Car Games, A Free Bit Of Fun For Your Lunchtime

The fastest growing area in the gaming industry is casual online games and massively popular are online racing car games. You can have hours of virtual fun with a basic personal computer and a broadband connection.

Whether you choose to race on the road, a dirt track or even in the air you’ll nearly always be able to find the type of place you would like to race. Types of cars you can choose range from formula one cars, vintage cars and even yellow taxis!

Most of the online car games are built by developers using a technology called Flash so you need a flash enabled web browser to enjoy them. Web browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari on the Apple Mac have Flash built in. For the more common browser, Internet Explorer on Windows, you will likely need to install the flash plug-in from Adobe if it isn’t already on your machine.

The online games are completely free and available from a variety of websites on the Internet. The easiest way to check if your browser has the correct plug-in installed is simply to go ahead and try playing one. You’ll be prompted to install the additional plug-in if it’s not already installed.
How can these car games be available online for free?

The publishers of car game websites have their overheads including design, development and hosting costs but like many things in this modern age, the revenue from advertising can cover those costs and allow them to provide the online games sites for free.

Many of the online car games available on these sites are developed by organisations for viral marketing purposes. You will notice their brand names and logos throughout the game as you play. Hence these games are provided free to get their brand in front of as many players as possible.

There are also lots of car game developers who simply love to code these games and make them available for free for anyone who wishes to play them. An entire industry has been built up around online games and the excitement of racing making car games some of the most appealing.

Many of the car games websites will keep a high score board allowing you to compete with players all around the world.

So the next time you’ve got some time on you next lunchtime and are looking for a free bit of online fun, just fire up your web browser and Google ‘car games’ to discover the latest games to start playing.