Choosing A Car Seat That Is Compatible With Your Vehicle

If you are having a baby, you know you need a car safety seat for the child. If you have begun your research, you may know a bit about weight limits and rear-facing versus front-facing. You have probably decided on a basic type for your infant and may even have a preferred brand. Chances are, you also already have a car with a specific type of seat belt and have recently discovered that not every brand of car seat works well with every model of car. You need to find a car seat that fits into your vehicle properly.

There are many models of seats out there, and you cannot try them all before settling on one. Fortunately, you can use a shortcut by visiting the Car Seat Data web site. There is a compatibility search mechanism on the site that will allow you to check your favorite brands of car seats with your make of automobile to find out which are the best models to use.

For example, choosing the Baby Trend brand car seat and a Chevy will tell you that the 2001 Impala has a great fit with belts with the rear-facing LatchLoc type, and that the 2003 Tracker also has a great fit with the LatchLoc. There are two entries for the Baby Trend LatchLoc rear-facing seat and the 2001 Ford Escape. One comment was, Center. Great fit. Used shelf liner and rolled towel for angle. The other comment said, Outboard. Great fit. Used shelf liner on leather seats. There are also two, Outboard. Great fit, comments for the Ford Focus (2002 and 2003) and the rear-facing LatchLoc. For the 1996 Ford F-150, the comment is, Rear center. Great fit.

Judging by the homogeneous nature of the comments, there is probably a questionnaire that people fill out to tell others their experience.

The best way to conduct a search is to enter your car’s make, model and year and then see what experiences other drivers of your type car have had. For instance, there were no results for the Baby Trend seat brand and the Volkswagen Jetta. If you are a Jetta driver, rather than go out and buy an entirely different model of auto just to use a Baby Trend, which isn’t an option for many people, it is better to choose based on the experiences of other Jetta drivers. There are many entries for the 2003 Jetta, some with copious notes and tips for using particular safety seats.

Jetta drivers seem to like Graco car seats, for example. Interestingly enough, one Jetta driver did actually trade in their car for a larger one so that the SafeSeat, apparently a large car seat, would fit better.

Finding the right baby seat for your car is not as overwhelming as it seems, once you start narrowing down the information that you need for a proper choice. Since you are purchasing a car safety seat to keep your little one safe, you should purchase one that will actually work optimally with your car for the best security possible.

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