Bad Men’s Fashion Trends Of The Decade

Wearing suit jackets with shorts rather than trousers – honestly speaking this trend just blows my mind away as I can not quite comprehend the logic behind this fashion stunt. The shocking thing is that this style has found its way into numerous designer collections.

It makes sense if you live in Bermuda and if you’re a school boy donning the same, no problem because it looks cute, but for adults it’s a totally a different story. A friend of mine who’s also an executive of a major corporation told me that one of his company employees reported to work once clad in a similar outfit and nobody knew quite well what to make of it.

What of skin tight peg-leg pants?

Well, I personally own a couple of skinny jeans but what do you make of the skinny tight type and here I mean those that are tight all the way down to the ankles, not cool on men! Those types are not only uncomfortable but really out of place, maybe you can save them for the night out with the boys, but even then you might just end up looking like an alien straight out of Star Trek.

Levered sunglasses

I saw these ones for the first time when Kanye West wore them during the 2008 Grammys performance and they looked good for showbiz and nothing more, getting creative and extending their use is just looking for disaster.

Them Crocs

I was very ignorant about crocs until my sister unveiled them. About a year ago she wore them a lot and especially when vacationing with her family in Hawaii, and in her opinion they make a perfect beach shoe, I guess because of the little holes that allow water to flow freely between the toes. She bought them in Waikiki Hawaii and then returned with all her family members wearing them. To my astonishment, lots many people adopted the style and soon you could see all folks comfortable in them around town, in gardens and while doing many other casual activities. They may have some appeal but wearing them around town? Not cool

Belted coats and Jackets

One blogger recently wrote “The main reason for having a belt on a coat or a jacket that already has a button or a zipper is to add waistline definition. In my view men don’t need to worry about highlighting their curves.” Well, that’s perfectly put and I fully agree with the sentiments of that blogger. The only exception is safari jackets which remind me of the British Colonial period.

The 80s hair style

History indeed repeats itself and hair styles a re a witness to that. Big hair a hot style of the 80’s and mostly for the male folk, and in my humble opinion it should have been left to rest with the 80’s but no. When contemporary fashion designers started to introduce fashions that were said to be inspired by the new wave era, I hoped that it was gonna be a pure fad. What happened was the exact opposite and the whole 80 thing sprung back in full force, I was dumbfounded and confused. Some things should just be left to the past for Christ’s sake.