Clothes Hangers

Different kinds of clothes hangers can be used help to keep our wardrobes tidy and in order. This saves the time and trouble of searching through clothing to find the right blouse, or slacks that match your top.

There are many different kinds of clothes hangers and they have benefits you may not have thought about. For instance, using fancy hangers that are covered with pretty fabric will stop a slippery top sliding off the hanger onto your shoes or the clothing stacked below. It will also prevent stretching the armhole/shoulder seams of garments made from delicate or stretchy materials.

Wire hangers are useful for shirts and T-shirts that you want to hang up quickly, but they are also great for hanging your wet clothing on inside, or on the balcony. Wire will not leave a stain on wet clothing like a wooden hanger. Some people use the bottom strand of the wire hanger for hanging slacks or trousers, but this leaves a crease on them. Instead, use one with a wooden dowel placed over the bottom wire to provide a wider support.

When you have a pantsuit or top and slack set that you always wear together, hanging both top and slacks on the same hanger is a good way to keep it all in one place. Using a dual clothes hanger with clips for the slacks and shoulder rods for the top will enable you to keep both garments together. However for single slacks or trousers, smaller clothes hangers that grip the waistband are sufficient.

Plastic hangers and cheap and useful for lighter garments, but one or two light tops is all they can support without bending. If you have heavier garments such as coats or jumpers that you like to hang up, then choose stronger, wooden coat hangers. Once that is covered will prevent shoulder stretch marks in those jumpers.

Even though most hotels and motels provide hangers for clothing, folding hangers are useful for taking on extended holidays, just in case there are not enough provided. Folding hangers take up less room in the luggage and will not be confused for the hotels hangers when you go to pack up.