Can Someone Sue Me After a Car Accident Even if I have No Money

One of the most common reassurances people try to give themselves after a car accident is that they will never get sued because they have no money. The phrase “have no money” is a dangerous one to get comfortable with because it can be misleading. Most people make enough money to: Pay their bills Buy groceries Take their families on vacation Go to the movies every week Get repairs done on their vehicles When you say that you have “no money,” you are really just exaggerating. The truth is that most people have money, but that money is tied up in bills and other payments. Just because you do not have thousands of dollars in the bank does not mean that you have no money. Try to imagine your life without the ability to pay those bills because you lost a personal injury lawsuit as the result of a car accident. If you do not keep up your auto insurance payments, then you may find yourself in even worse financial condition after you lose a lawsuit. The courts do not base a personal injury lawsuit award on how much money you have. The award is based on the facts in the case. If you allowed your insurance to lapse and you have a $100,000 personal injury judgment against you, then you are responsible for that $100,000. That figure does not include the thousands of dollars in legal fees that you will be responsible for when the case is over. This is why it is so important to keep your auto insurance in force, and to alert your insurance company if you have been in an accident. If you are in a serious auto accident and you do not notify your insurance company, then your insurance company may choose to limit your insurance coverage and/or may come after you for payments it made to the other driver on your behalf. If you do notify the insurance company, then the company will pay for all of your legal fees and the award against you, up to your policy limits. There is one more thing to consider when it comes to auto insurance and personal injury. If you have $1 million in liability insurance, then you may think that you are completely covered. But if you get in an accident and get sued, and the final amount is $1.5 million, then you may be personally responsible for $500,000. Ask your insurance agent how much it would cost to bump up your liability coverage to help you to be prepared in case you get into an accident that results in significant personal injury damages. The additional coverage is much cheaper than you may realize.