Car Valuation, Negotiating With A Potential Buyer

Before you buy a car, it is wise to at least have a vision of where your car will stand in the next few years. If you plan to keep your new car for a very long period of time, probably the resale value is not your top priority. However, if you have intention to change your car to a newer model in two to five years, then you might want to get the best deal out of it when you decide to sell.

How my car performed historically on the used market is a helpful indicator of how it will do in the future and how much is my car worth. Top brands such as Hondas and Toyotas are very popular in the market for its reliability and popularity. They have the power to hold up to a good resell value and the owners can easily sell of their car because there will always be a high demand for such car brand. If your car comes with the popular features such as automatic transmissions, power window, CD player and air conditioning, you could maintain its market worth.

As soon as I have an estimated amount on how much is my car worth, the next step is to proceed to find someone who is interested to buy a car and set a limit to myself on the lowest price that I am willing to let go of my car. You may start with a newspaper adverts to alert buyers out there to take note of your vehicle. Posting on the internet are popular nowadays as well as word of mouth through family and friends. Send out your messages to everyone you know that you have a car for sale.

Once you have a potential buyer that rings you up for further enquiries, briefly explains the summary of your car and proceed to make arrangement for buyers to meet up with you to view your car and to further discuss on other related matters. Get to know your potential buyers. Understand the purpose for them to purchase a used car, whether it is for themselves or for someone else, whether it will be a family car or a company car so that you will know what is best for yourself to tell them about your car.

Take some time to research similar cars in the market so that you could further highlight the positive comments about your car to the potential buyers. It helps too if you know about your car’s dimension, engine size, chassis number and the features as it could assist the buyers in making their decision. It is important to tell the potential buyers of the price that you intend to sell and from there, if the buyers are genuine, they sometimes will try to negotiate for a slight decrease in the requested pricing.

Once the pricing negotiation has reached a confirmation from both parties, the potential buyer is just a few steps away from becoming a confirmed owner of your car. You may proceed to further arrange on the payment method, whether buyers will take a loan from the finance or pay cash. Then you can proceed to make necessary arrangement to transfer the ownership of your car registration card to the new owner’s name.