Audi Q5 car gps installation, Audi Q5 navigation installation guide

OEM Fit Aftermarket Auto Navigation Installation Guide for Audi Q5

Hey, are you still thinking about how to install a new in car gps? Are you still wondering how to begin?

Here I will introuduce how to install in car navigation. This article is about Audi Q5 car gps. Articles about other cars will come soon…

Here is Audi Q5 nav installation guide ( Car GPS, Audi Q5 headunit installation guide, Audi Q5 car gps installation, Audi Q5 navigation installation guide, auto gps installation guide ), hope you will enjoy it.

1.Use wood/plastic tools to open the decoration board. 2.Use tools to open the outlet. 3.Take out the climate control harness. 4.Loosen the red plate and pull out the wiring harness.

5.Remove the 4 screws used to fix the factory CD player, and take out the factory CD player. 6.Remove the 4 screws used to fix the factory monitor, take out the factory monitor. 7.Remove the screws and take down the metal bracket, be careful with the latch. 8.Stick the touch panel to the factory monitor and install it on the bracket comes with the unit. The crews should not be too tight or it will damage the touch panel.

9.Open the side shield on the passenger’s side. 10.Open the glove box and remove the 3 screws on sight, other 2 screws bellow the golve box beside the outlet need also to be removed, then take down the glove box. 11.This is what it looks like after taking down all the stuff. 12.Use a white paper as clipboard, cut it into the shape of the headunit and determine the postions of the 4 screws.

13.Put the headunit in a chosen place in the glove box, put the white paper in the glove box and and choose a place to fix the headunit then drill holes. 14.This is how it looks like after the above porcessing. (The small opening is for the harness to come through it) 15.To refit the socket of the touch panel, stick double faced adhesive tape on the socket, the tape must exceed the socket a little bit and then stick the panel on the factory monitor. (The socket of the touch panel) 16.For Audi Q5 car gps installation, an active sound system need to be connected so that the sound from Navigation system can out put when using factory CD player. (Active sound system) (1.cut the 4 wires) (Connect the 4 terminals, white to white white/black to white/black) (The white terminal connect to Audi Q5 audio output, insulate the other 3 three terminals)

17.Put the wiring of video output and the touch panel through the opening of the glove box to the monitor.(Plug for factory monitor) (Plug for touch panel)(Connect Video output wiring of the headunit to the car Video wiring) 18.Put the harness of power supply and speaker through to the glove box from the factory CD player.(Connect the harness of the headunit with the car) 19.Fix the headunit in the glove box to the postion chosen before. 20.Put the glove box back after headunit fixed and wiring linked.

21.Connect the refited monitor and put it back in the right place. 22.This is how it looks like after the whole processing finished, Put the speaker special for Navi system in a right place when installing the unit on Audi Q5. Oemcargps – Oem Fit Aftermarket Car GPS Headunit for All Car Make Wholesale.