Car Entertainment Uk – New Website Launch

Car Entertainment UK is relaunching itself as a larger and much more current brand. At Car Entertainment UK we realise the way it seems to search for a newer stereo for your car, find the new stereo and then need to shop around the web for several hours to eventually find it at the best price! We also fully understand that this method itself is not only tedious, and should be entirely unnecessary, but it also defeats the goal of obtaining the system lower priced! Of course your time is money and whenever your spending hours searching webpages trying to find the cheapest product, then surely even on a great day it’s very likely to compromise some of your savings. In the past we’ve done the exact same as the rest of the Car Audio Distributors and merely displayed to you just about every single system available on the market. Well after we sat down we made a decision that we needed our online reputation to not exclusively be a trustworthy store that you can get excellent products from. Our newer revised store not only elevates upon that trustworthiness but aims to deliver you the very best bargains. Using our time to find the perfect deals on your car equipment instead of you. After all, that ought to be our task and never yours!

So We Now Simply Supply Car Audio Equipment Which We Feel Are The Best Savings.

Products to be found include wonderful popular brand car head units, feature loaded car entertainment systems, all sizes of speakers and subwoofers, a variety of levels of amplifiers and all the bits in the middle that you need to connect them up!

Like this isn’t enough of a change we’ve also just launched a Facebook page for all our enthusiasts where we are going to post our showcased products! Not on Facebook? Well then check out our new car audio site and sign up to our news letters where we’re going to deliver a monthly email with all the best bargains to be had!

We have also assigned one of our team to write you a how to guide on car entertainment, this can be anything from wiring your amplifier for maximum results, getting the perfect settings for your setup on your head unit or starting right at the start and helping you to select your speakers and make your subwoofer enclosures! A how to tutorial is going to be showcased on all our monthly newsletters and listed on our website in the ‘Articles’ section which means you don’t miss them!

We hope to see you over at the web site shortly as we’d like your help in spreading the word so make sure you share the articles and products to your family and friends! Remember to like us on Facebook at

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