Compression strength of riding clothes change

Compression clothing is through complex scientific principles , for the movement to provide a simple and effective solution. In four different ways to improve blood circulation, improve athletic performance , providing more oxygen to the muscles , accelerate the removal of lactic acid, delay fatigue appears.

Powerful gradient compression clothing can increase muscle oxygen supply , promote blood circulation, reduce lactic acid accumulation , stimulate physiological function. Recovery series compression products , make the muscles recover faster, providing therapeutic effect .cycling monton Compression trousers , can reduce muscle vibration , full support for the knee to ease your muscles and knee pain , to your movement points.

Gradient compression definition: the different parts of the body subjected to different pressures. Different distances from the heart in accordance with the position of the muscles of the human body is subject to different pressures , thereby forming the gradient difference ; This technology is designed to promote a more rapid return of blood to the heart . The reflow process is commonly called venous return .

Gradient compression function is to play a role like this : According 3D body scanning and dynamic compression measuring techniques to help determine which parts need to put pressure on the body , and thus farther away from the heart through the place , put more pressure , so as to promote blood circulation, improve muscle the oxygen supply . During exercise , promote blood circulation in strenuous exercise can reduce the accumulation of lactic acid and metabolic waste transport , so as to stimulate the vitality of muscle movement , improve athletes’ strength, speed and endurance. But also to a certain extent, to avoid injury, greatly improving comfort during exercise . In short , the greater intensity of training , exercise longer and shorter recovery time . >

How to achieve gradient compression technology it ? How to pinpoint compression point , thereby promoting blood circulation it ? The secret lies in the special materials and weaving process . Using a variety of high-quality silk fabric with warp textile made way to make our products better. Warp knit fabrics have no natural stretch function , but this elastic fibers mixed with woven structure ensures compression clothing with specific levels of elasticity and perfectly stress levels. Compression sports equipment , the biggest secret in its bio- acceleration technology.Cheap cycling jersey at . The technology combines special material , originality for different parts of the body for scientific tailoring , not only can enhance muscle strength , dramatically reducing muscle tremors, and can greatly enhance blood circulation , prevent accumulation of lactic acid , significantly improve the wearer’s movement performance and help them to take the lead in the race . In addition , the compression sports equipment can help maximize the body in different environmental conditions to maintain constant temperature, keep the skin fresh , while inhibiting the growth of bacteria , eliminate odors , but also has UPF 50 UV protection function .