Cosmetic Colored Contacts – Special Effects Lenses

People often want to reinvent themselves and change the way they look and ultimately how others see them. Some will take drastic steps to achieve this but most will change only a few things about themselves and leave it at that. Today, people even have the option of changing the color of their eyes with cosmetic colored contacts. Unlike prescription contact lenses, cosmetic colored contacts can be worn by nearly everybody and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. So whether you want to create that special look for that special occasion or just feel that you would look better with blue eyes, these contact lenses could be the thing for you.

Cosmetic colored contacts have been around for years but were only available to those in the movie industry or theater. Their primary use was for actors to completely look the part. Today these same contact lenses are available to the general public and can be used everyday or for special occasions like Halloween if you want to stand out from the crowd. They are also often referred to as special effects contact lenses or just colored contact lenses.

Cosmetic Colored Contacts For Every Occasion

Special effects contacts are produced in mass or can even be custom made. The only difference between the two is the price. The idea behind each lens can usually be traced back to popular movies and are often associated to a particular character within that movie. An example of this would be the film The Lost Boys.

There are also the generic types of cosmetic colored contacts that look like cats’ or snakes’ eyes. Wearing these contacts, will completely allow you to look as if you really have eyes like cats or snakes without affecting your normal vision. There are also wolf eye versions available.

If you want to make more of a statement, you could even get special effects contacts that look like zombie or blind eyes. These lenses look like a solid white milky substance that covers your eyes. The only problem with these lenses is that you are not able to see through them hence the reason why you will see people only wearing one lens at a time.

Fire eye contacts give them impression that the eyes are red or engulfed in flames whereas black sclera contacts look like your entire eye has been filled with black oil and are completely motionless. If you want your eyes look like mirrors, then mirrored eye contacts are the way to go and hemorrhaged eye contacts will make your eyes appear like you have just had a very heavy night on the town.

Cosmetic colored contacts can also be used to enlarge your pupils quite considerably or even make your eyes glow in the dark. These are perfect for going clubbing.

Whether to you like your eyes to be blue or brown or really stand out from the crowd at the next Halloween party, you can be certain that there are cosmetic colored lenses that will fit any occasion or purpose. One last to remember before you go rushing to the mall, is that although you may have perfect vision, you will still need a prescription from a qualified eye specialist to be able to purchase cosmetic colored contacts.