Aladdin Sword leveraging Baidu good doctor medical information industry – medical device industry

Registration has been open since the end of April to the operation matures, more and more of the site is to bring qualified traffic, as well as users provide more high quality search experience.

Baidu relevant responsible person said, because the vertical fields of expertise in this area of the site to better understand the specific information of interest to the user, therefore, open platform through the Baidu search ( to submit such information, they pass muster, as long as Internet users Baidu search on the keyword, it will appear to specify the form of the site presents information about the highly correlated, a user clicks on close to 100%.

To a good doctor (, for example, joined the Baidu search as an open platform ( industry, a medical information website, designed to provide patients with medical reference information, summarizes medical experience of users to help make the right choice in patients with medical treatment. For patients, the good doctor online means that the most practical guide for medical treatment.

Relevant responsible person revealed a good doctor, joined the Baidu search for an open platform, according to Alexa, the current source of external flows, almost 40% from Baidu, of which, through an open platform, Baidu search keywords guidelines, the data ” form “of display, the resulting flow is considerable. Wang a good doctor website also said: “This time, I am Aladdin can really show us a more appropriate information of interest to users, we only need to be more focused, better to do their own things, Baidu on can bring the right users on our site, this is a win-win result. ”

To prove their claim, the reporter in the following key words to search for Baidu, the search results page of the front position of a good doctor there are sites on search results, most of them to form a clear showing of conduct.

To search ” Heart disease Hospital “, for example, heart patients can directly see the top five hospitals in the form of favorable results, with hospital area, hospital and patient level the number of votes, the need for users to find a good hospital is clear.

See these key words behind the website contains a good doctor in the areas of expertise to provide accurate data, including various types of diseases, hospital address, user recommendations summarized doctors, hospital grade, doctor-patient information and so information on medical treatment asked the drug directly to obtain the necessary information for patients. Baidu’s search through the open platform of this presentation, on the one hand accurate the user to the relevant site pages, so information highlights their value, on the other hand on the minds of Web brands and the impact of user generated great upgrade. Baidu said relevant

good doctor site is just one example, the current Baidu Search open platform (, provide high-quality data, there are thousands of sites already, I believe all webmasters, can be clearly Search open platform to join Baidu understand the many benefits, even if the current site have been provided some data, Baidu will be in accordance with the data quality assessment of priorities, so all sites are all enjoy the opportunity.

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