothing company relies on a wholesale clothing manufacturer to provide high-quality clothing that can be sold at prices that appeal to target customers.

Defining wholesale fashion clothing

Now when you think of wholesale, what comes to mind? Store sales? You guessed right. Many companies that sell wholesale clothes have their own list of buzzwords. Just about everyone can say one time or another that they have seen a sign reading “BLOWOUT WHOLESALE” or “WHOLESALE LIQUIDATION.” So what does wholesale actually mean? You can explain it in a variety of ways but basically it is reselling new and/or used goods. A lot of times wholesalers or distributors buy in bulk and sell it for a higher price for what they bought it for resulting in profit. For example, at a larger corporate store like “XYZ Wholesalers” you can buy in bulk to save money; whereas if you were to buy the same quantity at a single family owned store, you most likely will pay more for the same item. This same concept applies to wholesale clothing. You can buy wholesale clothes from manufacturers in bulk at a discount and adjust prices accordingly to make profit.

Buying in bulk is really up to your sales or purchasing team. Managing relationships and purchases with manufacturers is how you get hold of these types of wholesale discounts. Also, many manufacturers and businesses may give rebates that you can take advantage of depending on the amount of buying that you do with them. This is seen not upfront but in the end and result in a rebate similar to a bonus for doing “X” amount of business or sales with them.

One thing is for sure, building relationships and buying from these smaller manufacturers instead of larger ones will help you get very good wholesale discounts and rebates. This is how you can make money selling wholesale clothing.

Start to see the Tips for Buying Cheap Baby Clothes

Furthermore the garments have that soft, comfy touch to them, but you also can be assured that the clothes won’t fade throughout the first wash from a bright and lively color to a dull look.

Organic Baby Clotheshes

Buying organic clothes is a great way to introduce your youngster to a greener lifestyle at a young age. You can begin by giving your baby’s essentials with earth friendly organic clothing. Each small step we make provides a healthier lifestyle for the children along with helping the global community for future. Your child probably won’t notice if he is wearing something manufactured from organic materials or otherwise, but it’s still a great way to begin for making this your lifestyle.


You need to be really careful if you are choosing newborn baby clothes, in addition to any clothing, while we are at it. Lots of the cheaper clothing out there is made of cheaper materials. That is not always a bad thing, however it definitely is necessary regarding flame resistant materials. If the clothing isn’t flame resistant (usually polyester and so on) you have to be sure the garments are very well fitted in your baby’s body. Loose fitting garments will catch fire. Cotton is a superb material for clothing. It really is breathable and comfy for the baby’s skin. Some kinds of cottons are flame-resistant also.

Clothes Tags

Tags are cruising to know about. A lot of babies realize that tag around the back of these necks very irritating and bothersome. One solution is to get rid of the tags from the newborn’s clothing. When performing so, rather than cutting it, which will leave some itchy remnants behind, take away the tags in the seam so that there is little remain. An alternative choice is to buy tagless clothes. To avoid the situation altogether, a lot of companies have chosen to inscribe the important information, including the brand, size, materials, etc. directly on the clothing itself. You will find the information in the same location because the tag, which is usually inside back near the neck.

Zipper Gaurd

An execllent thing that is a fantastic addition to newborn clothes will be the zipper guard. Are you able to recall any time that you accidentally zippered your skin layer? Ouch! A zipper guard is really a piece of cloth that’s attached with clothing involving the zipper and skin in order to protect your skin from getting caught in the zipper. Make sure you search for clothing with full-length zipper guards.


Be mindful of buttons on baby clothing. These cute little ornaments are in fact a really dangerous choking hazard. When they are on aspects of the clothing which can be from your baby’s reach, be sure that they’re securely fastened. (It is a wise decision to check once in awhile in the future.) Ditch the clothes who have real buttons near the mouth.

Don’t overspend. It is the worst thing you can do to yourself. As cute as that $75 something may look on your adorable newborn, it’s not worth it. Babies outgrow their clothing so quickly that it’s just not worth every penny to spend a fortune on their own clothes. Shop the clearance racks dry thus hitting the malls throughout the major sales. Use coupons and use the internet.

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Camping Backpacking Clothes

If you get caught in the wilds with out the proper clothes it can be life threatening. You can make a cheap closed cell foam sleeping bag pad fold up like one of the more expensive ones. Cut it across, halfway through, every foot or so, alternating sides. It should fold up nicely accordion style. You can use it in an emergency. Any thing that is dry you can wrap around you to keep warm. Camping Backpacking Clothes If you run into cold weather unprepared, try using the seed head fluff from cattail plants to insulate your jacket if you are near water where they are growing. Watch for the stalks with their fluffy heads in wet areas. Put a layer of this fluff between your sweater and your jacket, and you’ll effectively turn it into a winter coat. If you are going hiking take along lightweight hat and gloves for high mountain hikes. If you are going uphill in near freezing weather will often get you hot enough to remove even your shirt. While your body is hot it is still common for your ears and fingers aching from the cold. A light hat and gloves will stop this and add only small amount of weight to your pack weight.

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