Pool Industry Secrets Reveals Easy Salt Chlorinator Selection

Salt chlorinators are probably the easiest and most popular product for swimming pools. This makes perfect sense after all why manually dose the pool every day when the salt chlorinator can do it for you.

However there is a tendency to oversize and undersize chlorinators which can lead to both operating the chlorinator cell at very low output in which case you feel like you have paid too much or the chlorine level in your pool dropping away in peak use or full sun and the like.

There is a formula I have used for many years and it is very simple to apply to almost any pool. Using the formula the amp draw of the cell can be calculated and once the amp draw is known the manufacturers data can be used to correctly size the cell.
The formula works by applying the following data:

PV = Pool Volume in cubic metres
R = Free available chlorine residual you are targeting
T = time the filter and chlorinator will be running in hours

The formula looks like this:
R * PV = cell amps
Or in English residual multiplied by cubic metres all divided by running time.

Lets work through some examples to show you how it works. Well start with an average backyard pool of say 50 000 litres where the targeted residual free available chlorine level is 3 mg/l and the filter system normally runs for 8 hours a day.

PV = 50 cubic metres
R = 3
T = 8
So applying our formula we get

3 * 50 = 150 / 8 = 18.75

So the correct sized chlorinator cell for this pool would be 18.75 amps.

As another example work through this, the pool volume is 120 000 litres, the targeted free available chlorine level is 2 mg/l and the pump and filter run time is 12 hours.

PV = 120 cubic metres
R = 2
T = 12

So again applying our formula we get

2 * 120 = 240 / 12 = 20

So the correct size cell for this pool is 20 amps.

In reality both these pools chlorinator cells would probably be the same cell as manufacturer tolerances would probably mean there is a cell drawing around 20 amps.

Even though this formula works and works all the time you still need to add cyanuric acid or stabiliser as it is often called and run the pump filter system whenever the pool is in use.

Where chlorinators come in a one size fits all set up it is even more important to understand and apply the formula. By working the formula backwards you can get the run time for the chlorinator. This formula looks like:

R * PV = T
cell amps

Using our examples from above see below some equation run throughs.

PV = 50 cubic metres
R = 3
cell amps=18.75

So applying our formula we get

3 * 50 = 150 / 18.75 = 8

So to maintain a residual of 3 mg/l using a cell that draws 18.75 amps at 12 volts the calculated run time for the plant is 8 hours.

PV = 120 cubic metres
R = 2
cell amps = 20

So again applying our formula we get

2 * 120 = 240 / 20 = 12

And similar in this pool using our formula in reverse to get 2 mg/l or ppm using a 20 amp cell the run time would be 12 hours.
One common error a pool owner is likely to make is to use the dial control to reduce the chlorine output by reducing the current going to the cell. Sure I know manufacturers add this control for this purpose, however a very common occurrence is for this to be turned down when the pool is first charged with salt and slowly turned up over time as the salt depletes. This practice is not the best idea. By doing this as the salt level falls the salt cell is being asked to increase its chlorine output a sort of two way pincer.
A better practice is to adjust the salt chlorinator run time to the calculated run time and run the salt chlorinator for that time at 80% or thereabouts, and top up the salt if the chlorine level is found to be dropping.

Monitoring the salt level in the pool is critical to the longevity of the cell. Combined with correctly sizing the salt cell and adequate pool maintenance the cell should last a reasonable period before requiring replacement.

In this article I have shown how to calculate the correct salt cell size for your pool. I have demonstrated applying this formula in reverse to obtain a correct operational run time for a given chlorine residual and chatted generally about salt levels and stabiliser or cyanuric acid levels. If you want to find out more information on this or any other pool equipment topic you can use www.poolindustrysecrets.com site. For those people who use non metric systems here is a quick conversion guide.

1 cubic metre = 1000 litres
1000 litres = 264 us gallons
1000 litres = 219 uk gallons
ppm = mg/l
1000 us gallons = 3785 litres
1000 uk gallons = 4546 litres

The Effects of Global Terrorism on the Events Industry

Many people consider the impacts on industries that are directly related to the terrorist actions, such as the insurance industry. However, few consider the impact on an industry such as the events industry. While some people may not be able to see a link to the events industry as strongly as to an industry such as the airline industry, it is there. While there are many different types of events they all have some aspects in common. They all need attendees in order to occur or at least occur more than once. In order for an event to be successful people need to be drawn to the event and motivated to attend. There are many different factors that can persuade people to attend an event, but one of the main factors is whether they can get to the location of the event.

