Car Inspection (puspakom)

Puspakom is a Malaysian body in charge of performing inspection services. Incorporated in 1994, the body is a wholly owned subsidiary of DRB-HICOM, and is Malaysias first and only comprehensive national vehicle inspection company authorized by the Malaysian Government. Their inspection basically serves to determine vehicle compliance with regard to the Construction and Use Rule 1959, and also roadworthiness status of the vehicle prior to registration with the Road Transport Department, or before transfer of ownership for commercial vehicles, such as when a car is sold out or transferred to another person.
Basically, the main sort of service that Puspakom Malaysia provides is a 10-step vehicle inspection process which includes engine and chassis number identification check, above carriage check for defects, particle density check via emission test, brake efficiency test, side-slip test to check for lateral movement, suspension system check, speedometer accuracy test, headlight test for intensity and projection, undercarriage check and tinted glass check.
By regular inspection of your car or vehicle, any mechanical problems that may jeopardize your vehicles roadworthiness will be caught in time and will be able to be nipped in the bud, before it becomes a more serious issue which might endanger you or your family. This regular inspection also will make sure vehicles do not pollute the environment by emitting excessive amounts of emissions and noxious gases, as well as ensure the legality of your vehicle in all aspects under the Road Transport Act 1987. This comprehensive and thorough inspection will put your mind at ease and give you a greater sense of confidence that your vehicle is functioning in optimal condition.
With Puspakom Malaysia, you can be assured that you are getting a fair and unbiased inspection of your car as it is a government regulated body, and also because they have nothing to gain or lose by giving you a straight forward evaluation of your vehicle, as compared to untrustworthy mechanics or workshops who might exaggerate minor issues in order to convince you to perform repairs. Fees are standardized based on the type of vehicle, and is also fairly reasonable, ranging from RM80 to RM160 only. So far, customer reviews have been mostly positive. Puspakom is based in the DRB-HICOM headquarters in Shah Alam and has 6 regional offices in Malaysia, covering the Northern, Southern, Central and Eastern regions of Malaysia, as well as Sabah and Sarawak. It has inspection offices all over Malaysia, with a minimum of one in each state.
Therefore, you now know that before you can enjoy your ride after buying it from sites such as, you and our vehicle would first have to head on over to Puspakom.