Car Glass Service Vandalism Safety Tips.

Unfortunately, many vehicle owners have reported that a common cause of their auto glass damage is due to vandalism. They have to take time out of their busy schedule to look for affordable car glass service. Our vandalism safety tips can help you learn how to prevent vandalism and what to do if you have been a victim.

If you are the victim of vandalism:

Contact your local law enforcement agency to determine if a vandalism report needs to be filed.
Contact an auto body shop for car window repair and protect your vehicle from further vandalism.
Contact your insurance company if you have additional damage to your vehicle or consult with them about property losses.
If your wallet has been stolen, contact your bank to cancel any bank, credit cards and/or checks. Consider creating a fraud report with the three major credit agencies.
If your keys were stolen, consider changing the locks on your home.
If your cell phone was stolen, contact your service provider.
For your safety and protection, get your car window repaired as soon as possible.

Tips to Help Prevent Vehicle Vandalism

As a safety measure, keep all valuables out of plain sight, as they invite vandalism. Do not leave anything of great importance inside the vehicle when you’re away for any period of time.

Also, consider the following tips:

Make a copy of your driver’s license, bank and credit card(s), passport or any form of identification to keep in a safe place at home.
Create a list of the items generally carried in your wallet or purse.
Park in well-lit areas.
Always lock your car doors.
Use common sense.
Your local law enforcement agency is also a good place to go for additional vandalism safety tips.

The longer you wait to have a car window repair, the more likely it is to get worse. For quality car glass service, contact our certified technicians at Automall Autobody or go online to for more information and to schedule an appointment. Our auto body shop serves vehicle owners in Henderson, NV and surrounding communities.