Car Battery Maintenance A New Years Resolution!

For many people, the end of the holiday season is the time to make resolutions for the coming year. The New Year may present a financial challenge for many vehicle owners. If your budget is tight, you may need to keep your current car running strong another year with a simple car battery replacement. It’s easy to overlook seemingly minor car care issues, such as car battery maintenance.

5 Car Battery Maintenance Tips:

Avoid the hassle of a dead car battery, especially if you’re headed to the mountains for a little skiing or other fun recreation in the snow. Here are five simple tips to help keep the charge in your car battery.

1.Park in a Garage. A thoroughly insulated garage will keep your battery warm in the winter. If your garage is not insulated, insulate the battery.
2.Keep your battery clean. Remove the clamps and clean away grease, dirt and oxidation. A dirty battery connection will weaken the charge.
3.Recharge it with Solar. You can purchase an inexpensive solar charger to refill your battery’s charge with solar energy. Just be sure not to overcharge it.
4.Add Distilled Water. If you’re stretching the life of a conventional car battery, you may have to add some water to it.
5.Secure the Battery. If your battery is jiggling around, it could tip over. Battery acid spilling all over your motor is not a good thing! Keep the battery tray clean and make sure it sits correctly.

Remember: To keep your vehicle going strong through 2015, don’t procrastinate. Repair what’s wrong, have the appropriate services, including a car battery replacement if necessary, and your car can provide reliable transportation for many more miles to come.

Get ready for your trip to the mountains with a car battery checkup. Contact our ASE certified technicians today at Rebel Automotive or go online to for more information about a needed car battery replacement. We will be pleased to take care of your vehicle and provide you with honest and professional automotive service. Our auto repair shop serves vehicle owners in Henderson, NV, Las Vegas, NV, and North Las Vegas, NV.