Convergent Charging- An Important Feature of the Telecom Industry

The telecommunication industries have made a significant progress in the recent days. Now, communicating with anyone at any part of the world has become a matter of second. It has been possible with the introduction of different new technologies in the telecommunication network. Many little technological advances in this field have made the revolution possible. If you are someone, who is interested in learning about the important technicalities of this field, you will at first have to note about the BSS OSS. While OSS deals with the networking system and its internal issues, BSS deals with the support division for the customers. Without these two, it will not be possible to run the network successfully and make it even better day by day. The other important technical term that comes to mind in this regard is the convergent charging system. The advent of this technology has also helped the communications sector to some great extent. Also referred as convergent billing and converged charging, it is solution that has been devised for common management of every users as well as their operators services. The system includes several things under its purview, viz. the postpaid and prepaid payment methods. It also includes TV, broadband, mobile telephony as well as fixed telephony with prepaid or postpaid connections. If the basic rules of the system are followed in the best way, it will not be a difficult task to make the best of it and process the work in a simpler way. Whatever be the technologies that are being used or introduced in the recent days, almost all of them is related to the OSS or the operation support systems, as it deals with the systems network. No other system can perform without the network connectivity. So, it is always important to give utmost importance to this factor.