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China’s Men’s Cosmetics Market Needs To Be Developed

In the early of the reform and opening up, China’s cosmetics sales was 350 million. In 2006 China’s cosmetics sales exceeded 100 billion for the first time. Subsequently, the sales of cosmetics industry grow rapidly. In 2009 the sales were 400 times of that in 1980.

From the January to August in 2010, the sales value of China’s cosmetics industry reached 124.309 billion yuan, an increase of 23%. In 2009, China’s cosmetic sales value reached 150.52 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2%.

From the January to August in 2010, the total profits of China’s cosmetics industry reached 10.459 billion yuan, an increase of 9.1%. In 2009, the total profits of China’s cosmetics industry reached 15.495 yuan, an increase of 12.5%.

The per capita consumption level of Guangdong, Shanghai and Beijing is significantly higher than the national average level. While the per capita consumption level of cosmetics in developed countries is much higher. China’s cosmetics market has great room for growth. China has become the third largest cosmetics sales market only after the United States and Japan. The current kinds of men’s cosmetics are still relatively few. Few brands can truly win the customer’s trust. Few large brands have launched men’s grooming products.

But clearly this simple skin care products can not meet the requirements of many men. But foreign brands are too expensive and small domestic brand is too cheap. Therefore, the major domestic manufacturers have started to develop technology for beauty products that are needed by more men. They also began to introduce some foreign beauty equipment.

Now there are more and more professional beauty services for men. Men’s grooming items will be more detailed, professional, no longer just facial care and foot massage. It has been refined out tens to hundreds of different series of facial care, body care and foot care.

The requirements of some women on the beauty are often beauty and character, but basically most of the men were concerned about the actual quality of their skin, whether the perfume is suited to their temperament and how to do more to cover up their beauty weaknesses. So men are more practical. The effect is gradually revealed, so their beauty consumption is more lasting.

At present, male skin care market is like nursing infants. It is still in its infancy. Both the domestic and international brands have launched their own skin care products for men to seize the market. In the next few years, the market competition of the Chinese men’s skin care products will be more intense.

Duty Free Cosmetics – Substantial Savings on Luxury

Duty free cosmetics allow individuals to make substantial savings on cosmetic products whilst travelling. Duty-free shopping enables those who are travelling the opportunity to be exempt from various duties, customs and sales taxes while purchasing items that they need or desire. When purchasing cosmetics duty free, you can rest assured that the price requested upon purchase at the counter will be significantly less than the price asked of an individual over the counter at retail stores located outside the airport that dont offer duty-free.

One particular item which individuals are able to make savings on is luxury cosmetic items. There is a large selection of higher end luxury cosmetic goods that otherwise would have a much larger price tag attached to them. These additional savings afforded to the consumer through international duty-free shopping is highly desirable for each and every traveller. One of the benefits of international travel is without question the ability to purchase luxury duty free cosmetics whilst transiting through between various countries.

When purchasing duty free cosmetics, the purchase itself is a very flexible shopping arrangement to ensure the customer has an enjoyable shopping experience. Duty-free cosmetics can be purchased from a range of locations. Customers can make purchases from an online duty-free store and take their time shopping to ensure that the correct products are selected long before they arrive at the airport. Alternatively, individuals are also able to make their purchases in person at a store in the airport facility itself that carries duty free cosmetics. These items will be held for the purchasing individual and then delivered to them at their departure gate as they are boarding the plane, or available to be collected upon arrival at their destination.

In this financial climate the savings available to customers are incredibly satisfying, enabling them to essentially purchase a high-end product at a price that is substantially marked down. This allows individuals the option to purchase multiple products at one time to make the most of the savings available. Duty free cosmetics are an item that regular travellers purchase in order to save on their favourite products, such as skincare treatments, that are used daily. Duty-free cosmetics are one of the most highly demanded items available through duty-free shopping because of the considerable amount of savings available to those who make such purchases during the process of international travel.

Cosmetics With Oxygen – The Alternativ To Botox!

Fact is our skin is mostly suffering under a lack of oxygen. Of course many different circumtances are playing an important role that it is like this.
The broadly known ones are:
UV-rays. Nowadays every child knows already that too much sun-rays are everything else than good for our skin.
Harmful substances in the environment which permanentely increasing in our technical-orientated society.
Climatical changes are doing the rest for this drawback.
Our daily stress is getting on our nerves with the consequence that it harms our skin and makes it wrinkly.
Fast food and wrong diet in general are support as well the destruction of healty skin, because so our skine doesnt get enough vitamines and minerals. Smoking is doing the rest to let our skin look old and wrinkly much more earlier as it is due to its biological age.
Last but not least everybodys biological physical aging process within the years is hindering an adequate absorbation of oxygen. The result is the loss of skins elasticity. The skin is losing humidity and is getting thinner. The is looking tired. First wrinkles are appearing, we are looking older and older and after while we dont recognize ourselves anymore in the mirror.
Not less of us are the opinion that a lifting or injection with the neurotoxic substance botox is our last hope and can save our skin. But: Do they know that botox is quite dangerous? A spoonful of this neurotoxic substance is already enough to poison all inhabitants of Middle Europe! Further comments are not needed due to this fact.
A smooth and compatible alternative represent the cosmetic serial of Saneo2.
The Saneo2 oxygen preparations are helping your skin by giving her the active oxygen OZONID. The ozonid is equal with the natures active oxygen, this is for guaranteed.
The skin is immediately supported in its functions and all these without any chemical preservatives.
Your skin will how her best sides again: Sanguine, healty, wrinkle-less and elastic. You will look much more younger again.

Homemade Cosmetics – Start A High Profit Business

Homemade cosmetics are fun and easy to make. It’s also a great business venture.
However, certain precautions must be taken.

Many homemade cosmetics recipes do not meet the quality standards required for retail products.

Handcrafters recipes do not usually contain the necessary ingredients to prevent the formation of bacteria in skin care and cosmetic items.
The water and/or oil found in almost all cosmetic products can easily promote the growth of molds and very serious bacteria, unless the correct ingredients are used. A product can be contaminated for some time before you can actually notice any problem, for instance a change in smell or any irritation to the skin.

Homemade cosmetics, if they are to be suitable for sale to others, must have a reasonable shelf-life.

The variety of cosmetic and beauty products is huge – from skin care to hair care, make-up, mens and babies formulations.
The markets for homemade cosmetics are endless.

Hotels and accommodation venues use in-house guest toiletries everyday, then there are beauty and spa salons, hairdressers, pharmacies, gift stores, etc.

For you to start your own homemade cosmetics business and generate profit margins between 500 – 1000 % you don’t need to have a university degree or fancy laboratory.
Most of the equipment you need is readily available for very little cost.

The prefect companion for homemade cosmetics is manufacturing high quality toiletries and cleaning products.
These can include handwashes, pet shampoos, and everyday domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning products.
The combination of catering for both markets ensures a steady source of income all year round.

These necessity products are widely used by everyone everyday and create a great advantage for you to expand your business in many ways, promoting your own brand.
With the right formulations, you can make comparable, if not better, products than the multi-national corporations who have previously dominated this industry.

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