The ability to travel to an event for any attendee has now been seen to be endangered by Global terrorism. This is especially felt in regard to air travel since the tragic events in New York in 2001 which have lead to such huge changes throughout the world. People no longer feel as confident traveling to other countries on airplanes and as therefore less likely to attend events that require them to make use of that form of transport. Other forms of transport are also perceived as dangerous to use when traveling to an event in different areas of the world. This then limits the number of people who are willing to travel to a particular event, in particular well known people who may fear that they will be targeted during their journey to an event.

Global terrorisms effects may not be overtly visible, but they have lead to a curtailment of a completely carefree way of life. Many people can also fear to attend an event as it may be a magnet for terrorists who wish to make a statement by disrupting the event. The disrupting of a particular event due to the forces of global terrorism can take many forms. These forms could include protesting particular actions of parties associated of the event. Otherwise it could take the more dangerous form of violently targeting parties attending the event. This has lead to many people avoiding any event where many people are gathered or where subjects related to the event are seen as controversial by terrorist organizations.

Different events may carry a different level of risk for people attending them so a meeting of government agencies may be far more likely to be targeted than a musical event in a park. The importance or perceived importance of a particular event can also determine whether it could be targeted. The thought of being targeted by global terrorism is enough to prevent people from attending any event, which has lead to a great decline of many different types of events that may previously been well attended, particularly by people who are not local to the area. This has lead to a direct link between declining fortunes of the events industry and global terrorism.

Panyu Jewelry Processing Industry’s Development History

Most jewelry practitioners know that Panyu, Guangdong, China is a well-known jewelry processing base, but few people know the developing history of China Panyus jewelry industry, following is a brief introduction of Panyu jewelry processing industry’s development history.

The embryonic stage of Panyu jewelry industry can be traced back to 1985, at that time, Panyu had only one collective enterprise began to engage in processing gold and silver jewelry business.

Around 1986, some Hong Kong jewelry processors began to travel to Panyu for seeking cooperation opportunities, to take advantage of the cheap cost to train jewelry processing talents. They mainly contracted jewelry processing business, at first, there are only seven or eight processing enterprises, the scale of productions are very small.

The late 80s to early 90s, Hong Kong jewelry companies have entered Panyu, Panyu jewelry processing industry has grown and developed increasingly. Now there have more than 200 jewelry processing enterprises in the base, the Hong Kong-funded enterprises account for around 60%.

What is the reason of Panyu attracting so many jewelry manufacturers? Firstly is its abundant resources of the geographical location, its very convenient transportation, land and sea transport the smooth Road, and travel between the Hong Kong and Panyu is very convenient. The second is that the processing fees, wages, land rent are relatively low, coupled with the strong support of Panyu government departments, provide a variety of convenient measures, making Panyu jewelry processing industry rapid developing, and forming a good reputation.

The processing amount of Panyu constitutes sixty percent of Hong Kong transit trade.

Although Panyu jewelry retail is still in its infancy, but compared with Shenzhen, its jewelry processing export is no less significant. The last year, the output value of Panyu jewelry industry reached 4 billion Yuan , export value of nearly $ 500 million, the processing amount of Panyu constitute sixty percent of Hong Kong transit trade. At present, Panyu processing jewelry industry covers jewelry making equipment, diamonds polishing; silver jewelry manufacturing and precious metal manufacturing and other areas, employing over 45,000 people, No matter the plant size, design or processes have enjoyed a certain degree of fame in the world.

To build a jewelry processing capital of the world

Panyu jewelry processing industry develops rapidly, at present, five jewelry processing areas, Shiqiao, Lanhe, Dagang and other towns (street) has succession absorb. To enhance the development aftereffect, The Foreign Trade Bureau of the area has initial planed of a new jewelry processing zone, it has about forty million square meters. According to the international standards production, the new jewelry processing zone is expected to put into production, after that, its employees will up to 20,000 people, the output value will up to $ 250 million.

To strengthen jewelry retail,jewelry CAD design, Panyu jewelry Street has more than 60 jewelry stores of not less than the minimum investment amount of 60 million Yuan. Although compared to other jewelry processing places such as Shenzhen, Panyu jewelry processing industry start relatively late , but its hardware facilities is not inferior, it also has many good technology personnel, all of these will make Panyus future a famous jewelry processing capital of the world.

