Car Dvr Recorder – A New Kind Of Car Monitoring System

Car DVR Recorder – A New Kind Of Car Monitoring System

Today, more and more drivers are installing DVR recorder in their vehicles, even taxi drivers and bus drivers. Car DVR camera, a new kind of car monitoring device, has achieved a great popularity among car owners.

Now various car monitoring systems have been widely used in vehicles, even in the taxi and bus. Meanwhile, people’s demands for such systems is becoming increasingly higher. This makes the research and development of more advanced car security system become an important subject of car electronics industry. Car DVR recorder, as the new car monitoring product, seems to be able to meet car owners’ needs to a great extent.

When driving on the road, you will never know when you will get involved in an traffic accident. Have a car DVR installed in your vehicle, it will definitely make you explain much more easier and help the police make clear who should take responsibility for the accident as it is able to clearly record the whole incident and can be used as a evidence against any claim. Usually, car DVR has following functions:

People’s request to image quality is higher and higher. Not only can see, but also see clearly, this is what most user ask for. Car DVR can do this. Now most car DVR recorders adopt 720P,1080P or much higher resolution, which enable it to clearly record the process of traffic accident or beautiful scenery on the road. The audio and video it records will help a lot in solving sudden traffic accident disputes, as well as provide invaluable evidence for insurance needs and help avoid fraudulent claims. Car DVR plays a positive role in the vehicle recorder’s development.

Intelligent electronic product is an irresistible trend in today’s market. Car camcorders is an example. With a multipurpose stand, it can help you achieve omni-directional video monitoring under all kinds of outdoor conditions. Particularly, this product can be used with any vehicle for automatic detection, including tracking and reviewing route and speed. It can effectively prevent the driver’s illegal driving, effectively reducing vehicle traffic accident.

More and more users pay attention to this car monitoring system, and car mini DVR gradually toward from a single video monitoring to multifunctional unit development direction. Today’s vehicle DVR usually comes with multiple functions of new high-tech car electronics, which set HD video recording, photo taking, DV, external USB port and even GPS navigation all in one. Most car recorders adopt dual lens(usually rotatable 120 or 140 wide-angle lens) design, making it more suitable for taking high resolution videos from various angles. It can also act as home-use DV, recording every splendid moment during your life.

With the rapid development of car monitoring system , I believe that the future car DVR recorder system will be much more multifunctional and bring us much surprise! Get more newest car DVR information, you may refer to to right now!