Appliance manufacturers to dig the mobile phone market is faced with three challenges – Hisense pho

Appliance system Mobile In 2007, resumed their growth, the 2008 is mustering the strength. Recently, TCL Re-enlightenment Europe brands Po, made powerful women Mobile Market; Hisense TD mobile phones in the first round of bidding, access to 10,500 orders for the current HS-T68 models already on the market; Konka Phone business to be profitable in 2007, based on the value of business strategy to further and stronger.

Also, Skyworth, Changhong Traditional home appliance manufacturers have released new strategy are to start in the domestic mobile phone market, the pace of expansion. After going through dormant appliance manufacturers, re-heavy attack the mobile phone market, it can restore its position? ?

Through dormant

Domestic appliance manufacturers around the mobile phone industry in 2002 through brilliant, but in 2004 began a decline that began in 2005 through “deep cold.”

2001 a breakthrough year is the first year of China-made mobile phone, home appliance manufacturers TCL The first rise, then TCL mobile phone business to achieve sales of 3.0 billion achievements have laid a market position in one fell swoop.

In TCL Mobile to local phone battle against the ocean, Amoi, Panda, Konka Haier household appliances and other traditional phone companies to join the game in a domestic. In 2002 or so, they benefit from the advantages of front-end replication appliance marketing, product positioning in the low end, to maintain the price advantage with the foreign brands, rely on the appearance of imitation and marketing channels, the advantage of close to the market quickly to win.

However, did not last long, in 2004, after the cut into the low-end foreign brands mobile phone market, domestic mobile phone products due to lack of proper layout and core technology competitiveness, ultimately produced a dramatic change.

To 2005, household appliances across the board loss of mobile phone, TCL first half of the losses reached more than 800 million yuan, Konka mobile phone business losses of 194 million yuan year, Haier mobile business year 139 million dollar loss, the panda was forced to exit the mobile phone market.

Kill “backstroke” vs striking

2005, when the number of appliance manufacturers mobile phone operations into the red mud, the other a group of appliance makers is that the “risks and seek opportunities”, Changhong, Hisense, Skyworth and other home appliance manufacturers to get mobile phone license, a massive attack on mobile phone industry.

These companies are home much later on posture. For example, Skyworth Mobile 2006 earnings, the annual sales revenue of 10 billion yuan; Changhong phone in “phone Madman”, led by Wan Jianming, China has entered the mobile phone market advantage camp; Hisense in the TD mobile phone market with a good performance. In 2008, they also have their own strategies, comprehensive start in the domestic mobile phone market, the pace of expansion.

Old appliance manufacturers, of course those who are unwilling to kill a “backstroke.” After experiencing pain, TCL Communication in 2006 to end deficits in 2007 to 11.91 million mobile phone shipments continued to profit, but the phones are sold to overseas markets, the annual mobile phone business profits into losses of key TCL Group; in 2008, TCL weight the whole mobile phone business in China, made powerful women in the mobile phone market, enable European women’s brand Mongolian Bao. TCL Communications CEO, said Liu Fei, TCL Communication within three years to become the largest mobile phone company. After brilliant to silence, Konka is also accumulating strength, For the second rise. Konka mobile phone business in 2006 to successfully turn around, and Konka was the first to propose innovative business model of domestic mobile phone manufacturers and take the line of differentiated market segments, and invested heavily in research and development to master the technology right to speak. In 2007, Konka mobile phone business by expanding in emerging markets, overseas sales grew 70%, the overall revenues of 1.6 billion, operating profit of nearly 300 million yuan.

Addition to TCL, Konka has regain their footing, the Haier Group Haier stripped from the mobile phone business, and embarked on the road to recovery; Panda Mobile Teng jumped back through the TD.

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