Can Your Clothes Be The Answer To Your Posture Problems

Research tells us that in an average persons lifetime, they will spend a total of 36 years sitting. Basic anatomy shows that humans did not evolve to be sitting creatures; as a result our bodies arent equipped for this kind of sedentary lifestyle. This is why eighty percent of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.

The U.S. Department of Health says one way to minimize the health problems of sitting for too long is to correct poor posture. Easier said than done, especially when our lives require us to; drive, sit at a desk, and spend many hours on a computer. In order to sit in the correct way, you would be sitting at a 110-degree angle between your legs and spine, with your bottom pushed well into the back of the seat and your back, legs and bottom in contact with the chair. Can you say Awkward?

Another option is a concept known as Evidence Based Apparel. Created by top orthopedic surgeons and made by a company called Alignmed, Evidence Based Apparel are under garments designed to instantly improve posture, performance and appearance.

Alignmeds Evidence Based Apparel are orthopedic garments with bio-feedback to stimulate your brain to optimize natural muscle balance, improving strength, range of motion, and endurance. In short, Evidence Based Apparel senses when your posture is poor and sends a message to your brain that sends a message to your body, prompting you to straighten up, instantly!

Over time and with consistent wear, Evidence Based Apparel with naturally retrain your body and improve posture. Research tells us improved posture equates to improved physical appearance and performance.