Adele’s Hair Style Journey

Karl Lagerfeld may have made his opinion clear (and was certainly proved wrong), but now its our turn. Adele is undoubtedly one of the most talented members of the female population to come out of England, famous for her exquisite song writing skills and beautiful voice. While Adele has received some harsh criticisms in the past for her style, it is also fair to say that her hair has gone through many transformations over the years.
Adele came on to the scene with her naturally dark ginger hair flowing neatly just past her shoulders. Wavy, with a full, blunt, square fringe, Adele let her thick hair sit naturally on her back for many of her first appearances. For the time (the end of 2010) this was fine, however everyone knows that hair styles date faster than food, causing Adele to feel the need to change her look!
Keeping her stunning natural colour, Adeles first move in updating her hairstyle was adopting the ever in style side fringe. Her length was maintained but often worn in an up-do, while Adele swept her full fringe to the side, revealing more of her flawless porcelain skin and dazzling blue eyes.
On the topic of up dos, Adele is a big fan of using hair pieces to improve her style for red carpet appearances. While she kept her fringe swept to the side, Adele wore numerous bun pieces, sitting delicately at the top of her shoulder. The songstress was also seen on a few occasions with her fringe clipped to the side to finish off her look with an extra sleek appearance.
Following the side fringe and hair piece combination, Adele decided to ditch both of the styles and opt for a natural, slick look, wearing her hair all smoothed back and pinned up (without a hair piece), the singer kept it much more simple but still elegant for the Brit awards 2011, where she also made a bold impression with her performance of Someone like you.
Like every girl, Adele had always wanted to sample life on the blonde side. Her first appearance as a true blonde was at the 2012 Grammy Awards, where the beautiful star sported her hair all down in a full side parting. Adele looked gorgeous with her pale skin complimented by strong eye make-up and red lips, teamed with subtle blonde hair reaching her jaw line. This was an extremely good choice from the star and we cant wait to see her future styles!