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What is Motor Legal Protection on Car Insurance

Motor Legal Protection also known as legal expenses/ uninsured loss recovery insurance is designed to help you if a motor accident was not your fault and you have suffered an injury, need a replacement hire vehicle, or incurred other losses which are not covered under your motor insurance policy.

Motor legal protection will help pay for the legal costs to pursue your claim for you to recover costs including (but not exclusively):

-Vehicle repair -Personal injury -Hire vehicle -Loss of earnings -Policy excess -Medical bills -Legal expenses

Everybody is entitled to claim back uninsured losses, however this tends to require a lot of effort. You would personally have to negotiate figures, policy details, keep track of everything and generally spend a large amount of time on the phone. With motor legal protection, you can rely on someone else to do all of that for you. Claims are pursued by legal professionals which makes the process of getting back to the position you were prior to the accident relatively hassle-free. Essentially motor legal protection makes life easier for you as a driver, providing important peace of mind in knowing that your uninsured losses will be recovered.

A word of caution:

Worryingly, many companies offering free motor legal protection show a preference for personal injury claims and dismiss other claims. Prospective buyers should be aware of these shortfalls prior to purchasing a product and are urged to shop around for more comprehensive, better value for money packages. When shopping around for insurance policies it is all too easy to be lured into -No Win No Fee’ type companies which advertise free services, which superficially offer a great, low-cost alternative to what is normally quite an expensive product. However in reality, these clever companies tend to take a percentage of your compensation before the seemingly -full’ sum is deposited into your bank account. The benefit of purchasing motor legal protection insurance means that you do not fall victim to these companies, therefore ensuring that the pay-out you receive is not compromised in any way. The same caution should be applied to more established insurance companies. All too often high commission rates are added on to motor legal protection packages which boosts up the price. The good news is that if people are prepared to shop around and compare, there are some extremely affordable, good-quality policies available on the market which can help give peace of mind in the event of an accident that was not your fault.

Best Price FS is one of the cheapest providers of motor legal protection cover, delivering the most comprehensive uninsured loss recovery in the UK.

Don’t Let Your Car’s Alternator Leave You Stranded

An alternator is one of the most commonly dysfunctional auto parts. Without a properly functioning alternator, your car will simply refuse to run. A faulty alternator can leave you stranded, but luckily, a low-performing alternator often shows warning signs that indicate its malfunction before it ceases to work. Being able to recognize these warning signs, and knowing what to do next, may prevent you from getting caught in an inconvenient or dangerous situation.

One sign that your alternator is going bad is that the battery of your car will frequently go dead. Though there can be other causes for a dead battery, an underperforming alternator is often the case-this lack of a power source will prevent your battery from recharging. Another warning sign may be a metallic clanging that changes with your engine speed. Often, this indicates that the shaft bearing on the alternator is about to break. This is a relatively common problem with alternators that have been in use for a long time.

The best way to prevent being stranded by a bad alternator is by having it tested on a regular basis. It is recommended that you do so every time a tune-up is performed on your car-about once every year. If you drive your car more than the average person, you may want to have a tune-up or maintenance service completed more frequently. A technician can easily test the output of your alternator. If you suspect that yours is going bad or not charging your car properly, you can have it tested free of charge at many automotive parts stores. In most instances, mechanics can even test the alternator while it is still installed in your vehicle.

With the advancement of technology, a car’s alternator is more important than ever. Taking a look at the newest cars on the market, many feature a wide variety of electronics; all of these require battery power to operate. The computer in a newer car needs power operate spark plugs, fuel pumps, and the engine, among other things. To illustrate how much pressure an alternator must handle, let’s take a look at all of the mechanisms it must provide power to: digital gauges, headlights, stereo systems, in-car DVD players and televisions, just to name a few. All of these rely on the vehicle’s alternator for power.

Older cars, such as a classic Austin Healey, do not place as much stress on their alternators. An older Austin Healey relied more on mechanical systems than electrical systems to operate, and therefore did not require as much electrical power to run.

If you like to do your own auto repair, and you have some experience with working on cars, then replacing your car’s alternator may be a feasible process. The hardest step in completing this task is being able to access the mounting bolts. The difficulty of this varies with the year, make, and model of the vehicle that you are working on. Older cars often have the alternator in the front of the engine, toward the top, making for a very easy replacement. Newer vehicles, especially those with front-wheel drive, may not have such an accessible alternator. Front-wheel drive cars usually have the engine installed sideways, meaning there is little room to access the mounting bolts.

