Choosing The Bag According To The Colors Of Clothes

Tone and tone collocation method: this method means the bag can match the same color cloth. In this way, you can make a very elegant atmosphere. For example: deep coffee suits match the camel bag

Contrast colors match method: the colors of bag and clothes can be the contrast colors, this is a very attractive collocation method. Such as: black suits plus red waistband plus red bag and black heel shoes.

Neutral color plus one decorate color match method: it is neutral color clothes match decorate color bag. This collocation can make you very excellent.
Next I will give you some details about the match of bag and clothes

Black bag: noble, elegance, mystery, sexy, aroma. The matched colors of clothes: white, gray, creamy white, blue

White bag: clear, quiet, pure. The matched colors of clothes: the clothes of all the colors

Gray bag: mature neutral color. It can match all the colors

Coffee and creamy bag: mature, sophistication, peace. The matched colors of clothesbasic colors (black, white, gray, blue)

Blue bag: deep, mysterious, peace, cool. The matched colors of clothes: basic colors (white, black)

The light / deep blue bag: yellow, red

Red bag: enthusiasm, romantic, sexy. The matched colors of clothes: black, white, yellow, blue, green

Green bag-the natural color: refreshing, vitality. The matched colors of clothes: black, white and light green, the yellow, red (Its better not to use the pure colors)

Pink bag: the unique women color. The matched colors of clothes: white, black, light pink and rose red

Purple bag: noble and graceful color, women like it, but it is also the color which is difficult to match. The matched colors of clothes black, white, yellow, gray

Orange bag: the color which is full of passion and energy. The matched colors of clothes: the colors vary orange from yellow; white, black, green.

Above all I stated are the tips of choosing the bag to match your clothes, it just my opinion, however, every body has their own unique aethestic standard. As for the concepts of beauty, they all have their own understanding. You can choose the bag to match your clothes according your standard to highlight your unique character.