Car Maintenance Tips

Car Maintenance may be a small word for car owners, but many tend to ignore it. Everyone would aspire to maintain his car, but very few actually did it. Here are few pointers and tips to maintain car at best and can also be done by one at individual level:-

– One Should get the air filter cleaned on regular basis. When the filter gets dirty enough to be cleaned, ensure that its replaced at least once every 18 months. It will deliver better fuel efficiency.

– Get the spark plugs checked also apart from air filters . Clean it with a soft towel or brush and if found broken , ensure that it has to be replaced

– Ensure that Engine oil is there at optimum levels in the car and be put of renowned companies. The Engine oil should be regularly changed once every 6 months for long life of engine

– The Tires pressure need to be optimum . It should not happen to run car with uneven pressure. The tire pressure needs to be checked every time you top up your fuel tank or at least in every 7 days whichever is earlier

– Ensure that car is regularly serviced at authorized workshops and stick to the service plan as suggested or recommended by the company

– Ensure to wash and clean your car on regular basis. It will only keep the car clean but will also clear any dirt or particles

– One should also check the car battery. Any signs of car been stopped or delay in ignition may indicate that car battery is gone. The average life of car battery can range from 2yr-4 yrs depending on the make and the brand

Remember, a well maintained car will not only give you better performance during the run but will also help you in commanding a better price at time of sale of car. Not only one gets a better fuel efficiency but also gets a performance will little hassles during the lifetime of the car till the owner keeps it. Also, many people tend to ignore visiting service workshops and only visits at time of an issue. Its always advisable to service a car once a month for better tune up, check up, complete wash and checking engine oil, air filter, coolants and other points in the car. Though, it may be treated as a slight expense but it gives a peace of mind with a better maintained car in the end.