COIDO High-Power Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner 6132

Technical parameters

* Inspiratory flow rate: more than 12 mmHg

* Input Power: DC 12V

* Power: 75W


* This product is king of the latest style wind, the wind king 6038W wet and dry dual-use an upgraded version of a more powerful suction!

* This paragraph suction vacuum cleaner can pick up dust, water, dry or wet material, sprinkle water or drinks in the car can be easily removed. It is a good choice with Cikuan strong power, very strong, and is equipped with duckbill tube, you can breathe anywhere! Can absorb lots of water Oh, there are drinks or other liquids spilled in the car also have no worries! This section minimal noise, strong power. Insert the 12V cigarette lighter power supply can be used to facilitate power cable 3 m love you clean every corner of the car. Cikuan vacuum cleaner can absorb water, sprinkle water or drinks in the car can be easily removed.

Product features:

* Transparent removable front cover, equipped with special filters to facilitate regular cleaning

* With transparent water storage, volume 0.5KG, can be stored in liquid adsorption

* With a dedicated corner of the adsorption of flat head, can absorb corner of dust, great suction


* The power supply into the car cigarette lighter socket

* Handle power switch above the control key, push the control key to the ON position to use, is pushed to OFF to stop using

* Depending on the use of different occasions, to replace the nozzle, cigarette lighter cable enough to cover the vehicle anywhere within the vacuum;

* Use suction flat ground to achieve the better results

* Power control key in front of the former shell device key, press down removable front cover, or to clean up when finished using, open the front cover of the filters to extend the life of the filters must be away from the eyes and ears. This product is not available for adsorption of combustible materials, such as the burning cigarette butts and so on. Should be noted that water absorption and wet materials, the attention of the resistance front cover pipe height (capacity), inhalation volume of no more than a high water resistance. (Continue to use the former, you must open the front cover off and then back onto the liquid poured out


* Use the filter must be installed

* Not in direct sunlight, do not use in places where high temperature and pressure

* Do not use gasoline or volatile detergent wipe the body

* Motor rotation will not be won before the shell

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