China’s Cosmetics Industry Into The Fast Lane

After 20 years of rapid development, China’s cosmetic industry has formed a shape, full of vigor and vitality of the industrial army, has made remarkable achievements. Cosmetics companies have mushroomed, more and more numerous cosmetic brands emerging, increasingly competitive market. At present, China has become the world’s most potential in the cosmetics market, accompanied by China’s rapid economic growth, API supplier, the cosmetics industry and broad development prospects.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2009 China’s cosmetics industry is 58.974 billion yuan output value, an increase of 8.3% in 2010, with annual sales in the billion or more of cosmetics industry has more than 50, 5 billion of more than 10 home. 2011, annual sales of the cosmetics market is expected to reach 100 billion yuan, about 12.9% annual growth. China’s cosmetics market sales currently ranks second in Asia, eighth in the world, the country has 4,000 cosmetics manufacturers, the product varieties of 25,000 species. Cosmetic skin care products continues to be our future market mainstream products, as people’s awareness of the aesthetic, the share will continue to improve cosmetics, astaxanthin, beauty products will become mainstream women. Hair products will develop in the direction of high profile, children and men’s cosmetics will be developed, the domestic cosmetics market has great potential.

Shangpu consulting industry analyst pointed out that China’s cosmetic industry has shown rapid development momentum, the outlook positive. With China’s rapid economic development, China will become the world’s largest cosmetics market, the future of the cosmetics market will be the following six directions: one toward the future will be green cosmetics, skin care, natural, environmentally friendly, biodegradable direction, consumer safety requirements for cosmetics are growing, from natural ingredients and raw materials of cosmetics will be much the people of all ages; Second, the natural plant ingredients, especially the efficacy of herbal products have great market development; Third, the composite function is the competition in the face of the inevitable future cosmetic trends. Not only in make-up areas, such as foundation, not only Banmei improve the color, but also a moisturizing, sun protection function. Other skin care products, cosmetics, functional diversity also appears to increase the nutrition, health, fast, and other new features; four men to change the aesthetic attitude, beauty make-up of the new force into the future, through the green beauty care, highlighting the young, sexy, masculine charm; five cosmetic ingredient technology and product innovation will continue, a large number of new scientific and technological achievements will be used; six, leisure-oriented beauty will be respected, with the reduction in working hours, leisure, tretinoin, tourism, the formation of wave UV A + B sunscreen products will become essential health protective cosmetics, some other makeup products will also be in the sun, antioxidant, anti-pollution efforts. Source: