Choosing The Coolest Yankees Dog Clothes

If you are reading this then we can only assume that you are a huge Yankees fan! You probably already own some Yankees clothing – hats, shirts, socks and pants. What you are really here to find out though is not clothes for yourselves, but rather clothes for your dog so that he or she can also be a supporter of your favorite team – sweet! Who doesn’t like to give their favorite little friend some cute clothes to wear from time to time? Yankees clothing for dogs are made with Rover or Fifi in mind – comfort being second only to the Yankees logo! I am sure that they won’t whimper either when their new Yankees clothing keeps them snug and dry in the winter months. The purpose of this article is to help you when you wish to purchase Yankees dog clothes.

Decisions, decisions – What to Look for When Buying Yankee Dog Clothes

Design – This could mean the overall design as in the logos, colors and patterns or it could mean the special features that make wearing it more pleasurable for your dog. Certain designs might be more tailored for winter conditions for example – where as others may be better suited to hot days.

Can it be Washed? – Check the labels or ask the seller to find out if the clothing you want to buy can be easily washed – it is obvious why as we all know how adventurous our dogs can be. For some unknown reason dogs seem to be attracted to dirt so at the end of the day you will need to be sure that it can be thrown in the washer or at least hand-washed from time to time.

Is it Safe to Wear? – Your pooches health and overall comfort is of high importance – let your dog try on before you buy to be sure that the garment doesn’t restrict its movement or put pressure on any body part. Another word of advice is to never let a dog alone who is wearing clothing.

Quality of Materials Used – It is worth paying a little extra if it guarantees a long life for your Yankee dog clothing. The best to choose is the material with the most durability, one that is lightweight and easy to clean.

Size – A very crucial factor when choosing your Yankees dog clothes. Again, your pooch will need a fitting before you buy. Check that the clothing fits well and won’t get tangle in limbs or around the neck. Your dog should be at any risk of choking or chafing so the clothing should not be too tight either. Lastly, the length should be considered – a good standard is an item of clothing that doesn’t stretch further than the elbow or ribcage.

Now that you know what to look for, remember that dressing your dog in Yankee’s clothing should be fun but safe – always supervise a dog wearing any item of clothing and make sure that if an emergency did arise, the Yankee sweater can be pulled off with ease.