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Digital Menu Board for Food Industry

Call it the alchemist, technology has virtually transformed every industry it has come into contact with. And with the advent of digital menu or digital menu board, the miracle of technology has seeped in to the hospitality industry as well. Unsurprisingly, it is all set to take the industry by storm by offering highly interactive services, and an absolutely new dining experience.

In a way, menu is the first and the most important point of contact with the customers. So, it holds great potential to be the prime and most decisive tool for the success of any hospitality industry, where quality of services translates into satisfaction. But traditional menu had managed to do it to a certain extent only. Digital menu boards are the state-of-the-art technology for hospitality industry which brings in great value to the business operation by expanding every limit and possibility. It has in fact redefined the meaning of menu altogether.

With this novel and interactive innovation, menu will now serve as the perfect appetizer for every diner. The high definition board of the digital menu allows showcasing of delicious visuals in a much more exotic way that it tickles the mind of every food lover. It has become the perfect medium to make every diner relish with their eyes, and eventually helps them indulge a little more. So, this can mean more impulsive indulgence as well.

Digital menu also allows endless customization that suits every need of both hotelier and diners alike. From the customer’s perspective, digital menu board offers all diners an easy and exciting experience of placing order. It gives every customer the leverage to know the exact ingredients as well as the recipe of the food they are ordering. And single touch order has only made it easier and exciting for them. Just a tap on the digital menu board and the order goes directly to the kitchen. What this means is that, understanding the order becomes easier, not for the waiter, but for the chef who gets to know the exact taste that his customer is craving for. On the other side, this also helps every waiter focus on serving better and attending more tables.

Waiting for the order is now made so entertaining with emenu. Every interactive menu can be so easily customized with endless features like music and video for those who love to catch up with the latest or their favourite numbers and clips. And for the little one and game lovers, all the popular games can keep them deeply engaged until the order is served. eMenu also ensures that youth do not miss out on the current trend of 24X7 social networking updates with its features like facebook and other social networking integration. Other features like writing notes about the favourite dishes and moments at the place only helps in making the experience all the more personal for the diner, and hence make them developed a bond with the particular place. This surely will be a delight to the hoteliers who are fond of developing more patrons.

Industry’s Need For Plaster Builders Rubble Bags In Bulk

Almost every industry will be in search of a suitable vendor for plaster builders rubble bags, because waste by-products for, every industry, is too bulky, to fit into thin plastic bags, even if they are large in size. If industries are not able to manage waste appropriately, they may be fined or are liable under law, and earn bad reputation as a result. An industry would not risk, being marked with bad reputation, at any cost.

Any industry, which has earned its name with its clients, will want to retain its crown of being best host and a responsible host, and hence, makes sure that waste management is up to the mark. If it is a start up industry, then it would not risk earning, a bad name and go down, as soon as it began its business. This is why, every attention is paid to have enough stock of plaster builders rubble bags for handling waste easily, by a start up industry.

An industry owner, of current times, is clever, in that he or she ensures that good amount of research is done before choosing any vendor or dealer for their raw materials, tools or waste management or plaster builders rubble bags, and maximize on profits without compromising on quality. Even a small aspect like choosing a vendor for plaster builders rubble bags is given deep search and study, for cheap deals available. Teams are constituted for this study and results are reported in a systematic manner.

Industry is a huge organization, and for its smooth running, needs are also huge, making it necessary for choosing a dealer who is able to provide constant supply of raw materials, tools and all other accessories required. Although plaster builders rubble bags are small things, efficient industry owners are always keeping an eye on, minute aspects as these.

Industries that are into food processing or clothing, construction, or refinery, will always, produce waste in bulk. Shifting raw materials or waste from an industry or simply packaging material, that needs heavy duty bags, will always need plaster builders rubble bags.

Hence an industry will be buying bulk orders regularly from a chosen vendor dealing in rubble bags. There are many vendors online, who are ready to offer bulk orders at very low prices, finding the appropriate one, needs, only small amount of research.

For finding right kind of vendors, one may use, classified websites online, and contact them for further quotes. Or, simply search online for, cheap plaster builders rubble bags, to find many web links to vendor websites. But, checking the vendor’s authenticity by visiting the manufacturer or dealer in person is also good practice, because once a reliable vendor is found, all they have to do is, finish paper work, for contract based supply or choose an appropriate method of supply and pay, that is suitable to both parties.

It is always good to choose plaster builders rubble bags made from polymers(recycled), for they can be recycled again. It is easier to manage waste along with being environment friendly. To do so, choosing the right material is very important.