Cell Phone Power Management Need To Be Cautious

ON Semiconductor vice president of sales Lin Jianming China: the near future, sales of mobile phones and adapters will be completely separate, which will pose a mobile phone side of the test charge.Dell Inspiron 6000 battery

Lin Jianming: If there is no perfect internal overcharge protection circuit, the battery will overcharge may cause an explosion of serious consequences.

Charging the phone interface, over-voltage is undoubtedly the most dangerous. Poor quality in the adapter, failure or user error then a different device adapter can happen. In general, your phone charge management IC can control the charge current and voltage, to maintain the security charge the battery. However, if the rated current of the input voltage is too high while charging, over charging management circuit can withstand value, the circuit components will be adjusted because of charge-off or burned out of control power and role. The worst case, at this time if the user also uses low-cost lithium batteries, could not complete overcharge protection circuit, the battery will overcharge may cause serious consequences of such an explosion. To this end the provisions of the phone in YD/T1591-2006 in the side to contain over-voltage protection circuit to prevent such from happening. Overvoltage protection (OVP) circuitry detects over-voltage fault conditions, the detection circuit will be switch off, disconnect the phone and the adapter output.DELL Latitude E6400 Battery

Power Management Products National Semiconductor Senior Application Engineer Zhongjian Peng: charge management circuit functions normally charge by the management of single chip (Charger IC), or integrated charge-management functions of power management chip (PMU) to achieve. Rechargeable lithium battery management circuitry to support features for the trickle charge, constant current charging, constant voltage charging of the three charging process, and should have protection mechanisms to prevent overheating. Advanced charge management circuit also should have the input voltage over-voltage protection function. The protection of the safety of the product itself is very important. Some unqualified charge management circuit, often lack the protection of the design, the circuit itself may cause damage to the system overheating, or even more serious security issues.ACER TM00741 Battery

MPS Marketing Director Yuan Wenlin Asia: a new generation of rechargeable IC PMU have in addition to charging function through the highly integrated hardware to achieve high reliability, but also should have OVP (overvoltage protection), OCP (overcurrent protection) , NTC function, both a high input voltage, small size and simple external circuit. USB charger for battery management IC should be consistent with low standby power / charge current programmable switching / charging mode multiple input / can set the input power charger or USB port, and automatically charge the battery and cell phone distribution work be current; and in accordance with standard USB port of the limit.

Excellent cost-effective chip Recommended

Power Integrationss primary regulator device, such as LinkSwitch, can maintain the electrical insulation, and does not require optical isolators in the case of feedback to provide precise output voltage. This can reduce costs, help design a smaller charger, while maintaining the necessary security clearance.

The latest LinkSwitch-II products with accurate voltage control, can be very accurately simulated USB port. In addition, the products include cable drop compensation, so regardless of cable above the extent of the loss of current, voltage can be kept constant.Sony VGP-BPS8 Battery

LinkSwitch-II 5% voltage accuracy, current accuracy of 10%, for the adapter and charger is ideal. Also, it requires 20 components to build a complete AC power, which saves the cost of components itself, but also saves production time, assembly and inventory costs. “In China, labor costs have increased to around 0.003 U.S. dollars each component cost, for small patchy resistance and capacitor, in the cost of Shangzhangfuduo Gengda.” Doug Bailey of Road.

MPS full range of battery charging chips are produced using high pressure technology, have a minimum 20V, maximum 28V of voltage, and have been integrated over-voltage protection and meet the low standby power requirements. To comply with USB OTG low standby power requirements, a new generation of MP-2605X series also will reduce the standby current to 40uA, and increase the reverse input voltage protection (-16V) function, following the industry MPS charge chips widely used:

MP2605 standard charge applies to all chip general hand-held portable devices; MP26056 support USB / adapter pair of input interface for USB interfaces need to charge the portable device; MP2607 built pwr path, can be automatically assigned to charge the battery and the phone work current required for high-end hand-held portable devices such as smart phones, GPS navigation, PDA applications.

“Based on customer feedback, they are using MPS of charge chips, the great majority Yin Wei cost considerations Ercai Yong PMU / single chip charge management, but only to find defects line charge account all Ke Fan Xiu back the number of more than 20%, but cause the overall cost increase; but wants to be using external components to enhance the safety factor PMU, the additional cost and board area, also makes the industry difficult to sustain. At this point if the use of MPS battery charging chip, cost and product quality can be strikes a balance. “Yuanwen Lin said.

TIs bq24070 series and bq24032A series provides a separate charge path and system power path, effectively prevent the repeated charge and discharge system problems, battery life is greatly extended; resolve the cell phone a full charge the battery consumption issues began to extend the standby time 10 ~ 20%; effectively prevent the system out of control due to CPU crash and the risk of charge, to prevent the result of external pressure and breakdown voltage over the issue, greatly increasing the reliability of the system; eliminates the additional over-voltage protection, and path switching MOSFET and Schottky diode, reducing total system cost. The adapter current consumption in the system and charge redistribution between the automatic on-demand, using a small adapter, but greatly accelerated the charge time and reduce costs while improving the user experience.Acer Aspire 5000 battery

“TI advocates the path of dynamic power management in battery power management applications has been recognized by customers, such as dual-port (USB, AC adapter input, respectively) linear charge management chip bq24032A series, single-port bq24070 Series (USB, AC adapter to share an input), “Zhang was said.

ON Semiconductor has introduced a series of overvoltage protection chip. AC adapter for wall charging plug the NCP347/348, can provide up to 2A of charge mobile phone current and voltage transients up to 28V fault protection; NCP360 and NCP361 USB interface, suitable for positive over-voltage protection controller, with very low 35A current consumption to meet USB standby requirements, NCP361 also has a current limit function; to meet the cell phone charger / power supply to accessories such as the demand for bi-directional current control, ON Semiconductor also forthcoming NCP370, provide 28V overvoltage protection and adjustable current limit.

SGM4054 as St Microelectronics state management in charge introduced the first product has now passed the test in a variety of applications and high-volume applications, the main features include: programmable charge current up to 800mA, high-capacity battery can achieve the fast charge; heat calibration can prevent constant current, constant voltage operation mode, the battery overheating and improve the safety of consumer products; by USB directly to a single battery charge, to meet the multi-product compatibility; with charging indicator, providing the user identification information; 1% charge precision, to ensure battery life; low shutdown current of 25A, promote the effective utilization of power; own 2.93V trickle charge threshold, rechargeable lithium battery can be fully consistent with the standards process (trickle charge, constant current charging, constant voltage charged off recognition); with automatic recharge feature, to provide sufficient energy. Follow-up will launch high-pressure, high charging current of charge management chip, to meet the new demand for mobile phone application for more power.ACER AS07B72 Battery

National Semiconductor for different applications-rich charge management solution. A single chip charge management chip (LM3658), support for USB, AC-DC regulator of two inputs, and have overheating protection. There are many highly integrated power management chip (PMU) has well-integrated charge-management functions. Such as GPS, PMP designs PMU LP3913, the integrated support for USB, AC-DC regulator of two input and support of the charge current path management snap. There are many applications designed for mobile phones PMU as LP3919, more up to 28V overvoltage protection.