Creating A Spectacular Color Highlight In Your Hairstyle

Just by adding a little hair tinsel you can get a great new look for your hair.

The new hair tinsel from Thailand is a great new option in adding color and even sparkle to your hair. The tinsel comes in so many different colors there are endless options on the different color combinations to add to your hair. The new tinsel is fun for parties and all different kinds of occasions just by adding a little tinsel you are sure to stand out in the crowd.

The colors come in plenty of natural tones so you can match them up to your hair color or add a little color highlight. By mixing the colors in your hair you can create a really cool color explosion with the tinsel, the options are endless. The aqua blue and the purple seem to be really popular colors to mix up in your hair I have seen younger girls with these tinsel colors mixed in their hair.

From cheerleaders to rave dancers this hair accessory is becoming popular. With so many colors to choose from you can match your tinsel with your outfit to create a dazzling look. Or you can support your school team with the team colors tied into your hair. Another great idea is to have the tinsel for a younger girls birthday party, this can be a fun activity at the party, and have a inexpensive gift to take home for your guest.

The tinsel can remain in your hair while you style it. The tinsel can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees and the new 3D tinsel can withstand 400 degrees. You can wash your hair and even blow dry it. The tinsel will last up to two months if you want it to. There are no tools needed to install the tinsel you just simply tie it in with a slip knot. You can add 5 to 10 strands and it will instantly add color and sparkle, some girls add up to 20 strands to create a highly reflective look.

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