China Pharmaceutical Industry – Overview,trends,analysis,outlook And Swot

Emerging Markets Direct (EMD) announced the release of their latest China Pharmaceutical Industry Report1H11. China Pharmaceutical market has been growing rapidly as the fourth-largest market in the world in terms of size. As one of the pharmerging markets in BRIC, the industry is expected to grow at 12.5% CAGR during 2009 2014. Backed by vast pool of talent, low-cost manufacturing capabilities, and huge market potential, it has attracted several global drug giants to outsource their R&D and invest in China.

While the market size of China Pharmaceuticals in 2009 was USD46.15billion, its overall health expenditure was among the lowest in the world comparable to that of Morocco, India or Saudi Arabia. In 2009, Chinas overall health expenditure was at USD230.7 billion, a 4.7% of total GDP. The industry is well-known for its fragmented nature with 7,664 enterprises in 2009, out of which local domestic enterprises account for 70% of industry sales.

Government policies change the landscape of pharmaceutical industry in China. A three-year health care reform was introduced in 2009 attempting to increase medical insurance coverage, upgrade grassroots medical institution and set up the basic medicine system. These gave a push to the generic pharmaceuticals with measures taken to curb over-prescription of unnecessary drugs. As a matter of fact, high-end drug distributors would be encouraged to consolidate in order to stay competitive.

Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals market is a growing segment in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and set to double its market share by 2014. Backed by the aging population, increasing disposable income levels, and growth in the awareness of health care. Our analysts expect Over-the-counter purchases to increase along with the growth in the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. Facing the tough competition from hospitals, the market is set to diversify with vitamins, minerals and supplements leading the growth of this segment.
Generic Drugs market will boom for the next 4 years to come as expiring blockbuster drug patents cause a surge in generic drug production. Whats more, Generic segment remains attractive to foreign investments, where multinational companies merge and acquire generic drug companies to compensate for the loss of income from expiring patents. Our analysts think that generic segment will capture a larger consumer base owing to the health-care subsidy put forward by Chinese government.

What are the prevailing problems in the pharmaceutical industry? How is the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine market? What are the competitive advantages of China pharmaceutical research? How does the condition of patent law and intellectual property rights affect the industry? What are the trends and outlook of the China pharmaceutical industry? Which are the top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises in 2009? How about the SWOT analysis of China Pharmaceutical market?

The answers are here in our latest in our latest number. Complete with full analysis of key players including:
-Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co.Ltd.
-Northeast Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.
-North China Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
-Beijing Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.

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Table of Content
1. Industry Profile
1.1 Industry Overview
1.1.1 Structure of Chinas Pharmaceutical Industry
1.1.2 Industry Size And Value
1.2 Industry Production
1.3 Government Policies
1.3.1 Healthcare Reform Policy
1.3.2 11th Five-Year Plan
1.3.3 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
1.3.4 Administrative Protection
1.4 Pharmaceutical Industry Issues
1.5 Global Pharmaceutical Industry Trends
2. Market Trends and Outlook
2.1 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Market
2.2 Over-The-Counter (OTC) Pharmaceuticals Market
2.3 Generic Drugs Market
2.4 Research and Development (R&D)
2.4.1 Competitive Advantages In China Pharmaceutical Research
2.5 Imports and Exports
2.6 Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) of Companies
2.7 Market Outlook
3. Leading Players and Comparative Matrix
3.1 Leading Players
3.1.1 Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
3.1.2 Northeast Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (NPC)
3.1.3 North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (NCP)
3.1.4 Beijing Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (BDCP)
3.2 Comparative Matrix
3.3 Top 100 Pharmaceutical Enterprises in China
3.4 SWOT Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Market In China

4. Tables & Charts
Table 1: Summary of Chinese Pharmaceutical Market in 2009
Table 2: List of major drug patent expiry from 2010 to 2011
Table 3: Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.: Financial Highlights 2007-2009
Table 4: Northeast Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: Financial Highlights 2007-2009
Table 5: North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: Financial Highlights 2007-2009
Table 6: Beijing Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: Financial Highlights 2007-2009
Table 7: Financial Highlights of the Leading Players 2008-2009
Table 8: Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises in 2009
Chart 1: Gross Industrial Output of Medical and Pharmaceutical Products 2006-2009
Chart 2: No of Pharmaceutical Enterprises In China 2005-2009
Chart 3: 2009-2011Healthcare Reform
Chart 4: Global Pharmaceutical Market Size 2005-2009
Chart 5: OTC Pharmaceuticals Market Value 2005-2009
Chart 6: Total OTC Sales in 2009 by Breakdown
Chart 7: Import and Exports of Pharmaceuticals 2006-2009
Chart 8: China Pharmaceutical Market Projections (excl. HK) 2009-2014(f)