Casual Clothing For Women Over 40

Many women dread turning 40, especially if they are a fashionista who just does not want to give up her chic and trendy wardrobe that has become an innate part of her style statement. Well, you can stop worrying now as you can continue with your personal style in womens casual clothing even after you turn forty and still not look as if you are desperate to hold on to a younger you. Fashion after 40 can be still as exciting as before it if you browse through the exclusive collection of women’s clothing made available by Elan International Clothing.

By following some simple womens clothing tips given here, you can create a pulled together wardrobe for yourself with just a few pieces of womens apparel that you can buy from our line. This will not only reflect your personal taste in womens dresses and womens apparel but also look flattering for your age and body type.

Even if you follow all the principles of healthy eating and regular exercising, it is hard to maintain the svelte figure that you once flaunted when you were in your twenties. However, even with a slightly fuller figure you can still look fetching if you opt for the right cuts and designs that flatter your figure.

We at Elan International are well aware of the fact that even mature woman wish to look trendy rather than matronly, especially with the First Lady Michelle Obama leading the way for them to look chic and fashionable even at 40. You can buy Elan International pieces for clothing woman in their forties.
These are available in various sizes so that you do not need to squeeze into a smaller size. These are extremely comfortable to wear and look great too. For instance, you can browse through our denim collection that is a part of womens casual clothing to pick up a higher rise pair of jeans that complements your figure. As for tops, go for fabrics that drape rather than cling to your body.

For a fashionable look, you can mix and match classic pieces from your wardrobe with some trendy accessories such as belts, scarves or headwear. You can buy Elan International womens dresses for special occasions. You can achieve different look with these pieces by pairing them with different accessories that are hot in a particular season. Bold accessories make an impressive style statement as long as you are comfortable in carrying off the look.

One wardrobe classic that can come quite handy in clothing women above 40 is a button down shirt in a muted color palette. You can pair these with a classy pearl necklace and earring to achieve a stunning affect. A well fitted jacket is another wardrobe must have for women above 40. This can be paired with shirts, dresses, tunics and just about everything. If you do not have one yet, it will be a good idea to invest in a classy Bohemian shawl jacket that can be worn for various occasions as well as for a casual get together.