Alternative Routes for Selling Your Used Books and Clothes

Online services now offer alternative methods for smaller businesses and it’s important to understand the various ways to distribute different items online.

New and Used Clothes
There are many ways for clothing merchants who sell new and used clothes to promote their business. If the clothing or jewelry is gently used, there are plenty of online services available to sell the clothing for you. Some charge a commission fee on top of whatever you choose to as the price to post on the website. Users of the service are able to browse it easier, knowing that the company has strict guidelines as to what is able to be sold on their website and users can buy with confidence.

If you’re interested in doing it yourself, consider setting up your own personal web store with an inventory of all the clothing or items you would like to sell. This reduces the hassle of dealing with an outside source, and you’re able to customize every aspect of what the customer sees, from the description of the clothes, to the images available for display. One thing that secondhand clothes sellers love to do is hire personal stylists to come to his or her home and pick out the clothing that has the highest potential to be sold online. These stylists have the knowledge and experience to accurately price your secondhand clothing and statistics show that these stylists increase the chance a secondhand retailer successfully sells their clothing by 35 percent.

Buying and Selling Books
Reading material, books, and eBooks will always be in popular demand by consumers. There are plenty of physical and online book stores that provide new books, but not all of them have a used book sales option. Developing a web shop for your used books seems like a large hassle without much of a gain, and that’s because it is. Online retailers are starting to offer people trade in options for their books. These same retailers are also allowing users to post there books online free of charge to be bought. A potential buyer has the option to browse through hundreds of user’s personal libraries to see the books that they don’t want anymore. This service can also be used by authors who want to distribute their own book without dealing with a publisher or outside distributor.

Another type of book that many people have trouble selling are used textbooks. The good thing about text books is that they are generally valued and reusable. The knowledge that you gained from a textbook at one point may be potential knowledge for a future reader. It’s important to first determine the overall value of your secondhand textbook. If pages are missing and there is evidence of spilled coffee on the cover, the value goes down significantly. However, a study by states that the majority of secondhand textbooks are sold have only been used by one or two owners, and the books themselves are in good shape.

After determining the value, look up the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) online to get an idea of what other people are selling the book for. If there is a big gap in the pricing of the textbook, this usually is an indication of quality. Determine the overall popularity and ranking of the book at major websites and then find an appropriate seller for your book. There are plenty of services that offer the ability to present your used books for sale, and just charging commission for each sale.