Better Appreciate Captain Planet Mullet Hairstyle

Hairstyles are always changing, and the tide of what is popular regarding them is constantly in ebb and flow. Some hairstyles have stayed well under the radar and have managed to survive decades on many different people. One example of this would be the mullet. A key influence in some of the popularity of this style was Captain Planet mullet hair style.

Just in considering the mullet in general, there are all kinds of things to appreciate and keep in mind. However, when you are adding in an iconic cartoon superhero, this requires a little more consideration that just the appreciation of a hairstyle.

You have to first take the time to understand the reference of Captain Planet, if by some chance the cartoon phenomenon of the 1990s eluded you. This was a superhero that fought for the Earth’s cleanliness. A slew of different villains tried to sully the rivers and oceans, litter flowery fields and the like, but Captain Planet would always stop him with the help of his team of adolescent helpers.

Apart from his influence to encourage kids to throw their trash where it actually belongs and to avoid polluting when and where possible, his personal style also inspired kids. Children all over the world were trying out the mullet to be just like Captain Planet and embody just a little bit of his super hero style.

In case the term mullet also eludes you, you need to understand this hairstyle to fully appreciate it. This is a hairstyle that is really a collaboration of two different hairstyles. The first, on the top of the head, is a short and managed professional look. The back of the head allows the hair to grow out as long as it can.

You will likely catch mullets all across the world, as they are still quite popular in certain circles. However, you might be delighted to learn that some of those sporting the mullet first started trying one out after seeing Captain Planet mullet hair styles.