Whether or not you should pay a professional to replace your alternator is purely a matter of confidence in your own mechanical abilities. Don’t forget that you will have to remove the serpentine belt in newer models. This may be a good opportunity to replace your serpentine (alternator) belt.

If you are experiencing electrical problems with your car, or if you frequently find yourself with a dead battery, then it is time to have your alternator tested. A faulty alternator may be the source of your problems.

COIDO High-Power Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner 6132

Technical parameters

* Inspiratory flow rate: more than 12 mmHg

* Input Power: DC 12V

* Power: 75W


* This product is king of the latest style wind, the wind king 6038W wet and dry dual-use an upgraded version of a more powerful suction!

* This paragraph suction vacuum cleaner can pick up dust, water, dry or wet material, sprinkle water or drinks in the car can be easily removed. It is a good choice with Cikuan strong power, very strong, and is equipped with duckbill tube, you can breathe anywhere! Can absorb lots of water Oh, there are drinks or other liquids spilled in the car also have no worries! This section minimal noise, strong power. Insert the 12V cigarette lighter power supply can be used to facilitate power cable 3 m love you clean every corner of the car. Cikuan vacuum cleaner can absorb water, sprinkle water or drinks in the car can be easily removed.

Product features:

* Transparent removable front cover, equipped with special filters to facilitate regular cleaning

* With transparent water storage, volume 0.5KG, can be stored in liquid adsorption

* With a dedicated corner of the adsorption of flat head, can absorb corner of dust, great suction


* The power supply into the car cigarette lighter socket

* Handle power switch above the control key, push the control key to the ON position to use, is pushed to OFF to stop using

* Depending on the use of different occasions, to replace the nozzle, cigarette lighter cable enough to cover the vehicle anywhere within the vacuum;

* Use suction flat ground to achieve the better results

* Power control key in front of the former shell device key, press down removable front cover, or to clean up when finished using, open the front cover of the filters to extend the life of the filters must be away from the eyes and ears. This product is not available for adsorption of combustible materials, such as the burning cigarette butts and so on. Should be noted that water absorption and wet materials, the attention of the resistance front cover pipe height (capacity), inhalation volume of no more than a high water resistance. (Continue to use the former, you must open the front cover off and then back onto the liquid poured out


* Use the filter must be installed

* Not in direct sunlight, do not use in places where high temperature and pressure

* Do not use gasoline or volatile detergent wipe the body

* Motor rotation will not be won before the shell

Car kit Automotive kit

There Are Several Techniques All Car Sales Professionals Must Follow If They Want To Close the Deal

Anyone that sells cars as a way to make a living is very familiar with three words, “closing the deal”. The difference between successful car sales professionals and those that are not as successful is how sharp their closing skills are. The more skilled you are at closing deals successfully can literally make or break your sales career. There are several methods that you should consider following if you truly want to have a higher percentage of sales.

Both new and experienced sales professionals can benefit from learning these methods and implementing them into their sales pitch. You can even practice these techniques with friends and relatives until they become second nature to you.

Always Assume Your Customer Is Buying

It is important that you act and speak like your customer has already decided to make the purchase. Allow your speech and actions to naturally reflect that a deal is on the table. If you begin to act in this manner, your customer may also begin to follow suit. You keep talking as if the deal is done, and in the end, the customer will either purchase the car from you or they will object to some stipulation of the contract. If they begin to object during the closing, you can counteract these objections.

Simply Ask Them to Purchase the Car

This is a very simple technique, but many car sales professionals that are not very experienced fail to ever ask their customers to buy the car. They will explain all of the features of the car, and talk extensively about how nice the car is, but they do not ask the customer to purchase the car. This is something that you must do continually during the closing, and if they object, you need to continue with another technique.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Anyone that has spent any time in the sales industry will tell you that it is very important that you try to sell when the customer is in front of you because someone that promises to come back seldom does. Most customers that you will encounter during your career as a car sales professional will tell you that they are either just looking or they are short on time. Your job as the sales professional is to make them buy the car whilst they are there. You can create urgency by telling them that a sale is about to end, or anything that will make them think they will be missing out if they do not buy NOW. Although you want to create a sense of urgency, you do not want to use high pressured tactics. This will only push them away.

Allow Them to Say Yes Easily

The best thing you can do whilst you are with a customer is to listen to them. If you listen closely enough, you will hear what they desire and need out of this car. Add this bit of information into your closing. Once you ask them about their needs in your closing, their answers will most likely be “yes!” This is when you will show them how you will be able to deliver those needs in one of the cars on your lot.

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