Car Buying Tips For Used Audi S3

The Audi S3 is the enthusiasts edition of its more conservative sibling, the A3 hatchback. First produced by Audi in 1999, the second-generation car, launched in 2006, is significantly more muscular than its predecessor. Using the same floorpan as the VW Golf, the Audi S3 offers standard quattro four-wheel drive plus plenty of power and a great chassis to deliver sure-footed performance whatever the road. This article aims to provide you with some information related to buying the used Audi S3 car.

Purchasing a used can be a painful experience, but it can go much smoother if you follow a simple set of rules and checks. This article aims to provide you with all the advice and information to make the right choices when buying a second-hand car. In this guide we’ll explain how to buy a used Audi S3 car that is as safe and reliable as a new car – at a fraction of the price.
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Important Car buying checks:

View our five essential safety checks you need to make before buying the used S3.

1. Know the history of the used S3:
Make sure to check the used S3s history before buying. Vehicle Check provides you with peace of mind that you’re making the right choice.

2. See the car:
Test-driving the used S3 helps you decide if it is the right car for you and also if this particular car is in good condition. Once you get behind the wheel, ask yourself if it is a good fit for your requirements.

Exterior Looks
The purposeful looks of the Audi S3 hatchback work even better in Sport-back form; the extra length and rear doors give it a more grownup appearance.

The equipment includes Satellite Navigation System Plus (1,615) which gives the S3 the level of equipment it deserves and should help resale value. It has a 6.5-inch screen with aux-in socket, radio, DVD and 2 integrated SD card slots. The Audi Concert CD player and radio comes as standard.

The 2-litre turbocharged engine found in the S3 hatchback and Sportback is an evolution of the motor found in the Volkswagen Golf GTi, Seat Leon Cupra and Audi TTRS. With 261bhp and 258lb/ft of pulling power its significantly more powerful than the Golf GTi, thanks to a larger turbocharger and reworked engine and exhaust components.

Sporty hatchbacks dont ask drivers to compromise much in the area of practicality, and the S3 Sportback is even better than most. It has a head start by offering five doors instead of three and there is more rear legroom than in the S3 hatchback. It has the proportions of a small estate car and its boot can swallow 1,032-litres of luggage with the rear seats folded or 302-litres with them in place.

3. Used Audi S3 Valuation:
Check the market value of the used S3. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. The value of a used car is based on its condition, mileage, reliability, performance and popularity. Of course you want a car that is reliable and performs well.

4. The visit:
Always visit the seller at their home address. Dont arrange to meet them at a motorway service station, a lay-by or any other address aside from the one where they live.

5. The paperwork:
You must check the V5C document of the used S3 car. Also check the service history, MOT etc. Do not accept photocopies of these documents, they should be original.

These checks will help you know more about the car you are buying and you can be sure you have made the right decision. It is best to make comparison on various used Audi S3 car prices and then summarize these prices against your requirements.